6 Ways to Survive Black Friday

From someone who knows!  ME  Tomorrow, I’m gonna post a video on my very first Black Friday shopping spree!!  I promise you’ll laugh! For now, here are 6 ways to survive the insane day you will have.

Shop on the Internet.

No crowds to deal with, no lines and you can do it all from you jammies!  They run all sorts of specials and often include free shipping.  Then there’s Cyber Monday which is just like the Black Friday but all online.

Read the Print.

To get those extra discounts, pay close attention to the times.  While many are early bird specials, you’ll find that there will be tons that are from ex. 10am – Noon only.

Get Strategic.

Gather your ads, your list and figure out which stores have the best deals on the most things because there is no way you’ll be able to get to all the stores in time for the early bird stuff.

For the early birds.

Dress appropriately.  The weather is cooler this year ’round and you don’t want to be the goofball shivering at 4am.  Wear comfortable shoes too!!   Many stores provide hot chocolate and even donuts but in case this doesn’t go on at your store, eat before you go, carry a spill proof cup and a few snacks in your purse/pocket.

Equip Yourself.

Got your buddy, now you need a way to communicate.  Cell phones are okay but two-way radios rule the day!  This will be handy and I’ll tell you why.  Sometimes stores try to be sneaky by moving electronic sale items to an “undisclosed” location just to slow down and throw us all off.  So let’s say you’re going to get those cool houseware items and your friend is going after that stereo.  Well the store has moved those stereos in the clothing section.  Clearly you are closer to the clothes since you are in housewares so your friend uses the walkie talkie to relay the message telling you to RUN to the clothing section..they’re over there, they’re over there!!!  So you respond with, 10-4 supermom..I’m heading straight over there.  You get to housewares and get that toaster.  I got the grill!!!  RUN and we’ll meet up somewhere!

Think I’m joking??  Your poor thing.  You just don’t know what you’re in for;)

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  1. says

    Oh man – I totally cannot wait for black Friday. I love the adrenaline rush that comes from extreme shopping! ;) Thanks for the tips. I love internet shopping, but there is something about standing in line at Kohl’s that just gets me ready for the holidays

    Erins last blog post..Holiday Trunk Show

  2. says

    “Get strategic” LOL, I <3 it! I tell my family all the time that I’m a strategic shopper and they laugh, but it’s true! Good shopping is not for the light at heart! ;-)