A Side of Hashbrown Casserole with Fresh Chives

Sounds slightly fancy but it’s actually VERY easy to make and really not fancy at all….lol  Casseroles are making a comeback which is not a surprise with our current economic situation so when I can find a good casserole that is cost friendly and easy, I run with it full speed ahead.

This recipe calls for frozen diced hash browns in a bag but could easily be made with real potatoes.  Since the majority of my readers are working women who don’t have time to peel, dice and bake potatoes once they get off from work, I decided to share the frozen version with you to help speed things up a bit.


  • 1 32oz bag of frozen diced hash browns
  • 8 oz grated cheddar cheese
  • 1 cup chopped onion
  • 1 16oz container of sour cream
  • 1 can of cream of chicken or mushroom
  • 1 stick of butter melted
  • chopped chives


Make sure your chives are chopped and then mix ALL the ingredients in a big bowl.  Pour in a 9×13 pan and bake for 1 hour at 375′, uncovered.


TIP: If you don’t want to use grated cheddar cheese, then you could use a can of cheese soup which is actually better but I didn’t have any.

Great side dish for pork chops!

hashbrown casserole ingredients

Chopped Chives

Frozen Hash Browns

hashbrown casserole again

mixture of hashbrown casserole

Hashbrown Casserole

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  1. 1

    Smellyann says

    This looks yummy!

    Hey, you seem to share a lot of beef, and sometimes pork recipes. We don’t eat those. Is there a reason you don’t do more recipes with chicken and seafood? I’d love to see some ideas. Thanks!

  2. 2

    My Hubbby would love this. .. Fancy he does not go for… tasty and delish he loves!!!

  3. 3

    These are great – around here they top them with corn flake crumbs before baking (mix with some melted butter). Gives a nice crunchy top to the casserole.

  4. 4

    Shannon says

    We make this all the time. The only difference is I use tator tots and crush those up. Very yummy. I prefer it with the cream of chicken.

  5. 5

    Katie says

    Love this recipe, like Robyn I melt butter, crush a cup or so of corn flakes mix together, and sprinkle on top then bake! This is a recipe I have doubled and make at request for family gatherings.


  6. 6

    Katie says

    I did not add that the fresh chives is something I have not tried, and I will add to my shopping cart today when I shop.


  7. 7

    Yes, casseroles are making a comeback. I don’t know if they have ever left here in the south, but I certainly like reading about them. I have never made this hashbrown casserole but I plan on making it soon. The photos look delicious!

  8. 8

    jules p says

    This looks so yummy!
    I will have to try it. Thanks for showing all the ingredients. That helps a lot in making new recipes!

  9. 9

    kristin says

    Oh my gosh so easy to do and it looks great!