A New Year, A New Me, A New Blog Makeover!

If you’re reading this through via email or RSS, click through and check out the new look!

I figured since I’m working so hard to get me in shape, that I should also get my blog in shape.  I’ve always loved my simple look but it’s 2011 and well, I thought it needed some sprucing up.  Dawn (@PainterMommy), from DPK Graphic Design came highly recommended and after seeing her makeover my ELM ‘grab’ button, I knew she’d do a great job.

I didn’t give her much to go on to be honest, only that I wanted to keep it personal and she ran with it.  She truly has the right stuff and is made for this business.  I was thrilled with her first draft.   She made category buttons for me and blog buttons as well, including the SUPER cool one in my sidebar that you can grab and put on your site. I LOVE how she did it. It’s probably the most creative blog button I’ve ever seen.

All my blogs will be getting touch-ups here and there.   I’ll be making them more user friendly so if you have suggestions for ANY of my blogs, feel free to give me a holler!

New things to mention:

  • Added a page for all my videos that I create.
  • Grab button in sidebar
  • Facebook “Like” widget in sidebar
  • Two sections above the recent posts, focusing on “Texas” and “Operation Fatty”.  I plan to focus on Texas (and local) things more.

I think getting a blog makeover is like rearranging your living room. It makes you feel good, gives it a new fresh look, and hopefully making parts of the blog more accessible.  I hope you enjoy the new look and if you’re looking for a great graphic designer, Dawn is a must.  Have a good’un!

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  1. 1

    Looks awesome — Dawn did a fabulous job!!! I’m so proud of you!

  2. 2

    Loretta says

    I love the photos you chose for in the header, your snapshots are always awesome. Love the little splashes of color up there too.

  3. 3

    Fabulous new look! I want to “touch” the textured background. :)

  4. 4

    Sheena says

    It looks fabulous. Some people can’t understand why I’m always switching up my blog. It’s just what you said, it’s like rearranging the furniture and redecorating, but it’s free (for me at least, lol)! I made over my blog to reflect the changes to come. Here’s to a year of fantastic fortune!

  5. 6

    geekbabe says

    Dawn did an awesome job, she did my site as well and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I really love your site’s new look! Your header pics are wonderful & I love the font colors!

  6. 7

    Melissa says

    You are rocking it as always! Love the new look!

  7. 8

    Sunnie says

    I like it! I like the leather and the pitcures, this looks good. Long Live Cowboys!

  8. 9
  9. 10

    Jennifer says

    I love the way all this looks together Lori, I am totally going to book her for my new venture! Thanks for recommending her :)

  10. 11

    it looks great. I really like the texture too.

  11. 12
  12. 13

    Great new look! The turquoise with brown and black is really striking, and I love the she kept the horseshoe.

  13. 14

    As always, gorgeous, girlypie.:) hope all is well, and we’ll catch up soon- xoxo, L

  14. 15

    Kelly says

    LOVE the new look!