A Halloween Home

Every year I pull out all our Halloween decorations like my favorite spider, and create a Halloween home.  We try to keep the scariness to a minimum just because Truett is still young but I’ve learned with raising 3 boys that if you don’t teach them it’s scary, then they won’t think it’s scary. I try to buy at least 3 things every year to add to our collection and most of it comes from Walmart.

I started off this Halloween season with costume shopping for little man, who was dying to be a ninja.  We saw a few ninja costumes at Walmart, all under $14 bucks.  I don’t know about you, but I remember them being $30 and up for little kids back in the day so I was thrilled to see the more budget friendly costumes this year.  We also started making a few simple & super budget friendly decorations like my Halloween Balloon spiders.  I also made some floating ghosts and trash bag balloon ghosts.  These are so easy to do. The cost is incredible and the Halloween how-to’s are below.

We decorated by hanging Halloween curtains, various bowls with candy (including the one in the video below), ghostly tablecloth, and little ghost & pumpkin tealight candle holders. LOVE the battery operated tealight candles, don’t you?

Two of Truett’s favorite things were the cups and blanket. He loved those!

He also really got a kick out of the bowl. Check out this short clip of him interacting with it…..

DIY Halloween Tutorials

Trash Bag Balloon Ghost

For this, you will need a balloon, string & a large white plastic garbage bag. I would buy those cheap dollar store ones for $2 bucks and the balloons cost about a dollar.  Look for any string around your house; maybe some fishing string, yarn, or even old shoe laces.  Blow up the balloon and place it inside the bag. Gather the bag under the bottom of the balloon and tie it off with string to make the ghost’s head.

I suggest using permanent markers to decorate a spooooooooooky face!  Use another piece of string and add to the top of the ghost to hang it up.  Cost per ghost — .50 cents

Floating Ghosts!

These are always fun and make the little ones go stare.   For this craft project, you’ll need:

  • a white helium balloon for each ghost
  • markers
  • sticky tape
  • plus two white plastic grocery bags.

Cut the handles off the bags, then cut the remainder of each bag into one inch strips, cutting from the open end to about two inches away from the bottom seam.  Get it?  It’s gonna look like a fringe skirt so to speak.

Use the clear sticky tape to fasten one cut-up bag halfway around the bottom of the balloon. Put the second cut-up bag around the other half of the balloon.

Draw on a spooky face with markers — and don’t forget to tie a string to the bottom of the balloon to keep the ghost from flying away!  I suggest fishing line for this for a more real look.  Cost per ghost — .15 cents

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