A Cowpoke and His Horse

A while back at a rodeo, a super nice fella that we’ve known for awhile now, gave Truett a miniature horse. Horses in general aren’t cheap and for even these little boogers they can still be thousands of dollars. For Mr. Butler to give little man Sparkplug, well, it meant a lot to us and to Truett.

From the day Truett’s Uncle Andy sent us a text photo of Sparkplug, little man has not stopped thinkin’ ’bout his horse. You know they’re excited and all but it’s when you pull up to the ranch and see the expression on his face that makes the $100+ of gas & spur of the moment drive worth the trip. Of course getting to see family is icing on the cake.

He was tickled now. He kept saying, “that’s MY horse Dad!” and even told Nana, “now I can chase cows”. Yep, he thinks he’s set to go horseback and work cattle with his Dad now but little does he realize he’s got to learn how to ride first.

His cousin Prescott (pronounced Presscut) was there to greet him and walk him over to look at his horse. It was such a sweet moment. Even though they’re cousins, it seemed like they were brothers.

In no time, Prescott helped him settle and saddle his horse.  Cowboys hard at work.

Moments later, both were saddled, Prescott on his new horse and Truett on his.  Two cowboys ready to ride the long trail………….

After a fun day with family, we headed home, Truett in front, Sparkplug in the back.  It was a funny site to see us hauling a big ol’ trailer with this little fella in it.  I’m sure my man would have loved for folks to see that a 3yr old was in the truck as well…cowboys do have reputations to uphold after all and hauling anything miniature doesn’t exactly spell out MANLY. lol

We decided to let Sparkplug hang out and graze in our yard for a few days.  He might help keep the grass mowed down a bit and definitely doesn’t take up too much room.  Truett couldn’t wait to get him saddled again and ride.

He wanted Dad close by for a little bit but then in no time, he didn’t need his Dad around.  He said he could do it.  So grownup…just like someone else I know.

He went from holding Dad, to hands free with Dad close, to holding the rope himself.  A proud moment for anyone, but especially for ranch folk who raise their kids in this lifestyle.  He was truly becoming a real cowboy.

After all the ridin’, and for the next 2hrs, Truett hung around Sparkplug like he was his shadow.  While Sparkplug grazed on the grass, Truett knelt down beside him, watching and even helping by tossing a few grass blades his Sparkplug’s way.  It was one of the most precious moments ever and it reminded me of when my oldest were that little with their first horse.

and my favorite….a perfect picture to a perfect day.

Thank you Kelly for being so generous. I thank you, we thank you and most of all Truett thanks you.  He’s couldn’t be any happier.

If any of you would like to do something generous, consider attending the Tom Butler Memorial Bronc Riding in Post Texas or purchase a piece of Ridin’ High Butler Style apparel.  All proceeds go to the Tom Butler Memorial Scholarship Foundation, helping ease the financial burden a bit for those attending college, a worthy investment.

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  1. Jeannette says

    That is so sweet, he looks like such a big boy on his horse. I LOVE the last picture with him in the grass by Sparkplug. My first horse was a shetland named PeeWee, granted he lived in Oklahoma and I lived in Florida but I loved that horse sooo much I couldn’t wait for summer trips out there. That horse was around from the time I was about 5 until well into my teen years!!! PeeWee was about the same color as Sparkplug too :o)

  2. says

    A kid’s first horse is a very special thing! (mine was Sandee Freckles.) And Sparkplug came from some very special people! It’s funny I’ve never met you but I feel like I know you because we know all the same folks…and I actually saw ya’ll rolling through Matador, didn’t know it was you, of course but I did notice your cargo! haha.

    Ya’ll will have some great memories with that little horse! Congratulations Truett!

  3. says

    Absolutely awesome! My sister has horses, and she recently got a miniature named Jasper that looks like Sparkplug’s twin. Once he gets settled in his new home, Liam will get to ride, too – hope he is half as comfortable as your little man! Way to go, Truett!

  4. says

    This is so precious! What a perfect gift for a little boy. There is nothing quite like riding your very own horse for the first time, a memory to last a lifetime. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  5. GenaMazzeo says

    These pictures simply brought tears to my eyes. He’s such a sweet boy and the pictures of him with his newest treasure are priceless. I think my favorite is the second to last one, with Truett’s arm swung over Sparkplug’s back. Many happy years of riding to them both!


  6. Lauralee Hensley says

    A poem: The Cowboys Wife New Cowboy
    On day one Truett gave a hug
    to his new best friend named Sparkplug.
    Even though Sparkplug is a minature horse,
    Truett eyes saw him as a mighty brave Stallion of course.
    Mr. Butler was the very kind Sparkplug giving man
    of who Truett is now one of his biggest fans.
    Prescott and Truett the two young cousins
    had fun being horse saddeling kin.
    The boys started dreaming of riding the long trail,
    but that will be a future story to tell.
    Into the long horse trailer we loaded up Sparkplug,
    as hubby hoped no one would recognize his truck driving macho mug.
    I thought about holding up Truett for everyone to see
    that the little minature horse was for him and not his Daddy.
    I mean a real man’s man cowboy has a reputation to uphold
    and that is more precious than silver or gold.
    Truett kept telling Nana “Now I can chase cows,”
    but this little cowpoke still has to be taught the where, when and hows.
    When we got home we let Sparkplug graze on the front yards grass all green
    like he was a little mowing machine.
    Truett was anxiously ready to ride
    and waiting for Sparkplug to eat was almost chapping his hide.
    His Daddy helped him get his horse saddled just right
    and Sparkplug didn’t mind the weight of Truett because he is so light.
    Truett held onto Dad for a bit,
    then he was holding the rope himself while in the saddle he did sit.
    For the next two hours my little Truett was Sparkplugs Shadow
    and I was thinking I’ve have another cowboy in my life Yipee Ti Yi Yo.
    Don’t think I’m complaining, oh no, oh no,
    I love them each so very much you know.
    I don’t want Truett or Shadow older to grow
    but he will so I’ll just hope this time goes very slow.
    Yet, I’m a cowboy’s wife so I learn to go with the flow.

  7. Kasey says

    So cute!!! Both of them. Such a cute mini and I love the name Sparkplug. No horse will teach you as much as your first horse.

  8. Sunnie says

    These are really cute pictures, you have such a great eye! What a cool thing for your little man, and I love your blog, I always click it first when I see it in my inbox! Long live Cowboys!

  9. says

    Love this, so sweet! You can see their relationship forming in these pictures, just precious. I can imagine how Jonah would be with a little horse, he’d be over the moon too as he is just in love with any and all critters and fuzzy animals.
    .-= To Think Is To Create´s last blog ..On Being Wrecked =-.