100 Years of Baking – Pies

Crisco is celebrating their 100th anniversary by adding a new category, ‘Crisco Innovation’, to the big 17th Annual American Pie Council Pie Championship.  It encourages pie makers to combine creativity with traditional pie baking skills and come up with something truly innovative.

Because I do feel that Crisco is the best shortening for pies and all kinds of other baking, I wanted to honor the celebration with some of my favorite pies that have been made using Crisco to make the perfect pie crust.  Enjoy!

Perfect Pecan Pie

Pina Colada Banana Pie

Sour Cream Apple Pie with Streusel Crumble Topping

Buttermilk Pie

Quick and Easy Chocolate Banana Pie

Do you feel like I do in that Crisco truly makes an outstanding pie crust?  What is your favorite pie?

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  1. Lauralee Hensley says

    Yes, I do feel like Crisco makes the best pie crusts, that is why I have the sticks of it up in the cubbard. I have the plain vegetable shortening sticks of Crisco, as well as the butter flavored ones.
    I prefer the plain for pie crusts, but when I make homemade rolls (Parker House rolls are my favorite) I use the butter flavor Crisco.
    My favorite pie is Cherry, followed by blueberry, chocolate, banana. Usually in that order of favorites, but not always because I’m a fickle person and am known to change my mind about a billion times a day. It drives my husband nuts.
    That’s why I have to menu plan and write out what we are going to have for the month for each day, otherwise I’d confuse the heck out of myself. I do give myself the option of the night before of switching up what we’ll eat the next day with something else I planned for in that week. I call it the trade off. I can trade one meal for another in that week, but that’s it. Otherwise I’d never get a meal on the table because I’d keep changing my mind.