A Real Family Movie Night, Finally

I recently had the opportunity to visit NYC and meet with a few fine folks behind the making of the new family movie, Secrets of the Mountain.  A good, wholesome, non-cheesy family movie. In fact, me and a few other Walmart Moms got to meet with the producer and watch with him before anyone else.  The movie was great!  It made me giggle, had me on the edge of my seat, touched my heart, and reminded me of moments with my own boys.  You know how some movies can be a little cheesy but this really wasn’t like that all.  I loved the characters and by the end of the movie, I was sad to see it over.  I was ready for part two!

An even cooler thing about the family movie night, is that you don’t have to worry whatsoever about the commercials because they are good clean commercials where you might even see a fun quiz to get your family thinking.  I think what P&G and Walmart did is brilliant.  Yes, you will see Walmart and P&G products in the movie, such as their clothing.  Almost every bit of clothing was from Walmart which was pretty cool because they looked fabulous!  Yes you’ll see some Great Value products at the beginning, which I love considering I use them every day in my own home.

See any familiar faces?

There is nothing worse than sitting in the living room watching a movie with your kids and then all of the sudden seeing a half naked person or bloodied up scene.  And then you have to worry about what commercial will be shown in between…I’ve seen a few that made me do a double take and left me feeling uncomfortable watching with my teenage sons.

I’m so happy to see family movie night coming back and in a wholesome clean way.  I think it’s so important for families to sit down together for supper and a movie.  Secrets of the Mountain airs on April 16th, on NBC.  The movie can be also be purchased at Walmart beginning on April 17th for a budget friendly $12 bucks!  LOVE that!

Oh, and if you get a chance, check out your Walmart Circular this Sunday ’cause me and some other Walmart Moms; Audrey, Renee, and Christine are in it! Yes, my photo is horrid. *sigh*

Anyways, I truly do love the movie, the whole family movie night and I look forward to watching this one with my family and future family movies.  Every family moment you can have is precious…….

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  1. says

    Thanks Lori for the review on this family movie. It looks exciting and I will have to have my little cowboy sit on the sofa putting away his Ipod and watch this wholesome show. Now to make sure we have butter Popcorn and Dr Pepper.
    .-= roger edison´s last blog ..PURE VERMONT MAPLE SYRUP =-.

  2. says

    I’ve been excited to see this movie since I saw the first commercial for it. There aren’t many family movies we can sit and watch with our grandkids anymore. This looks like it’s going to be exactly the kind of movie my 9-year old grandson and I like! (You’re right about the commercials also. My husband and I were so shocked with a Burger King ad where people were ripping their clothes off down to their underwear that we wrote BK and complained.)
    .-= Simply Cathi´s last blog ..The Ultimate Blog Party – Giveaway =-.

  3. says

    Lori, that’s the kind of movie I like! I definitely want to see it!! And I know what you mean about something that made you feel uncomfortable watching with your sons. That happened with us while watching Lost (our son’s favorite show), and I would tell him to cover his eyes. LOL We would talk about how it’s not necessary to put scenes like that in the show. Fans of the show enjoy the plot.
    .-= Charla´s last blog ..Home Owners Insurance =-.

  4. Lauralee Hensley says

    Hey, we had the Great Value Chili tonight with sandwiches.
    I’m waiting to watch this.
    Glad the commercials aren’t going to be those secretly sexual Quiznos commercials. Those commercials make me uncomfortable. Glad it is going to be family friendly sponsors airing
    the commercials, in a clean, wholesome way.

  5. says

    Lori! You’re famous! LOL I am actually really looking forward to seeing this, think it looks great. I’m giving away the DVD/CD over on my site, too. I can’t wait! YAY for movies!
    .-= Rhea´s last blog ..Party Party Party! =-.