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First off, I wanted to say thank you for the nice comments. If anyone has noticed, aside from yesterday’s rant, I hadn’t posted since Jan 24th.  I have a lot on my mind, the direction I want to take, and just spending more time with family doing things I used to do before I started blogging.  Until I figure out my path, posts here will be at a min so bear with me.

I’m headed to Nashville today for the Blissdom Conference. I’m so excited to see everyone but mostly excited to just be out of the house.  I come back on Sunday and then leave Monday to Orlando to Disney World with all three of my boys.   I’m so excited about the trip and I have Hanes to thank!  Yep, I am now part of the Hanes Comfort Crew and they extended my invitation to Disney World to my family.  Sooo awesome of them!  We are truly a Hanes family here.  Each boy gets there own type of socks..like gray underneath for one and just white for the other so that they dont’ get them confused.  Tyler LOVES the tank top under shirts and Toby’s T-shirts are hanes of course.  I’m just so honored to be part of the Comfort Crew because it’s a product that we use every.single.day.

I’ve been writing a few articles over at the SCJohnson Family Economics under Food for Thought and would love for you to go read some that have been published already.  There will be a total of 13 posts by me going through March so bookmark if you would and stop by and visit.

If you don’t already know, I’ve moved my posts about my weight loss over to Operation Fatty.  I’ve also started a couple of blogs, not launched yet but you can check them out and subscribe so you’ll be the first to know when it launches.  Best Bloggy Giveaways and Mom Blogging 101.  Both are still under construction and I wouldn’t normally start telling folks about them but I have no plans to make some grand announcement later….so you can subscribe now if you like. I have some awesome stuff to giveaway at BBG when it launches..wooohoo!

Are you going to Blogher?  Would you like to know more about working with brands without losing yourself? If so, vote for our panel!  Read more about the MB2.0 Hybrid Mommy over at Resourceful Mommy. She’s got all the goods:)

If you’re looking for an online organizer, a way to share moments with loved ones, or just want a simple way to remind yourself of appointments or what day it is, you need to check out Cozi.  I wrote about them in 2008 and still love them.  I love everything about them and my review of them 2yrs ago doesn’t even cover a 1/4 of what you can do with them.  The shopping lists are fantastic and my latest thing is the family journal. You can jot down daily things that you found interesting, funny, or even sad. It’s a great way to share certain things quickly or privately with those you want to see it. You can mine, The Falcon Bunch, and all of my latest shared moments. Some are just photos, a couple are stories. Either way, I hope they make you smile.

Have a great week, weekend, and February!

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    Hi Lori, I am a big fan of reading your blog here and the food blog, I don’t comment a lot though, mostly a lurker….I just wanted to say, I like your style and like that you are spending more time with family….So, don’t worry about losing fans, we will be here waiting for you when you get time to blog…

    And have a wonderful time at Disney, I live on the east coast of Fl, about 45 miles from Orlando….this is a great time of the year to be there….

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    Hope you are having fun at Disney. I read your last post and was worried you were quiting. I have enjoyed reading your blog for over a year now I found you from Walmart’s 11 moms. Then I started blogging this past Feb. I am just a very small fish in a big pond. I was really hoping I would start blogging and figure out how to make some money. No such luck really. I like most families really need the extra income. So I am hoping when you get your blogging 101 up and going I can figure some things out.
    .-= Denise@TogetherWeSave´s last blog ..Free Excedrin =-.