5 Days of Fever, Blood Drawn, Tuckered Out

taken with iPhone

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  1. 1

    Kathy says

    It is amazing the places and positions that kids can sleep in.

  2. 2

    OMG, what a sweet boy he is and so tired. Poor thing. I hope he feels better soon!

    .-= MomDot Mom Blog´s last blog ..Pensacola Beach Bracing for Oil Spill =-.

  3. 3

    Rob says

    Poor little man is exhausted. Hope he is feeling better. Happy WW!
    .-= Rob´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Is It Time To Play? =-.

  4. 4

    Staci A says

    Poor thing! I hope he feels better soon!
    .-= Staci A´s last blog ..Lately =-.

  5. 5

    Awww. Bless his little bonies! Such a cute cowboy, though!
    .-= Virginia from Lady V dZine´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: What do Whoopi Goldberg, Mona Lisa, and I have in common? =-.

  6. 6

    Hope he’s feeling better soon. He looks plum tuckered out.
    .-= Frantic Holly´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  7. 7

    Tammy says

    First, great pictures with the iPhone. Second, Poor little cowboy.
    .-= Tammy´s last blog ..Connecting With A Defeat Autism Now! Practitioner =-.

  8. 8

    Brittany says

    Awww poor little buckaroo! Hope he feels better!
    .-= Brittany´s last blog ..Summer Safety Tips For Kids =-.

  9. 9

    Poor little guy! I hope he is feeling better.
    .-= Crystal @ Simply Being Mommy´s last blog ..Mother’s Day Giveaway with Durex & Dr. Laura Berman =-.

  10. 10

    Shasta says

    Could he get any more adorable? In a cowboy sorta way of course lol :)
    .-= Shasta´s last blog ..Not So Wordless Wednesday =-.

  11. 11

    Lauralee Hensley says

    Poem: The Sick Little Cowpoke
    Off to the Big Bad Doctor the little cowpoke did go,
    where the Doctor ordered blood to be drawn- Ouchy *@!^^**! and “Please Mommy NO!”
    This little cowpoke has been sick and feverish for 5 whole days – believe me!
    He even had to lay down his head when he went to go and get his medicine with his mommy.
    She loved him so much she bought a pillow on which he could lay his head,
    and instantly a shopping cart became his bed instead.
    He positioned his cowboy hat perfectly as any good cowpoke should.
    Then he fell asleep there and then, as only a very sick cowpoke could.
    He dreamed of the day he would be a full grown cowboy on his horse,
    of roping, and riding the range of course.
    Carried to the car without opening his eyes,
    he’ll be better soon and then maybe he’ll get a big surprise.
    Germs and viruses you better beware,
    just listen to what the little cowpoke will soon declare-
    “Mommy germs and viruses are nasty of course,
    so I’m going have my them stomped on by my horse.”
    So you have your warning and better ride on out of town without another sniffle or sound,
    or Germs and Viruses you’ll be stomped into the ground.

  12. 12

    Allison says

    He is the cutest thing ever. Happy WW!
    .-= Allison ´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday…A Spin Around the Block! =-.

  13. 13
  14. 14

    Poor boy! Mine have been running fevers and feeling poopy too!
    .-= Not So Average Mama´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday, Where Fairies Roam =-.

  15. 15

    Misty Dawn says

    Poor little guy! I hope he’s feeling much better now.
    .-= Misty Dawn´s last blog ..Macro Monday *After the Rain* =-.

  16. 16

    GenaMazzeo says

    I just want to eat him up!!!! Hope he’s feeling better.

  17. 17

    valmg says

    Aw, I hope Truett feels better soon. He’s such an adorable boy.
    .-= valmg´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Sometimes Product Packaging Is Funny =-.

  18. 18

    Poor little guy. :( I hope he feels better, and that both of you can get some rest. Praying for you!

  19. 19

    Rhea says

    oh, I saw this on your Facebook. It melted my heart..poor kid. Hope he’s feeling better
    .-= Rhea´s last blog ..Enter to WIN a $1300 Grill from Sam’s Club! =-.

  20. 20

    Sunnie says

    Poor little cowpoke! Its tough on him, but tough on mama also, I hope he feels better soon!

  21. 21

    ah – sleeping in the cart – that’s happened to me once or twice!

    did you ever announce the winner of the iPhone? I haven’t been able to find it listed?? I’m sure Im just not looking in the right spot?
    .-= cassie larson´s last blog ..Fabulous Friday: You are a Woman of Beautiful Countenance =-.

  22. 22

    Kasey says

    Aww poor little guy. Hope he feels better soon. Sparkplug is probably missing him. I love how he always has a hat. Funny how kids can get comfy anywhere.

  23. 23

    A heart breaker! I hope he feels better soon. My 6 year old grandson was feeling bad today. A just hold me Grandma kind of day.
    It amazes how little ones can fall asleep anywhere!
    .-= Simply Cathi´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Buddhist Monastery, Narita Japan =-.

  24. 24

    Poor lil’ dude… :( sure hope he is up and riding high again soon!
    .-= Faythe @GMT´s last blog ..One Mystery solved, another starts… =-.

  25. 25

    chrystal says

    Get better soon!

  26. 26

    Karin says

    You’ve got another heartbreaker on your hands Girl! Sorry to hear he’s been feeling poorly. Hope he’s feeling better soon!

  27. 27

    Elizabeth says

    I stopped by to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! Sorry about your lil’ punkin, hope he’s feeling better!
    .-= Elizabeth´s last blog ..Being A Mom – A Look Back =-.

  28. 28

    Poor little guy! I hope he starts feeling better soon.

  29. 29

    Sk says

    What a little sweetie! Hope your little guy is feeling much better!
    .-= Sk´s last blog ..Happy Mother’s Day! =-.

  30. 30

    Oh my goodness, poor little Cowboy… Goddness, I feel for you and him. My son is 1 1/2 and seem like he is always running a slight fever from either colds or teething. Hang in there mama (and lil cowboy)
    .-= Wendy Maynard´s last blog ..How to Develop Your Online Personal Brand =-.