2011 Little Moments

While I didn’t do much in the blogosphere in 2011, it was one of my most cherished years.  I was there for my kids.  I was there for every single moment that was important to them and me.  A few ‘little moments’ that meant the world to me throughout 2011 include:

  • Seeing my son be crowned football king and fall festival king
  • all their sports moments from football to basketball
  • being their for my son during his knee surgery and therapy
  • silly moments in the car with my husband
  • birthdays
  • seeing my son in his play
  • being with my son as tossed the glasses and got contacts
  • watching my boys with their horses
  • helping decorate players lockers
  • my son’s first day of pre-k
  • watching my son coach peewee football
  • taking my son to the park
  • mother and son moments
  • father and son moments

and my favorite……watching my boys just be together.  No music, just reflections.



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  1. C.Nichols says

    Just wanted to say you have a beautiful family and looks like you all enjoy each other and life to the fullest!!! Loved the video !! I wouldn’t want to be any where else either. Keep on keepin’ on… Enjoy your 2012 from Alliance, Alberta Canada.