4th of July Party Favors – Candy Filled Firecrackers

I created a super easy & cheap table centerpiece for the 4th of July holiday and today I’m sharing some fun & cute candy filled firecrackers that make great party favors!

What I originally wanted to do was use 4th of July wrapping paper but I couldn’t seem to find any so I decided to go with tissue paper; red, white and blue.  I used a paper towel tube and a toilet paper tube, which was perfect. I never really plan anything but looking at them now, I would have probably changed the braiding to be just red and blue and no white.  I also would have added names to the firecrackers and set at placemats at the table.

This turned out to be a very budget friendly project that would make a lot.  I bought all my supplies at Walmart and it didn’t take me long at all either.   Once I figured out how I was gonna make one, it was a breeze from then on.

4th of July Party Favors – Candy Filled Firecrackers

SUPPLIES (total cost about $14.50 to make a bunch)

  • Tissue paper in red, white, and blue colors $1.97 each = about $6
  • bag of candy $ 6.50 (you could buy a smaller bag of candy but we like to keep extra on hand)
  • glittery pipe cleaners (I recommend red and gold) $1.97
  • empty tubes (like paper towel or toilet paper tubes) $0
  • tape
  • scissors


  1. Cut strips of the three tissue papers.  I made mine about 4 inches or so.  You need to allow enough for the top and bottom to tuck into the tube for a closing.
  2. Start with one color tissue strip and roll around the tube, then tape.  Go to the next color and so on.
  3. Close the bottom color by stuffing the extra tissue into the tube.
  4. Fill with candy.
  5. Twist a red & gold glittery pipe cleaner together and cut in half, sticking one half into the tube, inbetween the candy.  Then stuff the top tissue paper around the “fuse” to close the candy inside.
  6. This is optional but I took three thin strips of tissue, braided them, and then wrapped around the top, using tape to hold together.


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  1. Lois says

    This is just what I was looking for! A craft that the folks at our nursing home can handle and have fun doing it! Thank you so much for this idea!