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  1. Lauralee Hensley says

    Poem: The Sick Little Cowpoke
    Off to the Big Bad Doctor the little cowpoke did go,
    where the Doctor ordered blood to be drawn- Ouchy *@!^^**! and “Please Mommy NO!”
    This little cowpoke has been sick and feverish for 5 whole days – believe me!
    He even had to lay down his head when he went to go and get his medicine with his mommy.
    She loved him so much she bought a pillow on which he could lay his head,
    and instantly a shopping cart became his bed instead.
    He positioned his cowboy hat perfectly as any good cowpoke should.
    Then he fell asleep there and then, as only a very sick cowpoke could.
    He dreamed of the day he would be a full grown cowboy on his horse,
    of roping, and riding the range of course.
    Carried to the car without opening his eyes,
    he’ll be better soon and then maybe he’ll get a big surprise.
    Germs and viruses you better beware,
    just listen to what the little cowpoke will soon declare-
    “Mommy germs and viruses are nasty of course,
    so I’m going have my them stomped on by my horse.”
    So you have your warning and better ride on out of town without another sniffle or sound,
    or Germs and Viruses you’ll be stomped into the ground.

  2. Kasey says

    Aww poor little guy. Hope he feels better soon. Sparkplug is probably missing him. I love how he always has a hat. Funny how kids can get comfy anywhere.

  3. says

    You’ve got another heartbreaker on your hands Girl! Sorry to hear he’s been feeling poorly. Hope he’s feeling better soon!