A Fruity Family Tradition with Health Benefits

Along with the holidays comes an abundance of sugary sweets and I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough.  I’m sure I gained a whopping 10lbs at the least after this Holiday’s feast and will be glad to get back to normal food.

One foodie family tradition I do welcome is the basket full of fruit courtesy of my parents.  They do this every year and it’s refreshing to have something healthy around to eat and a good distraction for my toddler’s craving of more sugar cookies!  They also bring an assortment of nuts so it’s  all good!  OH, and they always bring it in such a lovely basket for a beautiful presentation.  Of course, I didn’t get the basket in the picture but I assure you it’s lovely.

And Santa ALWAYS brings the kiddos fruit.  You know, he’s not only rewarding them for being good, he’s also trying to instill healthy eating habits too;)

Potential health benefits of eating fruit…

*potential for weight control
*more energy for exercising
*reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases
*reduced risk of developing cancers
*lower blood pressure
*potential to lower cholesterol
*reduced change of developing type 2 diabetes
*potential to slow down age process

Incorporate some fruit and reap the rewards of good health!

It can be quite easy to slip 5 pieces of fruit into the diet. Here are some tips..

1. Add dried fruit to breakfast cereal
2. Prepare fruit salads to last few days
3. Eat apple before leaving for work
4. Eat small piece 30 minutes before / after light workout
5. Drink more fruit juices
6. Find recipes that contain fruit
7. Always have a bowl of fruit in or near T.V

So for 2009, try buying a fruit basket as a family gift and encourage others to eat healthy!  What are your fruit eating habits and traditions?  Share in the comments and/or at A Spoonful of Flavor, the new foodie community.

Fruit Basket

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  1. Brandi says

    I LOVE this tradition! I wish someone would give my office a fruit basket instead of all the candy and cookies during the holidays! Thank you for putting this idea out there!

  2. Kimberly L says

    I love fruit, and yet it is the last thing I grab. Don’t know why that is. Although, this is the first year that we actually did receive some fruit as a gift. And we absolutely loved it. Since receiving our gift basket, I am reaching for the fruit more than I ever have.