2010 Reflections and 2011 Expectations

I always find it interesting to go through my posts and reflect on the year because I either realize that I wrote really great posts, really crappy posts, or just didn’t blog much at all.  I was quiet this year here at A Cowboy’s Wife because of all that I had going on everywhere else and on My Wooden Spoon.  Even so, I did manage to find a few posts to give you an idea of the things I wrote about here.

I opened up and shared with you, the hole in my heart.  It was extremely hard for me to share what I did as open as I did but since I had never ever really talked about it with anyone, I think it helped me deal with it in the long run.

Despite Truett’s unruly behavior at the time, I was able to snap a photo of him and his daddy’s hands that was enough to make me melt.  I thought he was unruly then……boy I was wrong.

Truett got his first horse thanks to the kind Mr. Butler.  He named him Sparkplug.  It really was a proud moment for the mom of a cowboy.

Every year I have shared a post about my faith and where I stand.  This year I expressed how hard it was for me to believe and how it hurt to have people give up on you.  Despite that, I have grown and have learned a few things throughout the year.  While I do still struggle, I am still trying to believe.

New York City.  Honestly, I could talk all day about NYC but for now, I’ll just share the recap of my trip to Blogher in NYC, where I got to see some of my closes friends, meet with favorite PR peeps, and even meet a few celebs like Robert Verdi and Padma Ladshmi.

I also attended the annual Walmart Shareholder’s meeting in Bentoville where not only did I learn a great deal about Walmart (and meet the CEO), I also got to see outstanding performances by Mariah Carey, Josh Groban, and more!!  I had some of the best seats in the house and enjoyed every moment!

I ruffled a few feathers when I shared why I don’t read or refer your blogs.  Boy did I get on some bad sides after that but at the same time, there were an overwhelming majority that agreed with me and well, it was how I felt and still feel.

I got featured, along with some other Walmart Moms, in a Walmart ad!  It was cool.

Nikon sent me a D90 and 70-300 lens to review and got a little crazy and wore something that I normally wouldn’t.  I felt good in it….

Honestly, there was so much that happened in 2010, both good and not so great but I’ve enjoyed every minute.  Keep an eye out for my reflection post over at my food blog where i talk about some of my favorite recipes, campaigns (like the first ever blogger Got Milk one), and events like hanging with Rocco Dispirito and Marisa Tomei.  It was cool.

It was a great year for blogging to say the least.  I will say that I did struggle emotionally with things and where I wanted to take my blogs and go but after a long thought process, I think I do know deep down what I want, which is less.  Meaning, I want to go back to how things were, when I was truly happy.  Just two blogs, talking about whatever i wanted, when I wanted.  And that there my friends, are my expectations for 2011.  Many of you are probably aware of the big dreams I had but I think that it took me a long time to realize that what I enjoy most are my family, crocheting, photography, hanging out with friends, and crafting.  I just want to live again vs being tied down nonstop to the computer.  Don’t think I’m going anywhere ’cause I’m not.  I just know what my priorities are now.  I did pretty good sticking to my goals for the year and I expect I’ll do well at sticking to them for the new year.

I hope you guys all know what you truly want to do with your blog, your life, and your heart and make it happen.  I wish everyone a bright, happy, memorable 2011.

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  1. Sunnie says

    I love your blog! And your pictures and your stories, and when you tell us personal stuff (I dont judge at all, it gives me more of a connection, if this makes sense.) Iam also a Dr.Pepper girl! Keep up the great work, you hot mama! Long Live Cowboys!

  2. says


    This was a great reflection of what you accomplished this year. I love reading all three of your sites, and I know you work very hard, even if you ruffle a few feathers every now and then, you speak from the heart!