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Texas Egg and Potato Skillet recipe

Texas Egg and Potato Skillet Casserole

Cooking in cast iron, breakfast casseroles, and sunsets are just a few things I love about Texas. Often, I think about the old days of cooking for 30 cowboys and watching them ride off into the morning sun.   I greatly enjoyed seeing the love and pride they had for being able to cowboy on such beautiful land, and how proud and grateful to do ... Continue Reading

fantasy football draft

Fan Friday: Fantasy Football Draft 2015

For 3 years now, we've participated in a fantasy football league with our BIL, in hopes of being the champions in the end.  I totally feel like this year, is our year!  Yeah, I say this every year but this year is really the year y'all!! We sat down the other night to draft our picks for the 2015 season.  It took 3 1/2 hours to do this.  And ... Continue Reading

DIY Body Butter with Essential Oils

DIY Body Butter with Essential Oils

Whether you live in the West Texas heat or you're preparing for the fall and winter months, I've got a rich & creamy body butter with essential oils to soothe and soften your skin.  It's just heavenly! If you don't already know, I am completely new to making these types of things but holy cow, I'm having a blast with it!  I've been using ... Continue Reading


Pray for Purpose, Live with Passion

I feel like through all my 8 years of blogging, I have always been transparent with y'all.  I've poured my heart & soul out over my spiritual battles, shared some of my most scariest times, and giggled over those super fun moments.  Y'all have always been there, supporting and encouraging me every step of the way.  My prayer is that it ... Continue Reading

Cheesy Jalapeno Sausage Wrap Recipe

Cheesy Jalapeño Sausage Bacon Wraps

The post is sponsored by VELVEETA®. All opinions are my own.  I'm pretty sure my husband would grill every day if he could.  After a morning of work on the ranch, he came home craving sausage.  I suggested kicking it up a notch by adding some VELVEETA® Jalapeño, jalapeños, and bacon!  I do believe I saw him drooling!  He got the grill going and ... Continue Reading

Char-Broil gas grill

Grilling like a Pro with Char-Broil

This post brought to you by Char-Broil. The content and opinions expressed below are that of I’ve been sharing several grilling ideas with you all lately but we couldn’t have done any of them without the incredibly buff Char-Broil Commercial Series™ 3 Burner Gas Grill. I feel a Tim Allen grunt coming on y’all! Me and ... Continue Reading

Cheesy Cowboy Taters recipe

Cheesy Cowboy Taters (that’s potatoes for you city folk)

This post is sponsored by VELVEETA®. All opinions are my own. I don't know if y'all know this, but my cowboy is pretty darn fantastic, and cute to boot!  When I'm running short on menu ideas, he always has something brewing in that ol' brain of his and when things happen, he steps up and ropes the task in and just fixes everything.   He is a ... Continue Reading

Jalapeno Cheese Bacon Burger

Jalapeño Cheese Bacon Burger for Your Next BBQ

The post is sponsored by VELVEETA®. All opinions are my own.  It's not uncommon, here in Texas, to get our BBQ on!  Grillin' and chillin' is often our slogan for the summer and this evening, we made some mouthwatering jalapeño cheese bacon burgers!  I don't know about y'all, but around here, we love to try new things with our burgers! My cowboy ... Continue Reading


Grilling with Blue Rhino®

When most folks think about grilling, they tend to focus on what to grill, but there are other things to think about, like your gas grill's propane tank.   Being a ranch family, full of testosterone, means a whole lot of beef will be eaten, and as much of it grilled as possible. We often alternate wood and propane, depending on the time and how ... Continue Reading

UE Boom Speaker with Details

Tech Talk – UE Ultimate Ears Boom Speaker #VZWBuzz

We are quite obsessed with music so having a bluetooth speaker is absolutely essential in the Falcon household! We use them at the barn, outside when entertaining, and I have even been know to take them to conferences with me for my hotel room!  Today, I'm giving you a look at the UE Ultimate Ears Boom Speaker. Whether you're looking for you ... Continue Reading