Announcement for My Wooden Spoon Readers

I started blogging at A Cowboy’s Wife in February 2007.  Six months later, I started My Wooden Spoon.  Having separate blogs was the thing to do back then, maybe it still is, but it’s been a stressful, time consuming task for me.  It takes a lot of work to maintain a food blog and I found that it started to consume me more than anything else I was doing.  I became, ummm, depressed for lack of a better word and ended up being very inconsistent with posting, etc.  After a year and a half, I decided to make a decision to merge this food blog into

I have a pretty large following here at My Wooden Spoon and I’m praying that you guys follow me over.  If you want to continue to follow the food type posts, then you don’t need to do anything.  Your blog subscription will be redirected when the merge happens.  While I completely understand if you only want to follow the food related posts, I do hope that you consider subscribing to all of A Cowboy’s Wife updates.   There will be a bit of everything; DIY, Crafts, Photography, Family, Techie, and more.  I’ll also have some great giveaways to celebrate the merge.


To receive ALL updates from A Cowboy’s Wife,  please subscribe via EMAIL OR RSS.  I encourage you to subscribe via email, as I will be holding special giveaways for email subscribers only.

One last note!!  If you’re following My Wooden Spoon on Facebook, you’ll need to ‘LIKE’ A Cowboy’s Wife instead if you want Facebook updates.

Thank you for supporting this blog and I hope you continue to support and follow me after the merge!!

Lori Falcon, aka, A Cowboy’s Wife

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