A Little Bit of Mountain Oyster Cowboy Cuisine

Do you have a clue of what I’m referring to???  Well, if you don’t, let me just tell you exactly what it is.  CALF NUTS,  CALF FRIES, or even BULL BALLS!   Oh yeah, I bet you’re licking your lips right now ain’t ya?!  LOL.

Believe it or not, this is a cowboy favoriteJ  Not mine mind you,  but definitely a favorite among the fellas.  During the cowboy works,  the lil’ bulls get gathered to have their manhood taken away from them.  It sounds sad to some but we can’t have a million bulls running around trying to breed a handful of cows;) 

Anyways, these mountain oysters are usually “chicken fried” but today they are getting grilled.  When you chicken fry them, you normally peel off the outer skin layer to cook them but not when you cook them on the grill. 

All your gonna need for this Cowboy Cuisine is a little salt & pepper, calf nuts, and a grill.  After you’ve cleaned them up,  leaving the thin outer skin layer in-tact, you simply throw them on the fire, season them to your taste buds, and wait for them to pop (or split open;).

When you eat them, you only eat the inside, throwin’ the skin away.  Doesn’t sound very ladylike I know but I did say it was a favorite among the fellas;) 

So here they are, fresh calf nuts on the grill with a little salt & pepper.


Here they are plumping up on the verge of popping and being done.


And VIOLA!  Done and ready to eat.





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