Take the Pet Pledge to Protect!

If you didn't meet Rambo, check him out 'cause he's a cutie!  We 'protected' him with the new PetArmor, flea and tick medicine and I'm happy to say that it's still working like a champ.  I'm so happy that I can afford this for my pets. I challenge you to protect your pets and by doing so, you're helping them but also helping pets in need because ... Continue Reading


Adding a Little BBQ Decor for Summer!

I know, most of you are sprucing up your backyards with flowers but around here in Texas, we spruce up with a new grill!  We've been cooking on charcoal for a while now on one of those little bitty grills and finally decided it was time to upgrade to something bigger. Do you guys remember my patio makeover?  We got a new patio set, outside rug and ... Continue Reading


Oh So Soft

Do any of you have any idea how much I hate laundry?  I hate it sooooo much that I'd rather hire someone to do JUST my laundry.   Well a while back, I was sent some of the new fabric softener, Purex Crystals.  Now I'll be honest and say that I completely forgot about it. Yes, I had been washing clothes but I kept forgetting to put the crystals ... Continue Reading


Cowpoke’s New-Old Horse, Smokey, Rainy Days, and Wet Boots

We haven't seen rain in FOREVER around here so the nice shower we had the other day was absolute heaven.  We let Truett play in the rain puddles all evening, fully clothed and all, including his Mickey Mouse ears he got from Disney World.  Those are the little moments I enjoy most. Remember Sparkplug?  Well, we still have him and ... Continue Reading


A Peek at Dyson – Testing

I love seeing "behind the scenes" of products I love because in the end, it gives me more of an appreciation of what goes into the product. I've had the chance to attend several plants and factories and see how things are made and built and I just LOVE it. Seeing the hard work behind it and the people that believe in it just makes it more ... Continue Reading


Pick Up Today – Making Our Summer Treat!

I have never had an ice cream maker.  Well, I take that back actually 'cause in our early years of marriage, we did have the one where you used rock salt and such but I don't think it was mine. I think it was borrowed.  So finally after 15+ years, I decided to buy me a budget friendly one from Walmart using their new Pick up Today service.  I've ... Continue Reading


Rambo’s Protected!

Have I showed you guys my new little dog?  Meet Rambo!  He's a long haired Chihuahua who loves, actually, he prefers to be outside ALL the time which means I have to worry about ticks! I know many of you folks take your dogs to the vet to get their flea & tick medicine but there are many that don't, including myself.  It's so expensive. I ... Continue Reading


Monday’s Menu – Beef

If you don't follow me on facebook, then you won't know that I'm 'going Dave Ramsey'.   I've created a plan that includes my budget, my debts, and my investments. One of our biggest money wasters is food.  Apparently we eat a lot.  Whether it's in town, snacks, or just good home cooked's a lot and with the kids getting out of school for ... Continue Reading


Asparagus Frittata

This recipe was submitted by Rachel S for May’s Food Challenge. If you have a recipe with eggs in it, you can enter too! Check it out ’cause there’s a great prize! Thanks Rachel for entering! INGREDIENTS: 8 Eggs Shredding Mozzarella Cheese Asparagus Onions Butter Salt/Pepper (I followed a recipe I found here: ... Continue Reading


The Next Two Weeks

With the new merge, I wanted to give you guys a heads up about what's coming in the next two weeks.  Because I had 3 different blogs, I had 3 different sets of obligations to each.  I owe posts in various categories because of those 3 blogs and now that I only have one, I have no choice but to get caught up with ALL of them here. What does that ... Continue Reading