Almost 16 and Quite the Young Man

Tyler, my oldest, has sorta always felt like my brother in a way.  I mean, I did have him at 17 after all so we kinda grew up together in a sense I suppose.  He always gave me a hard time from the early newborn days until about 14.  I remember waking up at 2am trying to soothe him with no luck at all and my husband walking over, patting him on the back and him falling right to sleep.  He’s always been a daddy’s boy.  He was also the one carving on saddles, writing his name with a marker under out dinner table, acting up in class, and hiding all sorts of snacks in his room.  He’s now almost all grown up it seems.  He’ll be 16 in September and he’s a good young man.  He’s so very polite and respectful.  He has this unbelievable work ethic, something many teens lack these days.  He’s been breakin’ horses since he was 7 or so and he’s still doing it, only now he’s earning a man’s wages.

He’s just waiting for the day he can leave home to go daywork on other ranches.  I can’t imagine him leaving home though.  He’s just like me whether he wants to admit it or not.  He’s silly and is always cracking me up.  He’s my best friend now.  I know I still have a few years left with him but God how I’ll miss him when he’s gone to live out his cowboy days.

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    blueviolet says

    I’m glad you’re taking advantage of the time you have left with him at home. It passes so quickly. I am also very close to my son. He’s 18 but he will still come for a big long hug at bedtime. Man, I love that kid.

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    It’s kind of a double edged sword, huh? We want our boys to grow up to be good, strong men…but there is that part of us that wants to keep them by our sides forever.

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    Dorene says

    He is a great reflection of his mama and did great mom.

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    Charla says

    Our son is getting ready to go off to college, and boy will I miss him too! Seems like they grow up so fast.
    .-= Charla´s last blog ..Chilled Fresh Fruit Salad – Refreshing! =-.

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    Jendi says

    My 6 yo son dreams of being a cowboy. Unfortunately he’s only ever rode horses when they are being led around a ring. He would love to come tag along with your guys!
    .-= Jendi´s last blog ..Love’s Pursuit by Siri Mitchell =-.

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    Jenny says

    Love the horse!! My son wants to be a fireman when he grows up. I asked him if he wanted to be an architect and he said NO!! I wanna be a fireman!! they grow up so fast.
    .-= Jenny´s last blog ..Blogger Interviews =-.

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    Oh my word!!!! What a sweet post!!! He does look so very grown up. What a handsome young man!

    I didn’t know you had him so young – I hadn’t stopped to do the math. My kids are still so young – leaving home just feels so far away. Can’t believe he is already a working man!!!
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    One of my most favorite posts of yours EVER.
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    Very sweet post, Lori!! Your son is very impressive and therefore – so are the parenting efforts of his mom and dad! ;) My oldest son will be 16 in September, too. It’s so hard and wonderful to see them turn into handsome young men, isn’t it?
    .-= Lisa Marie Mary´s last blog ..Greenpeace Activists Hang Banner on Mt. Rushmore =-.