Ad Matching at Walmart with No Ad (quick video)

I already talked you about Walmart's Ad Match policy and how I'd be showing you a video on me ad matching with no ad so that's what this video is about. I simply went to Walmart, found the item I wanted to price match, and checked out. I told her they were 5 for $5 at the competitor's store. They were $1.78 at Walmart so by ad matching, I … [Read more...]

Getting the Lowest Price at One Store

We all want the lowest price no matter what it is we are buying and many of us hate going from store to store.  With Walmart's ad match policy, you don't have to do that. How it works: If you find a lower price advertised at another store, simply notify an associate, who will match the advertised price at the register (the item must be … [Read more...]

Having Two Teen Drivers Turn My Hair Gray

Having teen drivers can be scary.  When we first did the parent-taught drivers ed with our oldest, we made a notebook filled with things to remember & think about when driving.  We read the book, practiced-practiced-practiced, and then you just have to set them free. I remember folks around here asking me if my son drove the so-and-so truck … [Read more...]

Nascar Family 4-Pack for $99

I know there's a lot of Nascar fans so you're gonna love this deal!  For only $99 bucks, you can get 4 tickets, 4 sodas, 4 hot dogs, and 1 racing program.  That's an awesome family pack and it's exclusive to Walmart. You can see if the offer is available at a track/race near you. There will also be special events for fans where cars/racers will … [Read more...]

4th of July Party Favors – Candy Filled Firecrackers

I created a super easy & cheap table centerpiece for the 4th of July holiday and today I'm sharing some fun & cute candy filled firecrackers that make great party favors! What I originally wanted to do was use 4th of July wrapping paper but I couldn't seem to find any so I decided to go with tissue paper; red, white and blue.  I used a … [Read more...]

DIY 4th of July Table Centerpiece for $8

We love Independence Day for many reasons but in light of recent events, I have to say, I'm glad there won't be any fireworks this year. It's so risky with how dry things are around here. I asked around for ideas to create a DIY 4th of July craft and had lots of replies but decided to go with 2 very easy & budget friendly ideas; Candy Filled … [Read more...]

Cars 2, Mater’s Mission, and Fun Prizes!

I'm so bummed that the fire has kept me from taking Truett to see the opening for Cars 2 in our town.  I plan to take him soon but in the mean time, we can have fun with Mater's Secret Mission, by sending codes messages and winning prizes. Walmart has launched Mater's Secret Mission on their Facebook page and movie vouchers, exclusive … [Read more...]

Fire Update: All Food Ruined but Could Be Worse

Fire Update: Man, it's been a long 6 days.  I'll try to give you a brief rundown of things.  In 6 days, over 80,000 acres burned, hotspots still flaring up, no power still, and about $1000 worth of our food ruined.  Fun times here on the ranch. Well, I know how tired I am so I can only imagine how tired those firefighters are.  I know my husband … [Read more...]

A Hot Midnight Sunset

Fires are still a burnin' but I wanted you to see what I saw at midnight last night.  Wait, what's today? Wednesday?..yeah, last night then.  I have few hours of sleep in 4 days and finally got my first shower in 4 days.   Hoping it's all over soon.  Check my facebook page for updates. This was midnight and pitch black … [Read more...]

Fire on the Ranch!!

At 8 in the evening, we saw smoke. We had heard the fire was South of Blackwell, which would mean it's well over 30 miles from us but around 9, we saw the glow, then at 10, saw the flames. We knew it had to be closer so we headed out to check it out. Here on the ranch, there are a few camps, one of which was just a couple of miles from the fire. … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Practice Cookout for Under $30 Bucks

We decided to cookout for Father's Day but needed to "practice" before the real day.  Walmart challenged me to buy food to cook for $30 bucks or less, which was quite a challenge for us since our practice cookout would include about 9 people. Our menu included the following: slab of Spare ribs $13 chunk of chicken thighs $5 Fresh corn on the … [Read more...]

It’s a Sign……

I was sick all day with a horrible migraine but for some strange reason, felt the urge to find a photo of my grandmother.  I have this box of photos that came from her house after she passed away. There are some of me and my brother when we were little, my mom in her "feathered hair" days, and photos of my grandma when she was quite young herself.  … [Read more...]

Foodie Favorite: 40% Off Photo Cutting Boards Exp. 06/22

Cutting boards make great gifts but photo cutting boards make even better ones!  What a great foodie gift idea!  And I always say, the best way to save money at Christmas time, is to shop throughout the year so keep that in mind when you see specials like this! THE DEAL 40% off all photo cutting boards Expires June 22nd at 11:59 PST Shipping … [Read more...]

Reuse and Regift, Gift Ideas

We often celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with gifts but rarely give 'just because' presents.  I try to find out-of-the-blue moments to give gifts but this time around, I plan on using the 4th of July to celebrate more than our independence. I've been giving my house a good spring cleaning and along the way, I keep finding items that I've … [Read more...]

Having My Cake and Eating Ice Cream Too! {Giveaway}

Can you imagine cake and ice cream all in one?  Well yeah, if you've bought an ice cream cake then perhaps you can, but I can't store those things in my fridge so when I learned that Blue Bunny & Chef Duff Goldman partnered up to create FABULOUS cake ice cream, I knew it was meant for me.  You can see their commercial for it here. If you … [Read more...]

(Update) Kuhn Rikon Swiss Peeler for the Potato Peeler

I wanted to quickly update you about the Potato Peeler I wrote about it recently. My mother informed me that using just ANY potato peeler doesn't work near as well as the Kuhn Rikon Swiss Peelers do!  She insists that these are the best and so I found them on Amazon. You get 3 for under $11 bucks! So anyways, I wanted to let you guys know that … [Read more...]

5 Easy Pays, Free Shipping, All Day Shopping

Every year, QVC devotes one day  (today of June 13) where everything is on easy pay.  It's a very popular day as you can imagine because it allows folks to make big purchases, get their items right away, and pay them out over 5 months. For some, this is the only way they ever get those big ticket items.  Did you know that QVC has everything you … [Read more...]

Smooth Operator

I love smooth rides because living on the ranch, it’s a rare thing.   When Chevy delivered a 2011 Chevy Tahoe Hybrid for me to drive around, I never expected to fall in love with it like I did. The very first thing I noticed (aside from the green Hybrid on the side), was how smooth it drove.  WOW!!  Talk about impressed.  Maybe all new rigs … [Read more...]

Dick’s Sporting Goods $50 Gift Card {Giveaway}

With Father's Day around the corner, I wanted to offer you guys a chance to win a $50 gift card from Dick's Sporting Goods!  There's a whole bunch of things that a fella would want from exercise gear to fishing supplies to NFL goodies.  Last I heard, there were closing the deal on the NFL so maybe we'll have a season after all. HOW TO … [Read more...]

Potato Peeler for Old People

Oh my gosh, I'm cracking up at the title because my mother actually uses this and bought me one!! LOL  No Mom, I'm not calling you old...cause then that would mean I'm old too. This potato peeler, the Prep N' Pop, is a really fun gadget.    My mom insists on the Kuhn Rikon Peelers!  She said no others compare to them and they are very budget … [Read more...]

Will Smith Touched My Arm

I recently had the chance to attend the annual Walmart Shareholders Meeting 2011.  It's definitely not what most of you might think. It's actually fun, informative, and my favorite is getting to hear the stories of the associates.   Last year was absolutely inspiring and this year was super cool. First, I want to tell you that Walmart does not … [Read more...]

Free Martha Stewart Grilling eCookbook

Martha Stewart released her Grilling Cookbook (ecookbook) just in time for Summer! It's filled with tons of recipes from some outstanding chefs like Emeril Lagasse. It's a free download but be warned, it's a good 21MB big so it might take you a few minutes to fully download but I promise, it's worth it! It's filled with great photos and a little … [Read more...]

Reinvigorating Your Kitchen

(guest post) The kitchen is the heart and soul of most houses – it is where you come to eat, connect and share time with your friends and family. This is exactly as it should be, yet it can also wear the room down – dozens of guests, screaming kids and hungry adults will age a room much faster than you would imagine. With a few simple touches, … [Read more...]