Feed Me Healthy Recipes

beef spring rolls

We are trying really hard to work on our eating habits. As ranchers, we are in full supply of beef but instead of finding healthy recipes to incorporate that beef, we end up eating chicken fried steak or something.   It's just how we live you know?  My goal for this year and beyond, is to find more Healthy Recipes.  Recipes that are budget … [Read more...]

Looking to Hire, Vote, Facebook, and Feedback


When I first started blogging, I never thought I'd be where I am but with my "problogger" status, also comes such huge responsibility. And of course, if you have any intentions on expanding and growing your blog, your network, then it becomes even more difficult to manage...alone anyways. I'm finding that because I have so much on my plate, I … [Read more...]

Name that Blogger


[Read more...]

Choosing Wisely and Why It’s Chevy


One of the things I've wanted to do as a blogger, and haven't had the chance to do, is to work with an auto company.  It's not for the lack of offers, but from who the offers were coming from that didn't allow for something more to happen.  I've always believed in choosing brands that I work with in a wise manner and what we drive is no … [Read more...]

Pepperoni Pizza with a Side Salad

Pizza and salad

When I started my weight loss journey, I had no idea how hard it would be but I am finding things that make it easier.  I load up on fresh produce every week, drink tons of water, and always keep a few convenience items on hand.  When my man wants those super fattening jalapeno stuffed sausages for lunch, I can easily grab a Lean Cuisine dinner and … [Read more...]

A Cowpoke and His Horse


A while back at a rodeo, a super nice fella that we've known for awhile now, gave Truett a miniature horse. Horses in general aren't cheap and for even these little boogers they can still be thousands of dollars. For Mr. Butler to give little man Sparkplug, well, it meant a lot to us and to Truett. From the day Truett's Uncle Andy sent us a … [Read more...]

Philosophy Beauty Gifts for Mom


Mother's Day is around the corner and Philosophy would be at the top of my own list of gift giving and receiving.  I'm in love with the Microdelivery Peel and Falling in Love fragrance.  The Peel makes my face feel amazing. It literally wipes away the dead skin, leaving me feel revived.  I usually use it once a week.  You can find a "comparable" at … [Read more...]

Menu Plan using the iFood Assistant


So menu planning is not something I do. I have good intentions to do it and sometimes even start it but then never stick with it.  This week, we are trying hard to be more budget conscious when it comes to buying groceries so I thought I'd give menu planning a try.  Because this was last minute on my part, I decided to use the iFood Assistant to … [Read more...]

Tryin’ to Catch Me Ridin’ Cozy

40th logo (2)

The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, I had one, almost everyone had one over the years it seems.  They were so much fun and required leg work, which is always good for the heart.  Nothing against the battery powered ones or anything but it always seems like with something more simple like this little coupe, it requires you to use your imagination. Example: … [Read more...]

iMac’s Photobooth

Lori Falcon aka A Cowboy's Wife

I love my iMac and will write about it more in detail soon. It's worth every cent and I don't miss PC at all. Anyways, it comes with so many cool things but my favorite at the moment is Photobooth. It's like you are in a real photobooth and once you click the red button, you have seconds to strike a pose. I used it on my food blog to share me … [Read more...]

Gifts from Mom

Copper Bowl

My birthday was in March and as usual, my Mom always gets me something. She's the only one that I get a gift from most of the time.  She normally will ask and ask until she knows exactly what I want but this time around, she took upon herself to pick something out all by herself. And I'm glad she did. She picked out such fun and beautiful gifts … [Read more...]

Long Haired Little Cutie

me with dogears

Well, at least *I* think so anyways!  Not near as cute as my mom though.  I sure do miss my long hair.  For those that never believed  me, told ya I had naturally straight hair. Me and Truett spent some time out in our storage room and found so many wonderful things that brought back memories.  I saw quilts that Mamaw made, lovely photos of my … [Read more...]

Into the Heart of Italy – Egg Man


Fresh eggs are a huge part of our household. My FIL raises chickens and supplies with dozens of fresh eggs so I can appreciate this episode.  I was wowed by the care he puts into caring for the chickens and it's no wonder he's called the Egg Man, and the best around at that. Enjoy the episode and if you missed the others, you can catch the other … [Read more...]

Intuition, My Digital Personal Assistant for iPhone,iPad or iPod Touch

ipod touch

When asked to review an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad I was excited because the app was about productivity and organization.  I  hadn't heard of Intuition, the Mom's Personal Assistant so I was ready to dive in.  I think calling it a "mom's" is a little limiting because I think it can be used by all women and even men for that matter, … [Read more...]

A Movie, Trivia, Some Giggles, and a Little Popcorn


I've been waiting anxiously for Secrets of the Mountain to finally air and I'm proud to say that it was a hit in our home!  And I'm not just saying that. You can see my original post about it and how I felt at the end of the video. We started out with a Ziti recipe, some ice cream from Lovin' Scoopful (which is actually for an ice cream party … [Read more...]

Eating at Computer

Photo on 2010-04-16 at 08.53 #3

I bet you thought this would be some informative post huh!!! WRONG!  I  was bored so took advantage of Photobooth on my iMac! Clearly I need something to do!!  Hope you guys have a wonderful evening! … [Read more...]



We got a new horse and Tyler's havin' fun ridin' him.   He was a little fresh the first day but we think he was a little spoiled is all.  He pitched a little on his first ride but nothing bad at all, definitely nothing Tyler couldn't handle.  For photo purposes, I was hoping for a more bronc-y ride but oh well. Maybe the next colt he rides will … [Read more...]

BOCA, Not Just for Vegetarians

BOCA Burgers

In my journey with weight loss, I'm trying really hard to find products that I can substitute for unhealthy things I normally eat now.    I was introduced to BOCA, a food product that vegetarians/vegans seem to love since it's soy based but could I love it as much? Don't freak cause I said soy. I assure you that they are VERY tasty! BOCA is packed … [Read more...]

2010 Pillsbury Bake-Off Million Dollar Winner, Oprah Announces


The million dollar winner of the Pillsbury Bake-Off has been announced live on the Oprah show.  I had the pleasure of watching 100 finalists compete in Orlando for the million dollar prize and out of those, it was narrowed down to these 4 finalists; (see my previous wrap up of the event) Breakfast & Brunches – Tomato-Basil Eggs Alfredo in … [Read more...]

2010 Pillsbury Bake-Off Wrap Up!

Pillsbury Bake-off 2010 Pillsbury Dough Boy

No, I wasn't IN the Pillsbury Bake-Off but I did get the awesome opportunity of watching all 100 finalists compete for a million dollars and even eat some of their tasty creations.   The bake-off was held in Orlando, Florida at a beautiful Waldorf=Astoria Orlando and Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek hotel. While riding from the airport to the hotel, I … [Read more...]

A Real Family Movie Night, Finally

secrets of the mountain

I recently had the opportunity to visit NYC and meet with a few fine folks behind the making of the new family movie, Secrets of the Mountain.  A good, wholesome, non-cheesy family movie. In fact, me and a few other Walmart Moms got to meet with the producer and watch with him before anyone else.  The movie was great!  It made me giggle, had me on … [Read more...]

Kitchen HD Laminate Countertops, Help!


Thanks to Countertop.com, my kitchen will be getting a spiffy makeover with their beautiful HD Laminate countertops!  I'm so excited and would love to hear your opinions during the process.  The first step was to pick around 15 sample tiles of my favorite countertop styles.  Below in the photo are the 15 I chose, each with a number for you to vote … [Read more...]

Cookies Bring Families Together


Okay, while that might not be a proven fact technically speaking, it holds true here in the Falcon household.  One of the first things my kids do is check the cookie jar and since I don't always make them from scratch, I do try to always stock them with some our favorites regularly like Oreos (Double Stuff of course), Nutter Butters (my man's … [Read more...]

Still Trying to Believe

deep thoughts

For those of you who aren't familiar with my faith, you can read the beginning here and here.  It's been a long time since I've talked about my feelings on this topic but a King of the Hill episode sparked it up again for me.  I know, King of the Hill right?  It's the one where Bobby goes to a new church group who happen to be skaters but are … [Read more...]

Interview with Claire Robinson from Food Network’s 5 Ingredient Fix

I had the pleasure of speaking with Claire Robinson, the star of 5 Ingredient Fix.  If you're not familiar with her and the show, you're missing out.  She truly brings you recipes that are easy to make, full of flavor, and many times will remind you of family favorites that grandma made. I have three recipes here, on My Wooden Spoon, that came … [Read more...]

10 WordPress Plugins Worth Installing


I use to have a WordPress plugin list here a long time ago and some how, it has been lost so I thought it would be fun to share a few that I feel are worthy of installation.  I might even make this a weekly feature because we all know there are thousands of plugins out there, many worth at least a look-see.  All but three are free but those three … [Read more...]