A Beautiful Evening


I don’t have a tripod so my sunset is a bit blurry but still worth looking at.  There was no wind yesterday evening and it’s was warm.  I could have sat there all night, in fact, had I had some camping gear I might have slept outside all night.  I’ve been having some back problems the last few days so I haven’t got out to take any pics.  I thought I’d share the usual horse pictures.  They seem to like to hang around the house which I find slighty irritating for a couple of reasons.  1 (and the most important) is because Truett can get out of the yard easily so it would take no time at all for him to get underneath those horses and get hurt.  The second is I don’t want any more damaged goods!


I talk about Elmer so often that I forget to mention Samuel, the famous actor & escape artist.  Afterall, he was in the Tommy Lee Jones movie “The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada” and he knows how to unlatch gates and even untie knots.  He’s not the prettiest horse but he is smart. 


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    OK, so all horses are the same. Had a beautiful church pew I wanted in my kitchen and had it in the shed to fix up. Came home to pieces of a church pew busted up when the horses got into the shed and couldn’t get out. I almost used the pieces for grave markers!!

    They are smart lil s***s!!

    Katie Skiff’s last blog post..{I’m Home}

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    I remember we once had a horse who would lay down close to the fence. More often than not he would also get his legs hung under the bottom of the fence. After a few times of this and hurting himself while laying there trying to get out he finally decided to wait on us to arrive home. He actually got smart enough to lay and wait patiently on us to get him out. haha

    Treasia’s last blog post..Comments received

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    I don’t have horses but we live near horses and this has been my first experience with a horse up close. From what I’ve seen, they really are smart. They recognize their owners vehicle coming down the street and they get all excited, like big puppies.

    DeeBee’s last blog post..I just don’t get it

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    If I took a picture of the outdoors where I live right now you’d see white. White freezing cold snow and there’s no way you’d want to sit all night and camp out! I love hearing about warmer climates and seeing pictures like these. Thanks! Just beautiful.

    Sommer’s last blog post..A Green Hour