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Grilling with Blue Rhino®

When most folks think about grilling, they tend to focus on what to grill, but there are other things to think about, like your gas grill's propane tank.   Being a ranch family, full of testosterone, means a whole lot of beef will be eaten, and as much of it grilled as possible. We often alternate wood and propane, depending on the time and how ... Continue Reading

UE Boom Speaker with Details

Tech Talk – UE Ultimate Ears Boom Speaker #VZWBuzz

We are quite obsessed with music so having a bluetooth speaker is absolutely essential in the Falcon household! We use them at the barn, outside when entertaining, and I have even been know to take them to conferences with me for my hotel room!  Today, I'm giving you a look at the UE Ultimate Ears Boom Speaker. Whether you're looking for you ... Continue Reading

Young Living New Premium Starter Kit

Unboxing the NEW Young Living Premium Starter Kit {Video}

Guess what launches today?!!  The NEW Young Living Premium Kit!!!  I gotta tell y'all, it's pretty fantastic and I'm so stinkin' excited to have it in my hands! If you haven't been following me on Facebook, then you've been missing out on everything I've been sharing about Young Living essential oils!  Don't worry, though, I'll be sharing more here ... Continue Reading


Tips for Using Your Smartphone’s Camera #VZWBuzz

Everyone has a camera this day in age, just about every phone on the market has a built in camera. Most of those cameras have fairly decent specs and can create images sometimes just as good as a point and shoot camera. Try out some of these tricks when taking photos with your phone. Follow the hashtag #VZWBuzz for more great tech tips! Get in ... Continue Reading


Easy DIY Carpet Deodorizer Ideas with Essential Oils

Did you know that you can use essential oils and baking soda to create an amazing carpet deodorizer?  I'm sharing three simple blends to make your home smell amazing, purify those yucky smells, and just a little tidbit....spiders don't like it much!   I have three boys, all of which smell of something on a regular basis.  My 8 year ... Continue Reading

DIY Yarn Star Frame

DIY Yarn Star Frame Craft

This DIY yarn star frame is a simple craft with things you probably already have on hand, but if you want it to be specific to the Fourth of July, then you need red, white, and blue yarn!  Your kiddos can even help you with this.  It's a fun way to show off those independence day photos too! I'll be changing mine out with a new one this year.   ... Continue Reading

Hamburger Helper Crunchy Taco Meal

Our Family Meals with Hamburger Helper ®, 15 Years Ago, and Now

Sitting down to eat at the table is something that has always been important to our family. We have always believed in taking time for those moments, and as I reflect on those days, when my oldest two boys were little fellas, I'm not sure a week went by that we didn't have Hamburger Helper ®. We've been married for over 22 years and much of ... Continue Reading


Edible Patriotic Messages on Graham Crackers

Fourth of July, Independence Day, America the's that time again to celebrate our nation's independence and I have a super fun & easy way for you and your kiddo to serve up some adorable patriotic snacks that your guests will love!  Of course, if you want them to be readable, you might not want your kiddo helping! HA!  Two ... Continue Reading

apps for horse lovers

5 Apps for Horse Enthusiasts

HAY (<--see what I did there?) horse enthusiasts!  Have y'all ever tried to look for apps that fit your horse needs? Are ya finding it difficult to find apps that would work well for your style? Try out some of these apps for horse lovers. From keeping track of medical records and weights to figuring out courses, training and lists, these apps ... Continue Reading