Velveeta Cheesy Chicken Rotini

Spring Brunch with Family and Velveeta Cheesy Chicken Rotini

I don't know about you but Spring and warm weather cannot get here fast enough.  It means cooking out, brunches, and kids playing outside!  I had a glorious Spring brun ch house party planned a couple of weeks ago and due to an unexpected snow storm, it did not happen but I did still make a video of me making a Velveeta recipe and will be ... Continue Reading


It Took Five Months to See My Face

I was reading through my archives thinking about how so much has changed since I started blogging and was wowed but this one thing.  I started blogging in February of 2007 but it was in July of 2007 before I put a face to this blog.  Five whole months before you got to see what I looked like.  Just in case you weren't following me way back then, ... Continue Reading


How To Subscribe to Us

RSS is an easy way to keep up with updates from your favorite sites.  Some of you may use the old way, aka bookmarks.  The problem with using bookmarks is that you have to physically visit each site in order to check for updates which in turn  can mean missing out on sites that update frequently, losing track with too many bookmarks, or seeing the ... Continue Reading

perfect pie crust

The Perfect Pie Crust

A good pie crust seems to be one of the harder things to make in the kitchen. Contrary to the title, mine are not perfect but I do feel like they come close to being great. I bet I've tried a gazillion pie crust recipes over the years and this one comes out just the way I like it and makes at least 4 which works out perfect if you're making ... Continue Reading


Stand By Your Brand

There's a new site out there called She Posts and it's getting mixed reactions. The tagline has one word that bothers me - Gossip. Not a fan of the word and to me, it means potential trouble.  It means that something may be written on there that could potentially hurt someone else.  Whether that happens or not, I don't know. The site is very new so ... Continue Reading

oscar mayer Bacon

Bacon Makes Everything Better, Even Easter, Thanks to Oscar Mayer

We are bacon-a-holics around here. We eat bacon for breakfast, at lunch, in a pot of beans, and of course with salad.  You know the best thing about bacon? It gets my 3yr old to eat all his eggs in the morning.  For reals!  Because he knows that he's gonna get bacon but has to eat all his eggs, he gobbles them up to secure that extra piece of ... Continue Reading


14 Going on 50

Toby is 14 today.  Wow.  I feel old.  I don't post a lot of photos of him because he doesn't really like me to do so but today is an exception to the rule.  I've written about Toby before.  He's pretty awesome.   He's exceptional with Truett.  He plays with him and is always making sure he's okay.  He's a pretty cool big brother, no doubt. If ... Continue Reading


How to Create a Self Hosted Blog Using WordPress

With this tutorial, you will learn how to create a self hosted Wordpress blog, with a custom domain name along with some bonus information. Step 1. GET A DOMAIN You get a free one when you sign up with most web hosts, however, it's advisable to get your domain from a domain registrar. If you get the free domain given by any web hosts, the ... Continue Reading


Pick a Theme, Add Widgets, and Write a Post

So you created a blog, now it’s time to pick a theme, add widgets, and write your first post.  These are the basics but once you get comfortable with it, you'll be able to search for very cool themes and plugins.  I'll have posts soon about my recommended themes and plugins so be on the lookout for that! DASHBOARD Choose your blog ... Continue Reading


$5 for Consideration, Paying for Others if Denied

Yesterday Trisha wrote a post about the Savvy Blogging Summit put on by some women (not Trisha).  There a few things I'm not fond of but am specifically against the fee. The NONREFUNDABLE $5 fee to apply to even be considered to attend the summit. Just to say that again..... You pay $5 to apply. You may or may not be approved. If chosen ... Continue Reading