rhinestone belt from Rod's

Imagine How Hot I’d Be If I Were Skinny!

I'm learning that even at a bigger size, I can still look good.  My mind has always told me otherwise but with a few accessories to boost my confidence, I can see now that putting the look together can pull off a great look, even on a "bigger" body!   Check out this gorgeous rhinestone cowgirl belt y'all!! This belt is smokin' hot!  Most of ... Continue Reading


The Perfect Pecan Pie Recipe

I don't normally like Pecan Pies because they are too sweet but I find that ones not made with additional sugar, are easier for me to eat. My Grandma made fantastic pecan pies. She never burned the edges and the insides were always settled well. This pecan pie recipe makes 3 pecan pies. I don't know about you but I always have to make more ... Continue Reading


Toy Haul – Our Donation of Toys this Holiday Season

One of the cool things about being a Walmart Mom is certain opportunities like this toy haul and the recent food haul that I did, where we were given gift cards to make purchases and then donate.  On both hauls, I ended up spending a good chunk of my own money and was happy to do so to help other folks out this holiday season.  With the toy haul, ... Continue Reading

black friday shopping at walmart

Recap of My Black Friday Shopping and My New iPad Accessory

I feel like the past week flew by, how 'bout you?  Before I get to some of the steals I got from Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping, here is what I ate for breakfast yesterday morning.  I went with one cup of Kashi cereal, half a banana cut up, and a 90 calorie packet of Barney Butter.  I mixed it all up and omg, it was soooooo good!!!  My ... Continue Reading

mini funnel cake

Mini Funnel Cakes and the Coolest Chopping Block

I knew today would be busy but didn't think I'd be wiped out.  I ate a barney butter with banana half sandwich for breakfast.  I really like barney butter and of course bananas are great. On the agenda was the doctor for Toby and the donation of toys.  I have a video coming for that but you can see Truett putting toys in the box. He insisted ... Continue Reading

Morning Window View

día aburrido en el rancho

I ate a Barney Butter sandwich on whole wheat bread with 1 cup of whole milk for breakfast at 6:30am.  Since Dr. Pepper is my usual breakfast, I was proud that I didn't open a DP until 8am.  My goal is to only have 2 a day but we'll see what happens.  I'm feeling good today.  Since moving my desk into the bedroom, I have a beautiful window view.  ... Continue Reading

Letting Go and Getting Smart

For years and years I've struggled with my weight, as most of you probably know since I do write about it here.   To this day, I pull at my shirt while walking around in my own house to "hide my fat".  I sneak an extra piece of bread or something just so I don't get any looks from my family that convey "another piece?", not that they would ever do ... Continue Reading

Fighting Hunger by Donating to In-Store Food Drive

Food hunger breaks my heart. I've been there. I know what it's like to be hungry. I've had to send my kids away because we had no money for food so when there's a food drive happening, I'm happy to get involved. Right now at your local Walmart, you can help by donating nonperishable food items, like canned goods and pasta, to the in-store food ... Continue Reading

green bean casserole

Meal Solutions – Green Bean Casserole

It's another round of meal solutions and this time there's not too much to think about because the ingredients reflect two very common dishes, especially for the holidays. Here are the list of ingredients for this week's meal solution: Bruce Cut Yams, 40 oz. – $1.98 Jet Puffed Mini Marshmallows – $.84 Great Value Light Brown Sugar, 2 lbs. – ... Continue Reading

Highland Juniors

KitchenAid Refrigerator, The Ultimate Appliance Gift for Every Home

The KitchenAid Refrigerator is Ah-MAZING!   I have always wanted one with the freezer on bottom and am in awe of how much it holds.  KitchenAid sent me French Door Bottom Mount Interior Dispensing, Architect Series II.   Just the beauty of it breathtaking but the features and knowing it's a brand I can trust is what really counts in my book. The ... Continue Reading