Giveaway Rules

I don’t like putting “giveaway” in the title of my posts so I recommend you always read through the whole post just in case. To be honest, it kinda hurts to get so many comments and such on giveaway posts and NOT on a regular post. So I fee like this. If you are taking the time to read my post, then you will have a better chance of reaping the rewards because any and all future giveaways will mostly be mentioned at the bottom of the post vs in the title. This is to show some love to my loyal readers. So if you don’t read, you won’t ever know what’s going on;)

Entering the giveaways.

Most of my giveaways require one entry that involves leaving a comment based on a question I ask.  I almost always offer additional entries to help give you more chances to win.  Each additional entry is always optional and EACH ONE MUST BE LEFT IN A SEPARATE comment to count.  That is very important.

Announcement of winners.

I don’t like to devote posts to winners nor do I like to mention it in my recipe posts. It has to do with keeping my blog clean and uncluttered.   SO, from now on, if you are a winner, I will email you-contact you via blog-and/or twitter to let you know that you have won a prize. You will be given 2 days to contact me to claim. If you do not contact me within those 2 days of the timestamp (of how I contact you), then you forfeit winnings and a new prize winner will be chosen. This is for 2 reasons. One—I can’t keep up with a million giveaways, winners, etc for weeks on end. Two—the prize sponsors don’t like waiting, flat and simple. So, add lori at thecowboyshack dot com to your address book because this is where the email will come from!

I reserve the right to change the rules to accommodate the sponsor.

Our giveaway sponsors are responsible for shipping and fulfillment of any winnings here at “A Cowboy’s Wife”. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of any prizes won!  You can find the winner’s page here