A Movie, Trivia, Some Giggles, and a Little Popcorn

I’ve been waiting anxiously for Secrets of the Mountain to finally air and I’m proud to say that it was a hit in our home!  And I’m not just saying that. You can see my original post about it and how I felt at the end of the video.

We started out with a Ziti recipe, some ice cream from Lovin’ Scoopful (which is actually for an ice cream party I’m hosting but thought tonight was such a great night to have it), and finished it off with popcorn.

We all sat in the living room to watch with popcorn in hand.  The boys NEVER moved for the entire showing and didn’t even text either! It was awesome.  The movie was really good.  It kept you on the edge of your seat, made you tear up for the girl because we’ve all had some kind of embarrassing high school moments, and it made you laugh.  It was educational with the history info and the characters were just easy to fall in love with.

We loved the trivia questions and I’m sad to report that my husband beat all of us and answered the most…even though I AM smarter than him. hehehe!  We were shocked at the sponge one…ew!  Here are a few if you missed them.

  • How many germs build up on a sponge in ONE DAY???  ONE BILLION!!  EW!
  • How many pounds of laundry does the average household wash during one week?  My husband said, “not many here” hahaha, so funny…not!  The answer, 50lbs!
  • What President was advised by an 11yr old girl to grow a beard? Abraham Lincoln

So much fun answering the questions. We all sat and thought about them and gave our answered….and went “BOOYAH” when we got it right and someone else was wrong.  That’s how we roll around here!

The other that we enjoyed were the little series commercials of the same family.  Of course, we especially loved the toilet paper one. Living with a lot of guys and having two boys who HAVE called from the bathroom needing toilet paper, we thought it was hilarious.  Literally all of us were laughing out loud on that one.

The only thing that I’d like to see different is changing up those little series commercials because even though they were different, they seemed the same since they started out the same with the parents bringing in the Walmart grocery bag…which of course was reusable..RIGHT-ON Walmart!  They did get a little carried away with the Great Value products at the beginning of the movie too but we told them that when we got to see it exclusively with the producer.  They said they’d work on that and I believe they will.

Overall, we loved it and ALL gave it thumbs up. I was so tickled to watch a move with my family where I didn’t have to worry about what commercial or not so clean scene was coming next.  Remember those Herbal Essence commercials with the moaning?? I HATED watching those with my boys in the room. I was always very uncomfortable with those.  I didn’t have to worry about anything like that during this family movie night.

Thanks Walmart and P&G for bringing Family Movie Night back! We look forward to the next one!

Did you watch it?

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    I watched Secrets Of The Mountain last night on your recommendation Lori. I loved it and can’t wait to watch it tonight with our grandchildren. We have an adventure story game we play where we make up a story that includes us, fictional characters, historic characters and even deceased relatives. (my 6 year old grandson’s idea)
    The story is never ending and everyone contributes. Our last installment (earlier this week) found us on our way to Ayres Rock in Australia looking for a white bat in a cave where we fell through the floor onto a water slide that spit us out onto a underground sandy beach. Watching Secrets Of The Mountain reminded me so much of our Adventure Story!
    I also am looking forward to making your Ziti recipe!
    .-= Simply Cathi´s last blog ..The Ultimate Blog Party – Giveaway =-.

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    I didn’t see it. Didn’t know about it. Still, I know what you mean about cringing every time a sexually themed commercial would come on. Maybe the kids don’t ALWAYS get it, but it’s still embarrassing even when it’s with my 20 year old daughter.
    .-= Leigh´s last blog ..Manic Monday =-.