56 of the Best Football Movies Ever!

Football season is approaching fast and there’s no better time to get your blood pumping for it. I’ve compiled a list of the 56 Best Football Movies ever! Enjoy and if I missed one, let me know and be sure to tell me which one is YOUR favorite!

  1. Friday Night Lights
  2. Brian’s Song (old one)
  3. We Are Marshall
  4. Remember the Titans
  5. Rudy
  6. Brian’s Song (2002)
  7. Invincible
  8. The Express
  9. The Program
  10. The Replacements
  11. Any Given Sunday
  12. Gridiron Gang
  13. Radio
  14. Everybody’s All-American
  15. Fighting Back-Story of Rocky Bleier
  16. Necessary Roughness
  17. Quarterback Princess
  18. Junction Boys
  19. Facing the Giants
  20. The Waterboy
  21. Jerry Maguire
  22. Little Giants
  23. Varsity Blues
  24. Horse Feathers
  25. North Dallas Forty
  26. The Longest Yard (2005)
  27. The Longest Yard (1974)
  28. Two for the Money
  29. Paper Lion
  30. The Game Plan
  31. Knute Rockne All American
  32. The Last Boy Scout
  33. Code Breakers
  34. Fumbleheads
  35. Leatherheads
  36. Second String
  37. Wildcats
  38. Possums
  39. Heaven Can Wait
  40. Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon
  41. They Call Me Sirr
  42. All the Right Moves
  43. Lucas
  44. The Best of Times
  45. Full Ride
  46. Halfback of Notre Dame
  47. The Comebacks
  48. Jim Thorpe: All American
  49. Angels in the Endzone
  50. Air Bud: Golden Receiver
  51. Weapons of Mass Distraction
  52. Semi-Tough
  53. Reggie’s Prayer
  54. The Blind Side
  55. Friday Night Lights: Seasons 1-3
  56. Friday Night Lights: The Fourth Season

If I missed one, let me know!

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    • ob says

      You missed movies about the following players:Mr inside and Mr Outside of Army, mid 40’s,one or both all-Americans.
      Next, Leroy ” Crazy Legs” Hersh, movie came out late 40’s early 5o’s
      There was also a movie with Tyrone Powers and Ward Bond about West Point, early 50’s, not all football but a great movie..
      And how about the live tv shows, featuring the Raiders, trying to look like a football team, ran from Sept 2007 to Dec 2008 , can’t remember the name of the actor trying to play the role of quarterback.

  1. Ginny says

    How fun is this! I love the list! Makes me want to go home and watch so many of these. I love how you put “Quarterbank Princess” on there! An oldie but a goodie :) Thanks for making my day…it’s never too early to be thinking football!

  2. says

    Fun list! I’m aging myself here, but my friends and I watched Wildcats over and over again in high school when it came out on VHS. My “modern” favorite is Remember the Titans!