2yr All You Subscription for $17.99

That’s approximately $.75 an issue!   What a huge savings people and I have to tell ya, I’ve become All You Magazineaddicted to the All You magazine!  And no, I’m not just saying that because I was in it either.  Not only does it have a HUGE amount of coupons in it, it’s full of money saving ideas and ways to live better without the cost.

Some of April’s hot topics in All You include a no-cost room makeover, how to spend less time cleaning, finding pants that fit your body and asking whether or not you can trust at hom medical tests.  Great stuff and of course, you’ll even find some recipes like Lemon Curd Cake.  YUM!

I briefly mentioned the coupons but they are a great part of this magazine. I’ve never seen any other magazine put so many in and they even tell you on the cover how much in coupons will be in the issue.  April had over $51.00 bucks worth!  Can you imagine what coupons might be in there this summer and during the Christmas holidays?

So, if you want to get that special price I mentioned, then you can visit my All You magazine page and follow the instructions.

Some other magazines that might interest you are 2yrs of Cooking Light for $17.99, 1yr of Real Simple and Southern Living for $17.99.

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