2012 Reflections

Seriously, has 2012 already came and went?  Good grief, where does the time go?  Oh wait, I know…senior graduation, football games, surgery centers, church, fundraisers, doctor offices, banks, cookouts, grocery shopping…..I guess you get the idea.   This is gonna be a fairly long post so I’ll just get to what I want to share.

January –  Ah, such good intentions at the beginning of the year huh?  I was making over our finances with Dave Ramsey. FAIL.  Of course we’ll be implementing his tips & strategies in 2013….gotta start somewhere right?   I did a lot of food posts in January and used a Cricut for the first time.  It was awesome.  And if you’re looking for ways to be that overachiever mom in your kid’s class, try making these cute little mailboxes.  Overachiever is written all over them but that’s just the way awesome works.  I can’t help it.  Probably the best thing that came in January though, was the reflection on mine and my husband’s marriage.

February – Definitely a worthless month as far as blogging goes. I was still in the blogging funk at that time so I’ll spare you the pathetic posts.  I will tell you that it was one of the best times of my life though.  While it made some folks uncomfortable, I didn’t care because I wanted everyone to know just how long it took me to find God and how awesome He truly is.

March – Got some of my blogging mojo back in this month.  I made some super cute Pot of Gold treats that were a waste of time really.  I mean, they are fantastic for entertaining and looking like you worked your tail off…but it took Truett 1.2 seconds to eat the ‘gold’.  I took an awesome photo of macaroni.   For reals.  I never thought I could love a macaroni picture like I do this one.  I made some adorable goldfish filled carrots for Easter.   This is another great idea for you overachiever moms. ;)   We attempted to grow produce…and failed. Thanks alot grasshoppers.  I had fun taking pics of our peep s’mores.  I actually took a few photos in March that I really liked.   I started studying the good book. Can I get an AMEN? Come on…you know you wanna.  I made the most adorable mini brownie ice cream cones.  CUTE I tell ya!!!  I even love the photo. You can tell I’m learning….

April – The pickled egg recipe was my most popular post that month. Lame.

May – Tyler graduated.  Wow.  One going out and one in Pre-K.  What were we thinking?  Anyways, I did make a cute graduation favor; Happy Trails jars with trailmix.  A lot of folks really liked the frame I covered in scrapbook paper too.

June – The Walmart Shareholders meeting is always a highlight.  I get to see super cool musicians perform so yeah, it’s pretty fun.  Who doesn’t want to stand just feet away from Justin Timberlake or Taylor Swift.  I mean, it won’t beat the moments where Will Smith touched my arm or my intimate time with Shaq but we can’t be picky now can we?  June was a favorite of mine because I got to spend it with a very good friend, who I absolutely adore.   She’s amazing in too many ways to count.

July – I made the official announcement that I was merging my food blog, My Wooden Spoon, into A Cowboy’s Wife.  Huge decision that I absolutely don’t regret.

August – I share of photos of lady liberty and peaches.  Clearly I had bloggers block that month.

September – Reflected on how I thought being spiritual was like being gay.  I also discovered Mrs. Meyer cleaning products. <–awesome stuff.

October – I watched a couple of thousand people (mostly youth) worship with Jeremy Camp.  I made some cool DIY stuff like spiders, halloween toppers, and made apple jalapeno jelly. I watched teens pray together.  Cry together.  And give themselves to the Lord.  Amazing.

NovemberI voted, for the first time ever.  I got all spiritual again.  The photo I had for my grandmother’s banana pudding got a makeover.   Ate some delicious southwest casserole.  I made a neat centerpiece using pinecones from our yard.  And I ate some more. Who can resist Hot ranch rolls?

December– Well…you know, it’s one of those months where you promote this and that because it’s the holidays but I guess if I had to pick one, I’ll reshare this one.

It’s been a decent year but I have higher expectations for 2013.  One thing I’ve learned is that you can’t blog about anything if you’re not living anything.  My goal is to get out and ‘live’…….

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    Sounds like your 2012 was a pretty amazing year. I especially love this part “One thing I’ve learned is that you can’t blog about anything if you’re not living anything. My goal is to get out and ‘live’…….” That’s one of my goals for 2013, to get out of the house more.