60’s and 70’s Throwback with Pepsi

Pepsi and Mountain Dew are taking a nostalgic trip back in time by offering special retro formulapepsi of their popular beverages sweetened with natural sugar, just as they were back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, giving us fans, literally, a taste of the past. In honor of this promotion, I teamed up with Pepsi to bring you this totally rad retro throwback pack valued at $150 and include the following items:

  • – Pepsi Throwback Trucker Cap
  • – Retro Pepsi Tin Lunch Box
  • – Retro Clock Radio/CD Player
  • – USB Lava Lamp
  • – Pepsi Throwback & Mountain Dew Throwback

Pepsi Throwback will be available nationwide for about 8 weeks beginning April 20 in 20-oz retro designed single-serve bottles and 12-pack cans.

Enter to win!

Leave a comment with your favorite Blast from the Past! Was it the parachute pants? Or maybe the beehive hairstyle!!! lol

Additional ways to enter, leaving each one you do in a separate comment please.

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  1. Pam W. says

    I loved the Pepsi in glass bottles. We would take them outside and use them to make a band by clanging on them and blowing across the top of them. All while playing with our Care Bears!

  2. Tawnda says

    my favorite thing is bellbottom jeans… Glad to see that Pepsi is joining the ranks of blasts that return… ;-)

  3. Christina says

    OMG – Mountain Dew Throwback is SO good! Not that overly sweet mess they sell normally.

    My favorite memory is the old stretched soda bottles you’d see at fairs. Someone would take an old Pepsi bottle and heat it and stretch the neck out to outrageous proportions and then fill the bottle back up with colored water and then you could win them at the fair. I always wanted one and my parents wouldn’t let me waste the money trying to get one. I always thought they were the coolest thing ever.

  4. Deanna says

    I loved wearing bell bottom jeans when I was a little girl. My favorites were the ones with the ruffles at the bottoms. Too cool!

  5. says

    My Blast from the Past is all about the Music!! I loved the music from the 70’s! The Bee Gee’s, John Denver, The Beach Boys! ahh those were the days! I Graduated from High School in 1979! We were all that and a Bag of chips, don’t forget the (diet) Pepsi to go with it! MEMORIES.. ah.. I am definitely a retro Girl!!!
    Love this Giveaway!

    Leslie Ms last blog post..Did you Ever have an OLD Friend find you??

  6. DEBIJOT says

    My blast from the past (way past) was that during the summer we would go to a local club every Sunday evening. They would have a band playing. We heard The Temptations, The Four Tops, even Tiny Tim!

  7. says

    My way back is a lava lamp I owned in the 70’s! Everyone always said not to shake it when it was hot or it would blow up…so I didn’t. But one evening a babysitter did and it blew!! No one was hurt but I never did get the red wax out of that mustard colored shag rug! Thanks
    hondaray6 at hotmail dot com

    Rhonda Masons last blog post..Whats for Dinner Gift Basket

  8. says

    My wayback was the lemon twist. You put it around your ankle and it spun around as you jumped over it. If only I had one now. Also? A game called “Stay Alive” with marbles and levers. The last one with a marble on top won. I can’t figure out why this great game is not still in production.

  9. Jo says

  10. Jo says

  11. Sherrie Lopez says

    Oh! Oh! Just remembered hairstyle “The French Twist” my Mom and all the other mothers wore. I had long hair and wore it down or in ponytail. Once my Mom and aunt talked me into letting them fix my hair cause we were going out that night. I must also tell you that I was very tender headed. Mom kept my hair cut short till I was in 5th grade and could take care of it myself. She said it was because of the crying whenever she combed it out. Anyway, my Mom and aunt went to work on my hair and it looked nice. There weren’t too many tears from ratting it, twisting it up and shoving 50 million bobby pins in the hair. But, woe was me, when we got home that night and I tried to comb it out. I cried, I cussed, I prayed, I begged – I even thought of cutting it all off. It took a good two hours to get it combed out and it was still puffy around my face because of the hairspray. I never let my Mom do anything to my hair again. I was really glad when we got passed the beehive and french twist of the 60’s and 70’s.

  12. Sherrie Lopez says

    Also remember the board games we played. One in particular was “Wahoo”! It was played with marbles and the gameboard was a square of wood with holes drilled about halfway thru the board that the marbles sat in. Everyone’s dad usually made their own board or a neighbor would sometimes do it if dad wasn’t much of a handyman. I still see “Wahoo” boards at garage sales sometimes. Maybe I’ll buy one next time I see it and teach my grandchildren how to play.

  13. says

    My blast from the past item would be lace up baseball clogs. I had this pair that I loved from the early 80s. They were navy blue with white/blue lace ups. I found a similar pair (but they don’t have the white laces…just not the same although I do believe they are the same manufacturer…and you know…I have gotten SO many compliments and questions–WHERE did you find those?? LOL!!

    I just wish I knew what I did with the originals!! Don’t you have something from the past that you WISH you hung on to??

    Shelley Ks last blog post..Quotable Sunday #11 Chinese Proverbs

  14. says

    I lived outside the US until the mid-eighties so my husband jokes that I missed the best of the 70’s. I do remember the 80’s well. One thing I never care to repeat are the rolled up pant bottoms!

  15. says

    I would have to say bell bottoms. I had a pair of hip-hugger baby blue brushed denim “elephant bells” that were the rage back then. I just loved them! Wish I had that body again too…lol

    Kay Ms last blog post..

  16. Kelly Jo aka GotGRITS says

    From the 70’s, the zip up double knit jumpsuit they were so easy to get on and off as a kid, in the 80’s big hair (that could be the cause of global warming with all the hairspray) :)

    Who can forget the twisted bead necklaces or jellies from the 80’s?

  17. Yvonne Butler says

    The BIG hair and the music. Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath and the romantic Unchained Melody.

  18. Yvonne Butler says

    I subscribe and want that extra entry. Thanks for the memories and the great giveaway!