Apple iPod Touch Giveaway with $10 Gift Card for Valentine’s Day

OVER!Who wants to win an iPod Touch? Well if you do, I happen to have one to give way and it’s valued at over $200 bucks!

You do realize that you must have one of these right?  And just think what your sweetie would say if you won this for them!  You might even get a big ol’ smooch on the kisser for it!  To be honest, around here we don’t celebrate Valentine’s very often but I admit that I would love to be ipodtouchsurprised with something romantic, like my favorite love songs playing on my new iPod Touch…LOL.

Before I get to the giveaway, you MUST check out the cool stuff happening at Walmart for Valentine’s Day!  You can create a sweetheart list, send and eValentine, and even download a super fun iPhone app where you actually blow into the phone to send a kiss!  So much fun!!  I would love for someone, well my hubby of course, to blow me a kiss…SA-WEET!

Okay, so I know all you care about is the giveaway so without further ado……..


Apple iPod Touch 2nd Generation 8GB with a $10 Walmart Gift Card which will come in handy to download some cool new songs!

Key Features:

  • * New contoured design
  • * Revolutionary Multi-Touch touchscreen interface
  • * Brilliant 3.5″ widescreen display
  • * Ambient light sensor and accelerometer
  • * Built-in volume controls and speaker
  • * Built-in Wi-Fi and Nike + iPod support
  • * Buy music on the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store
  • * Rent movies from iTunes to watch on iPod touch
  • * Download games and applications from the App Store via Wi-Fi
  • * For Mac and Windows


In order to be entered for this giveaway, you’ll have to create a love poem! You can create one from the traditional Roses are Red classic or make up one. Leave your poem in the comments section.

Additional entries available by doing the following!  Leave each one you do in a separate comment please.

  • *Leave a comment with a love song. (can be done daily!!)
  • *Stumble this post.
  • *Blog it!
  • Visit Amy at Mom Advice and check out what she’s giving away. Come back and tell me!
  • *Visit Mixin’ it Up with My Wooden Spoon, listen to any of the shows I’ve done and come back here leaving a comment with the first sentence of the show you listened to!
  • *Twitter it using the #embrace hashtag and including me @ACowboysWife in your tweet. Or you can just copy and paste the paragraph if you’re lazy like me!

iPod Touch giveaway @ACowboysWife !  #Embrace the ones you love this Valentine’s Day! #11moms

  • *For  10 bonus entries, pick one of the songs from the little chocolates, create a video with you singing some or all of it and upload it.  Leave the url link here in the comments!!

Giveaway ends on Feb. 13th.  Winner will be announced on Feb. 14th!! Good luck! Thanks to Nestle, Mars–M&M, Russell Stover, and Walmart for this great giveaway!  Check out the other Eleven moms if you get the chance.



  1. Nadine L says

  2. Rita Jackson says

    I heard you sing ”Are you ready for some football Super bowl party” I added you to my favourites on Blog Talk Radio.

    Roses are Red, Violets are purple,
    sugar is sweet and so is maple surple.

    This Canadian likes your blog and show. I may spell colour and favourite differently! But syrup does not rhyme with purple so I changed it to surple.

  3. says

    Valentines Day is almost here
    It only comes around but once a year
    So show the one you love you care
    & not just with another red bear
    If you want to keep them around
    The perfect gift I have found…
    Win an I-Pod Touch today,
    and they will be sure to stay!
    wonderfullymade729 at gmail dot com

    Britt Farriss last blog post..Win an Amazing Goody Basket!!!

  4. amber says

    OMG I am so drooling over the iPod Touch. Thank you!! Ahem, here goes my poem:

    Like a sea, my love..
    For you, it’s waves and foam
    wash over me with a simple promise
    of yesterdays tide.
    Like a wave, my sweet..
    For you, it brings me closer in each sweeping gaze
    siphoning the elegance of your face,
    frosted in pale moonlight of tomorrow.
    Like the river, my dear..
    For you, it is never-ending
    washing rocks tumbling them smooth
    with patience and virtue.
    For you, my love…
    My love is like the ocean.

  5. Diane Baum says

    I dream about diamonds, rubies and pearls…
    It’s Valentines , once more-
    I fantasize about a lover on the Greek Isle feeding me grapes and champainge….
    Oh la la-this poem is really, really bad.
    Then my husband lying next to me- awakes and mumbles in a low, low tone… Happy Valentines Day-
    Now , if that is not true love, what is????

  6. Jennifer B. says

    You are my friend
    You are my love
    Your smile warms me
    From up above

    Yes, you’re tall
    but so am I
    Like two towering trees
    Together through life

  7. chrystal says

    My Valentine’s song with my honey is “Feel That Fire” by Dierks Bentley. Kinda an inside joke as to why but it’s his ringer for my cell!

  8. Karen says

    You were always there
    and then one day
    I looked up and you were more than there
    You were everywhere
    The years have passed like minutes
    and yet
    Every time I look up
    I see you for the first time again

    Happy Valentines Day my love!

  9. says

    Happily Ever After by Case (my wedding song!)

    Couldn’t we please be happily ever after
    We can be strong together for so long (our love goes strong so long)
    Couldn’t we please be happliy ever after (couldn’t we be, baby)
    Leaving you never stays forever strong

  10. Nick D says

    An Ipod alas, my wife has never had
    because of this, her heart has been sad
    if I were to be the appeciative winner
    she would get it at a fancy Valentine’s dinner.

  11. says

    ps- i don’t even want the touch for me. i want to give it to boyfriend. he needs it and deserves it. plus, he’d love it and i need to turn him on to all things apple greatness. :)

    love song- i’ll go on loving you by alan jackson (it was our wedding song)

    jennsters last blog post..let’s pretend you won the lottery

  12. Kimberly says

    All of my love poems I am creating are turning out horrible and depressing!!!

    Roses are red
    and violets are blue
    I did not know what I was asking
    when I asked for you

  13. Tiffany S. says

    I’ve never known a love so true,
    as the day that I found you.
    You make me so full of life,
    I’m so grateful to be your wife.
    I have always known you were the one,
    who would’ve thought we would have a son.

    **So corny, I know! lol Thanks for the giveaway!**

  14. Kimberly says

    Totally cute, you sang the “Are you ready for some football!” because you don’t have into music.
    I am listening right now and it’s making me hungry.

  15. Tiffany S. says

    Amy is giving away the same things you are, Ipod touch and the 10 dollar giftcard. Thank you for the giveaway!

  16. says

  17. says

    Here’s my poem. I wrote it on my husband’s birthday a couple of days ago. I thought it was clever, but I found a variation of it online today.

    I love you more today than the day before,
    And I’ll love you tomorrow even more.

    Alisha Stultss last blog post..Ticklefest!

  18. Courtenay says

  19. Courtenay says

  20. Geoff K says

    Roses are red,
    Orchids are fuschia,
    I love all moments with you,
    from milestone to minutiae :)

    (Thanks to Jon Stewart for the fuschia-minutae rhyme!)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Geoff K says

    Love song of the day: “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” by Roberta Flack (my personal favorite!)

  22. Geoff K says

    Amy has one giveaway for a Gerber diaper bag filled with a recipe tin and teddy bear, which ends on 2/3. She also has a similar giveaway to this one, with an iPod Touch and a $10 Walmart card as the prizes.

  23. Geoff K says

    Just listened to your Super Bowl show on “Mixin’ It Up” and wish I had done so before yesterday! At least I got some good ideas for next year’s bash – thanks much!

    The first line of the show was, “Are you ready for some football? Super Bowl Party!” — good intro music substitute :)

  24. says

    They say that love is romance and moonlight
    and yes I agree it is true
    but the kind of love that will last us forever
    is not like that love that is new.

    It’s those everyday moments that add up to romance
    those quiet sweet moments we steal.
    When we’re making dinner and you stop for a dance
    that’s when I know our love is for real.

    Sharlas last blog post..I need your guesses and $50 winner!

  25. Antonio says

    I never thought it possible to love at first sight.
    Since the minute I saw you my smile turned bright,
    and my heart started beating fast when you came in sight.
    I fell in love with your hair, dark like the night sky,
    and your eyes that light up the darkest night.
    I thought I had been dreamin until you approached me,
    and asked me what my name was.
    But even still i knew you and I werent meant to be.
    You have someone to love,someone who loves you back
    Now all I have is to hope that your love comes.
    And ill patiently wait till the day it does.

  26. Joanne Schultz says

    There was a young man from Kildaire,
    Who said he loved me, so there!
    He gave me some kisses,
    said he’d make me a Mrs.
    Life with him is beyond compare!

  27. says

    Listened to your radio talk

    Show The Gal Behind the Show

    Your show started off Like this “Hey, guys this Lori also known as The Cowboys Wife. This is my first show called Mix it up with my Wooden Spoon.

    I think it is sweet that you did it for your mom & I like the story about the fried potatoes. Good luck and I’ll look forward to hearing more.

  28. Marilouise says

    Kids can be funny, kids can be quick, they take all my money, when they get sick. But oh how I love my little daughter, for her I would live on bread and water.

  29. Becky Grayson says

    This will give you an idea of my age. Our song was “Could I have this dance” by Ann Murray. Still my favorite song ever though.

  30. Becky Grayson says

    Amy is giving away:

    Gerber Diaper Bag Backpack & More
    iPod Touch & a $10 iTunes Gift Card
    a total of $250 in Visa Gift Cards from the Mercedes challenge

  31. Penny Fiedler says

    I never doubted we would meet
    Someday, sometime or somewhere
    All I needed was patience
    All I needed was you.

  32. Crystal Brown says

    His skin is brown
    his hands are strong
    if we win this iPod Touch
    It’ll be our soundtrack ALL NIGHT LONG!

  33. Crystal Brown says

    Amy is giving away:

    Gerber Diaper Bag Backpack & More
    iPod Touch & a $10 iTunes Gift Card
    a total of $250 in Visa Gift Cards from the Mercedes challenge

  34. Katt says

    Even though you usually run late
    Even though your music I hate
    I’ll love you til the end of time
    I’m sorry this was a really lame rhyme!

  35. says

    You’ve got your ball
    you’ve got your chain
    tied to me tight tie me up again
    who’s got their claws
    in you my friend
    Into your heart I’ll beat again
    Sweet like candy to my soul
    Sweet you rock
    and sweet you roll
    Lost for you I’m so lost for you

    You come crash into me
    And I come into you
    I come into you
    In a boys dream
    In a boys dream

    Touch your lips just so I know
    In your eyes, love, it glows so
    I’m bare boned and crazy for you
    When you come crash
    into me, baby
    And I come into you
    In a boys dream
    In a boys dream

    If I’ve gone overboard
    Then I’m begging you
    to forgive me
    in my haste
    When I’m holding you so girl
    close to me

    Oh and you come crash
    into me, baby
    And I come into you
    Hike up your skirt a little more
    and show the world to me
    Hike up your skirt a little more
    and show your world to me
    In a boys dream.. In a boys dream

    Oh I watch you there
    through the window
    And I stare at you
    You wear nothing but you
    wear it so well
    tied up and twisted
    the way I’d like to be
    For you, for me, come crash
    into me

    Sonia Leis last blog post..nom nom nom

  36. Barbara Cafarelli says

    You left in the night for parts unknown
    when we will be together again is not yet known
    I wait for a call, an email a sign
    that you have not been left behind
    I hold my breath, I pray, I weep
    I pray you ‘re safe and still mine to keep
    I can’t wait for that far away day
    when you are home again to stay
    You’ll have done your duty and fought your fight
    your arms around me will hold me tight
    Two hearts together again beat as one
    Our love will flourish again under the sun.

  37. Barbara Cafarelli says

    All I have to do is Dream by the Everly Brothers is one of my all time favorite love songs

  38. Rachelle Reed says

    Wouldn’t our life be filled with ease,
    if you and I were like the breeze.
    I could float to you or you could fly to me.
    Until the winds of change sweep out again, and I’m forced to find my beginnings in the chaos of the end.
    Broken words in broken letters that I never got to send.

  39. Sierra says

    Its in your smile,
    that gentle smile
    that loving smile,
    your smile.

    Its in your touch,
    your unforgetable touch,
    your sensitive touch,
    your touch.

    Its in your words,
    your caring words,
    your perfect words,
    your words.

    im lost in your heart,
    your warm heart,
    your huge heart,
    your heart.

  40. Gretchen says

    I asked for a night
    You gave me forever

    I asked for your heart
    You gave me your life

    I asked for a star
    You gave me the universe

    I asked for a friend
    You gave me a family

    You asked for nothing
    I hope I gave you more

  41. wanda says

    Bee Gees – How Deep Is Your Love

    I know your eyes in the morning sun
    I feel you touch me in the pouring rain
    And the moment that you wonder far from me
    I want to feel you in my arms again
    And you come to me on a summer breeze
    Keep me warm in your love and
    then softly leave
    And it’s me you need to show

    How deep is your love………

  42. says

    i wrote this poem for my husband Michael on his birthday. if you look at the initials of every line, it spells his name so i gave it a title of – My heart spells love for you. it’s not the best poem ever, but i give myself an A for effort and he appreciated the poem.

    My life with you has been so wonderful!
    I thank the day I met you.
    Charmed by your smile and your tenderness
    How I’m always overwhelmed by your sweetness!
    All that I am, all that I have and
    Every beat of my heart spell
    Love only for you!
    – by Charlotte A.K.

    i hope to win this giveaway

  43. Caroline Morin says

    Roses are red, violets are blue…

    Not a day goes by that I’d not wish to spend with you.

  44. Lisagee123 says

    Amy at mom advice — I found this

    Giveaway: iPod Touch & a $10 iTunes Gift Card
    February 1, 2009

  45. Michelle says

    Amy is giving away $50 Visa Cards, one for each day of the Mercedes challenge posts she’s doing, for a total of $250 in Visa Cards.

    She’s also participating in the iPod Touch/$10 iTunes giveaway and has another giveaway for a Gerber Diaper Bag Backpack.

  46. Michelle says

    From your show “Super Bowl Party Ideas”:
    Are you ready for some football, are you ready for some Super Bowl parties?

  47. says

  48. Amanda Bowles says

    Wow Mom Advice is giving away a Bissell Versus Cordless Bare Floor Vacuum. I need one of those. I HATE Sweeping.

  49. susan Langton says

    Stolen kisses, purchased time;
    Subtle wings of soft sublime…
    Running rampant; headlong pride..
    Turmoil reaches deep inside…
    Tearful dances, heartfelt sin;
    Grief so sorely held within…….

  50. Sandy Brown says

    I have never known,
    Some one so true.
    I have never loved,
    As I love you.

    It seems like yesterday,
    Our life together had just begun.
    But it’s been 32 years now,
    And I feel as if we are truly one.

    Not a moment goes by,
    Without you being on my mind.
    Thoughts of your passion, kindness, & love,
    Keeps me satisfied all the time.
    I love you,
    Man of Mine.

  51. says

    Oh now would be a good time to be poetic…

    Daffodils are golden,
    Orchids are purple.
    Lucky for me,
    You’re sweet like maple syruple.

    I don’t know how to do the embrace thing.

    Julies last blog post..Oh The Failure

  52. MJ in GA says

    A Cord of Three Strands is Not Easily Broken

    Flowers are fleeting but leave my heart beating in ways I cannot understand. Love everlasting is ours never passing for that I give you my hand. Married forever to build life together to you I will always be true. Our love is a treasure filled with true pleasure just between me and you. Two life cords entwined around one cord divine to give our one life true meaning. Through Christ we will live and learn how to give true love on Him we are leaning.

    From my husband… gotta love him!

  53. geekbearinggifts says

    Honey, I love you,
    Believe me, I do,
    I’ll share all my chocolate,
    (We’ll need more for two.)
    No one else knows,
    And no one can tell,
    The sweetness I’ve found,
    ‘Cause you love me so well.

    Thanks for the awesome offer, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  54. Tracy says

    Entry 1 – Love Poem:

    These I have loved:

    The sun that shines at my back
    The laughter of a baby
    a puppy’s furry belly
    water when my body is thirsty
    God’s love when my soul is thirsty

  55. Cathie says

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    It doesn’t seem possible
    But I love you more each day, I do

    (to my husband of 30 yrs……hey at least it rhymes..sort of)

  56. Cathie says

    One of the things Amy is giving away is a Gerber diaper bag filled with a recipe tin and a Gerber Teddy Bear.

  57. Cary Dennis says

    In the Park, where I did dwell,
    I met a boy I loved so well.
    He came and took my heart away,
    I loved him more each passing day.
    Then one day, upon his knee…
    sat a girl so strange to me.
    I felt so bad, I wanted to die,
    I ran straight home and on my bed did cry.
    Not a word to my mother did I say,
    about the boy who had fooled me this way.
    My father came home late that night,
    to search the house from left to right.
    Up the stairs, the locked door he broke,
    to find me hanging by a rope, on the dresser he found this note….

    Dig my grave, and dig it deep
    lay me down at least six feet.
    On my tombstone, please place above,
    so the world will know, “I died for love”.

  58. Lmay says


    Cupped together
    We think nothing of the fork in our relationship
    And the choices we have ahead,
    Instead just enjoying the moment
    Of two entwined as one.

  59. dawn0124 says

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The squirrels came to get me
    because I’m nuts about you.


  60. Dana Durec says

    LOVE is strong
    don’t get me wrong
    now is the time
    To drop a dime
    and tell that special friend
    how you’ll always be there
    until the end

  61. Nadine L says

  62. Geoff K says

    Love song of the day: “Quando, Quando, Quando” — in particular, the remake by Michael Buble and Nelly Furtado, which slows the tempo down and adds some Latin flair to turn up the heat. Great tune!

  63. Trista says

    Some Roses Are Black, Some Are Blue, The most perfect one of all, is you!!! :D

    lol I made that up as I went along, and it sounds great hehe

  64. Angela Bailey says

    I cross my heart and hope to die
    That I will never make you cry.
    And if perhaps by chance I do
    I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you.

  65. says

    Roses are red, violets are blue,
    I can’t wait to snuggle up to you!
    Okay, that was bad, but not too bad for off the top of my head!
    hematopoiesis at hotmail dot com

  66. Angela Bailey says

    Amy is giving away a Gerber Diaper Bag Backpack & More, and
    iPod Touch & a $10 iTunes Gift Card, and a total of $250 in Visa Gift Cards from the Mercedes challenge.

  67. Penny Fiedler says

    My soul reaches to your soul
    My heart aches for your heart
    Soul to soul
    We are complete

  68. Laura G says

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I loved you then
    And I still do

    ok, it’s weak, but the best I could do today…

  69. Kimberly says

    Let’s see, for today’s love song I am choosing Kelly Clarkson’s “Never Again” – I am thinking it is my love song to myself

  70. says

    Today’s Love Song is “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Callaite… I heard it this morning while I was getting ready and it’s my new favorite song :)

  71. Caroline Morin says

    Some say love is an emotion
    Others say love is a notion
    I say love is a friend
    That comes knocking before a cold night’s end

  72. Larry W says

    How long has it been now, just three years,
    I miss you terrible,everyday brings tears.

    Forty-three years, that wasn’t long,
    The good lord took you just before dawn.

    In all that time my love never went away,
    It is as strong now as it was that first day.

  73. says

    Love Song The Cure
    Whenever I’m alone with you
    You make me feel like I am home again
    Whenever I’m alone with you
    You make me feel like I am whole again
    Whenever I’m alone with you
    You make me feel like I am young again
    Whenever I’m alone with you
    You make me feel like I am fun again

    However far away I will always love you
    However long I stay I will always love you
    Whatever words I say I will always love you
    I will always love you

    Whenever I’m alone with you
    You make me feel like I am free again
    Whenever I’m alone with you
    You make me feel like I am clean again

    However far away I will always love you
    However long I stay I will always love you
    Whatever words I say I will always love you
    I will always love you

    Melanie Bs last blog post..500 to Pearl Girl Tags Giveaway

  74. Drew V says

    Facing you; my eyes began gazing,
    Into the green of yours: a hint of orange blazing.
    A hypnotic trance; your eyes put me under.
    You constantly keep me in a state of wonder.
    A girl with strong reserve and class;
    A stunning body that none surpass.
    The floral scent of your body pervading the air;
    The way the sun shines off your dark silky hair.
    A laugh so pleasant, a voice so sweet and sultry to hear;
    Replaying in my head; music to the ear.
    A smile so perfect it outshines the sun.
    Could you be? Could you be the one?
    With a personality so genuine, a soul which seems so pure:
    For the hole that ails my heart; I am certain you hold the cure.
    I felt a feeling of completion, no false alarms.
    The day that I first held you in my arms;
    The first kiss; my heart raced like blades in a blender.
    Your lips, so soft and so tender;
    When you kissed back, it was a pleasant surprise.
    A new hope, a new look, a new love in your eyes.

    Anyhow, one that’s one that I wrote.
    -Drew V.

  75. Drew V says

    Amy at Mom Advice is giving away a Kimberly Clark Prize Pack.
    It includes:

    * Prizing: Ecofriendly reusable tote bag filled with Kimberly Clark products and Thom Felicia’s new book Thom Filicia Style: Inspired Ideas for Creating Rooms You’ll Love!

  76. Drew V says

    “Are you ready for some football! Some Super Bowl parties.”

    From the mixin it up, Super Bowl Party Ideas broadcast.

  77. Lori Z. says

    Hubby’s the best at rhyme. He writes the most amazing love poems, but here’s a haiku for him. Thanks!

    Zeek,you came to me
    like someone out of a dream
    only you’re better.

  78. Lori Z. says

    My favorite love song (and the song we danced to at our wedding) has to be “Beautiful” by Thirst. A band that was formed and broke up for a short time in our college town while we were there. Here’s some of the lyrics:

    Every time I look at you, something comes over me
    And I’d love to be the one, to make you laugh to make you sing
    To hold you in these arms right next to me
    And though I don’t believe in love at first sight
    But you are by far, the most beautiful tonight

  79. Bradley C. says

    “Her Beauty”

    My eyes barely take in her radiant beauty
    the love of my life to whom I would give all
    Like a dream she stands before me
    an angel surrounded by light
    Her auburn hair flowing, and her green irish eyes glistening-
    like an emerald stone
    her lips a perfect pink, and her smile which eases my troubles
    If I could, but utter the words that would be worthy
    to let her know how much I love her,
    that I could never live without her …
    but my words are not worthy to speak in front of such an angel
    Even so I love her with all of my heart, she is my angel,-
    my soulmate.

    -Bradley C.-

  80. says

    Amy is giving away an Ecofriendly reusable tote bag filled with Kimberly Clark products and Thom Felicia’s new book Thom Filicia Style: Inspired Ideas for Creating Rooms You’ll Love!

    bookloggeds last blog post..Menu Plan Monday

  81. says

    I listened to the show that starts out: Hey guys, this is Lori also known as the Cowboy’s Wife. I was fun to hear why you started your food blog Mixin It Up with My Wooden Spoon. I’ve added you to my feed reader so I can get some new recipes that are ‘real’. Thanks for hosting this fab giveaway.

    bookloggeds last blog post..Menu Plan Monday

  82. John McLeod says

    The taste of your lips and the smell of your hair,
    without you here, I’d be I no not where.
    Our paths have crossed and our lives have united,
    Our future is good, now that love’s been requieted.

  83. Soha Molina says

  84. says

    My love is like me
    And we seldom disagree
    A bright light in my life
    Before a shadow, alone and sullen
    Now my eyes and heart is open
    The joy of life is what I feel
    Now and forever…such a great notion

  85. Brent Dotson says

    A woman both beautiful and smart
    She became the most wonderful wife
    who owns and holds all of my heart
    She is my love, my universe, my life.

  86. Milcah says

    After the are you ready for some football intro song the actual first sentence is Alright I don’t have any cool intro music so I thought I would give you all the pleasure of my wonderful voice.

  87. Kaitlin says

    Amy is giving away a Kimberly Clark Prize Pack (Ecofriendly reusable tote bag filled with Kimberly Clark products and Thom Felicia’s new book Thom Filicia Style: Inspired Ideas for Creating Rooms You’ll Love!)

  88. shawn says

  89. shawn says

  90. Samantha Miller says

    I’m still in love with you
    After all we’ve been through
    The good times fill my mind
    They bring tears to my eyes
    But still,
    I’m all right.

  91. says

    If I had an iPod Touch
    I’d tell you what I’d do,
    I’d take that iPod Touch
    and play poetry for you.

    If I had an iPod Touch
    I’d tell you what games I’d buy,
    I’d get that Tap-Tap Game
    so we could “two-player” just you and I.

    If I had an iPod Touch
    I’d tell you what it’d mean,
    That we’re about the luckiest two
    that ever could have been.

  92. Leah says

    flower my listenings
    violin wings
    bumble bee fairies
    sweet be thy stings

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


  93. Leah says

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    A Kimberly Clark Prize Pack

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    Ans, a Gerber Diaper Bag Backpack & More


  94. tiff says

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I love chocolate,
    and I love you too!

    haha. ok, lame attempt…*blush*

  95. tiff says

    Amy at Mom Advice is giving away a Kimberly Clark Prize Pack, an iPod with iTunes gc, Gerber Diaper Bag Backpack & More, and a $50 Visa Gift Card!

  96. Dung says

    one thing for sure is that Amy also is giving away an Ipod Touch and the $10iTunes gift card like you :)

  97. says

    A Poem by M. Waters
    Roses are red, and so are the embers of my heart for you.
    Ten years may seem like a decade to some, but to me it is just a beginning.

  98. Geoff K says

    Love song of the day: “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole, which was the last dance at my prom (and the theme of the night – “An Unforgettable Evening,” which might rank as one of the least original themes for a prom in history!) :)

  99. says

    I am trying hard..
    to earn some money
    since I stay at home
    and watch our baby
    sometimes you pay attention
    other times you don’t
    but I love you always
    and never will I part!
    by : me

  100. Soha Molina says

  101. Andi says

    Roses are Red
    Violets are blue
    I have the best husband
    It is so true!

    (I’m a horrible poem writer…lol!)

  102. Nadine L says

  103. sal williams says

    I think this is a fascinating Valentine’s giveaway!Here is my contribution.

    In that fleeting moment between wake and sleep,
    I pull you into my heart and all my dreams come true.
    In that momentary bliss between half asleep and wide awake
    I count my blessings and all of them are you, you, you.

  104. says

    AUGH! A love poem?!?!? You really are a glutton for punishment, aren’t you. :D
    Let’s see.
    God took us two, and made us one;
    A cord of three, joined with the Son.
    Blessed beyond measure to have you to love,
    We’ll continue to grow with grace from Above!
    Yeah, not award-winning. But it’s my entry, and I’m stickin’ to it! :D

    Lori S.s last blog post..Giveaway to share!

  105. Holly says

    You’re the love of my life, you make me smile, you’re a great dad, for you I’d go an extra mile. The warmth of your face so tender and caring, I’ll always treasure what we are sharing.

  106. Annie M from WI says

    Love song: I Cross My Heart by George Strait. Hands-down best love song of all time!!

  107. Caroline Morin says

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I’m not meant to be a poet
    But I’m trying and you know it!

  108. Lisa Pembleton says

    Rose are red, violets are blue
    My heart first discovered love the day that I met you.

  109. Jen S. says

    one and one is two
    two and two is four
    when it’s just me and you
    I couldn’t ask for more

  110. Gavin says

    True love waiting
    Because we are so young
    There can be no dating
    Until we’re on our own

    I’d love to give you kisses
    Your smile is so divine
    Someday you’ll be my misses
    Yes that means YOUR MINE :)

  111. Lori Z. says

    Today’s song? “In My Life” by the Beatles “but of all these friends and lovers, there is no one, compares with you…” so sweet.

  112. says

    My Love Poem:
    The sun and the moon
    the leaves and the trees
    can’t begin to compare to you
    making me weak in the knees.

    How’s that for corny? ;)

    Shellys last blog post..Picasa 3

  113. says

    Amy is test driving a sweet ride for 5 days and for each day she test drives it she’s giving away a $50 VISA card…and you can enter to win one every day!

    Shellys last blog post..Picasa 3

  114. Marilyn T says

    Ever so tender
    Your heart in mine

    Ever so Wonderous
    A love I should fine

    Always be with me
    My ship in Life’s storm

    Love’s ties that bind us
    Will never be shorn

  115. Nadine L says

  116. Soha Molina says

  117. says

    The light from the candle shows me the way
    The way to your heart, the way to your love
    Follow the candle
    I’m sure you will find
    the way to my heart, the way to my love
    One day we’ll find our true love so dear
    Just be sure to keep your candle aflame.

    I know its awful. I haven’t done poetry in over a decade!

    Sarah Berrys last blog post..Join the pound for pound challenge with me!

  118. Kim Deal says

    L is for the way you listen to me complain about the behavior of
    the kids today.
    O is for the way you offer to let me take a long, hot bath.
    V is for you vital part in our family,
    E is because you are my everything!

    Love you honey!

  119. karencooks says

    OHHH…I wish I was a Wooden Spoonie Give-a-way
    That is what I truly want to be
    “cuz if I am THIS Wooden Spoonie give-a-way
    I’d be an I-pod in your lap this Valentine’s Day!!!


  120. karencooks says

    “I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow” by the Spinners, circa late ’70’s, early ’80’s.

  121. says

    I love you, you love me. We’re a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you… Won’t you say you love me too!

    This love song is a hit at our house : )

    Brandy Hansens last blog post..Hootie Hiders

  122. PATTI M says

    You tell me you love me day after day,
    but will you still utter these words when I’m old and gray?

  123. sherry foster says

    God knew I needed someone to rescue me. He opened my heart and gave you the key. On wings of love you showed me you care. You are in my heart and I know God put you there.

  124. Abby says

    Oh. Gifts. I’ve learned that nothing lasts but time.
    No ribbons, wrappings, boxes–as you live
    Have nothing in your arms but me and give
    Me hours no one takes–not in the crime
    Of leaving or the theft of life. Come bare
    And willing to be here. Then will I save
    Our minutes against age and light my grave
    With glowing bones so glad they torch the air.

    There’s no mistake in this. Who stole a kiss
    The first time felt an immortality
    And passed it to his children down to me.
    What you make take, you give–if you give this.
    I’ll risk desire packaged in your skin:
    The cosmic fire present and you in.

  125. Nicholas English says

    Everyday, I sit and wonder
    If it were meant to be
    Only for us to be together
    For you to just love me

    I may not be the perfect guy
    But we all have our flaws
    It’s just that when I look at you
    It puts my heart in awe

    You are the one I want to see
    When I wake up everyday
    To touch you on your luscious lips
    To hold you if I may

    And in the end, with all my heart
    I hope we can become
    The thing I’ve wanted all my life
    Where you and I are one

  126. Nadine L says

  127. Soha Molina says

  128. says

    A love poem… ah, just wrote one for my Sweetheart, and I guess it won’t hurt to type it here, either…. Not excellent poetry, but here we go. :)

    Every day I think of you
    And it fills my heart with music.
    Every day I think of you,
    And I know that love is true.

    And every time I think of you,
    A sunset paints the western sky.
    And I remember when I think of you,
    The beauty of Love anew.

    Every day I think of you and my heart
    sings songs it never sang before
    Every day I think of you,
    And I know that love is true.


    Chantels last blog post..Six Things

  129. says

    This is one of my most beloved Love Songs. Andrea Bocelli sang it while a Canadian Skater (Kurt Browning, I think?) skated to it, and it is absolutely beautiful.

    Wise men said, “Only fools rush in”
    But I can’t help falling in love with you

    Shall I stay?
    Would it be a sin
    If I can’t help falling in love with you

    Like a river flows
    to the sea
    so it goes
    Some things are meant to be

    Take my hand
    Take my whole life, too
    For I can’t help falling in love with you

    Like a river flows
    Surely to the sea
    Darling, so it goes
    Some things are meant to be

    Take my hand
    Take my whole life, too
    For I can’t help falling in love with you

    For I can’t help falling in love with you

    Chantels last blog post..Six Things

  130. MARILOUISE says

    How I lived through that day
    thay day you decided to walk away
    I do not know nor do I care
    I only feel it isnt’ fair.
    Should you decide to return
    for this I pray, I beg, I yearn
    I’ll welcome you with open arms
    I’ll savour all your charms.

  131. Lori Z. says

    Jason Mraz’s “Lucky”–it’s actually my brother and his girlfriend’s song but it is really sweet since they live six hours apart and have been making it work for a year now.

    “I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend./ Lucky to have been where I have been./ Lucky I’m coming home again.”

  132. Wendy Huelsman says

    When days are rough
    and life feels wrong
    You make me smile
    with a simple song.

    That’s my entry!

  133. Kimberly says

    What would you think if I said unto you,
    that my sky is gray, rolling tides of blue?
    From which my heart doth refrain from huge droplets of unkindness and teardrops posing as rain.
    But Oh! Don’t have shame or pity for me, for off I will go yonder to thee to bask in the centuries of warmth and the same, my heart beats with yours and there is no more disdain.

  134. Jennifer S says

    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    If I win an IPOD Touch
    I will always love you!

    Thank you, Thank you very much. :)

  135. Roxann says

    Time passes slowly when we’re apart
    I love you so much with all of my heart.

    Time passes quickly when we’re together
    I love you forever and ever.

  136. says


    Love Song:
    Everlasting Love

    Kimberly Clark Prize Pack

  137. says

    I don’t write poetry, but here is my piece!
    “You are the better part of me,
    You are my destiny,
    Without you I don’t want to be.
    Come away with me.”

    Yeah I told you… I don’t write poetry, but I SOO want to win the iTouch! :P
    Miss Amanda

    Miss Amandas last blog post..VOTM Pray Day Friday

  138. says

    There is a buzz;
    A vibration–
    When the air becomes electric.
    Breath becomes lava
    And life.
    This fever
    Is cosmic and intentional.
    Gravity thrills;
    Emotions ignite
    And bloom.
    Underneath what once was hidden
    Peeling away–
    The temperature climbs.
    Tremors and trepidation
    Ease into the unfurling of
    Brand new sensation.
    Revealing a seedling,
    From the ash.
    A complex growth–
    A legendary rhythm.
    Water and tend,
    It needs the heat.
    This is the destination.
    This is love.

    Mike Fishers last blog post..Nice Day Today…

  139. KL says

    If what is the question
    and love is the answer
    then who is my beloved
    the fireman, the artist or the dancer
    If time heals all
    then what time can I expect
    a flower, a smile or even a peck
    I may not know you yet
    but in truth i’ve known you all along
    for i see you in my dreams as i sleep
    and hear you singing to me the chorus of every love song
    i wish for you upon every falling star
    that our lives will soon intertwine
    then the wait for each other will not have been in vein
    for i will be yours and you will me mine.

  140. Geoff K says

    Love song of the day: “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat — such a simple, sweet song by two great up-and-coming talents!

  141. Lori Z. says

    Is it horrible that this morning all I can think of is “Super Freak”? Ok, I’m cheating, and looking at our iTunes music, “I love you more today than yesterday” by Spiral Staircase is my entry for today!

  142. Nadine L says

  143. Soha Molina says

  144. Arlene says

    The longest day is in June, they say,
    The shortest in December;
    They did not come for me that way,
    The shortest I remember,
    You came to stay with me a day,
    You filled my heart with laughter,
    The longest day, you were away –
    It was the next day after.

  145. Marianna B. says

    Here’s my poem:
    Love is
    that smile
    on your face
    your mouth opening
    ever so slightly
    when I tell you
    in explicit detail
    what I’d like to do
    to you this evening


  146. Carrie Allen says

    The love song I like the most is an old one. Brian Mcknight start back at 1
    1 your like a dream come true
    2 just wanna be with you
    3 its plain to see that your the only one for me
    And so on.
    AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH I can still remember an old ex singing me this song.

  147. mitchell says

    roses come in many colors
    violets not so many
    out of the few i once called lovers
    you, im glad i married

    ([email protected])

  148. Sharon Gusky says

    A Love poem for Bill

    My Dearest Bill
    It’s been twenty five years and I love you still
    You are the love of my life
    I’m so glad you made me your wife
    Life with you is always a thrill
    We’ll be together forever, oh yes we will

  149. Roxann says

    We’ll be together for all eternity
    Sailing along on a bright blue sea
    If we encounter stormy weather
    We’ll get through it together!

  150. Brooke says

    Roses are red violets are blue… I knew it was love that’s why I married you… Ok honestly I know that bites but lack of sleep doesn’t not make for a good poem…

  151. KL says

    (I found an error in spelling on the last line…so I had to fix it.)

    If what is the question
    and love is the answer
    then who is my beloved
    the fireman, the artist or the dancer
    If time heals all
    then what time can I expect
    a flower, a smile or even a peck
    I may not know you yet
    but in truth i’ve known you all along
    for i see you in my dreams as i sleep
    and hear you singing to me the chorus of every love song
    i wish for you upon every falling star
    that our lives will soon intertwine
    then the wait for each other will not have been in vein
    for i will be yours and you will be mine.

  152. Lauren says

    I listened to your show on thewoodenspoon Super Bowl and Party ideas “Are you ready for some football, some superbowl parties?!”

  153. KL says

    If what is the question
    and love is the answer
    then who is my beloved
    the fireman, the artist or the dancer
    If time heals all
    then what time can I expect
    a flower, a smile or even a peck
    I may not know you yet
    but in truth i’ve known you all along
    for i see you in my dreams as i sleep
    and hear you singing to me the chorus of every love song
    i wish for you upon every falling star
    that our lives will soon intertwine
    then the wait for each other will not have been in vein
    for i will be yours and you will be mine.

  154. Leah says

    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    I love you, Budie!
    The very thought of you,
    Makes me want to shake my cute bootie!


  155. Laura Pruett says

    A New Perspective

    How many miles away, my love?
    How many miles to you?
    And will you still be there, my love,
    When I come to you?

    And do you really care, my love,
    That I would die for you?
    And is it really fair, my love,
    To tease me like you do?

    Will you treat me well, my love,
    Not break my heart in two?
    And when you say “forever,” love,
    What does that mean to you?

    I’ll live my life for you, my love
    Forsaking all the rest
    And when my life is through, my love,
    I’ll have given you my best

    [email protected]

  156. reggie english says


  157. says

    My love is like me
    We seldom disagree
    A bright light in my life
    Before a shadow, alone & sullen
    Now my eyes and heart are open
    The joy of life is what I feel
    Now and forever, such an appeal

  158. Kathy says

    Here is the line from your Super Bowl Party Ideas Podcast. I guess this works even though it was actually sung instead of said. “Are you ready for some football? Some Super Bowl Parties!”

  159. Nadine L says

  160. MARILOUISE says

    Roses are red
    violets are blue
    I love my computer
    I wish you did too
    I come to try and play
    for your great giveaway
    and a warning for unwanted program
    comes up to display.

  161. Soha Molina says

  162. Hannah says

    Roses are red
    I hope this next part comes true:
    “Happy Valentine’s Day,
    Here’s an iPod for you!”

  163. Geoff K says

    Love song of the day: Probably one no one’s heard of, but it’s a beautiful new song all about the experience of being in love called “One Day Like This” by the band Elbow.

  164. Lori Z. says

    My song for today is my parents’ song to each other: Bread “If”–
    “If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can’t I paint you?” is a line both of my parents can sing so well!

  165. Kayla Pease says

    I dedicate this to my boyfriend Ed.
    Times get tough and we shed tears,
    But we’ve been together for 3 whole years,
    When ever I think what we’ve been through,
    I think of how our love is true,
    You are there for me and I’m here for you,
    Together baby there aint nothing we can’t do,
    Thanks for being you,
    That’s why i love you.

  166. says

    I love you, you love me too;
    our love through the years have proven true.
    We’ve shared good times along with bad;
    sometimes we were happy, sometimes sad.
    When I became sick, the worst we had to weather;
    you promised we would do it together.
    You are my rock when I need you to be there;
    I’m a lucky girl, you’re the best I swear.

  167. Kayce C says

    His name is Nate, and it’s a debate
    We want to get married, but it may be too late.
    Whatever happens is up to fate.

  168. Marilyn says

    Lonely again this Valentine’s Day
    Hidden mystery who and where you are
    Never a bouquet on this precious day
    Love is near, and yet so far.

  169. mary says

    love is in the air at the airport, and I’ve been in love for years as the planes fly by, by my way side, love is in the air by the airport~ and life goes on for ever, till death do us part!

  170. Erika says

    This is a love song, not in the traditional sense, but written from the point of view of God to us, “More” by Matthew West. Love that song!

  171. Alecia Gibson says

    When I feel bad, you make me glad.
    Nothing you do can make me sad.

    My only wish is that you kiss
    with all the passion of a fish.

    And when you leave, I will see
    how much you really mean me.

  172. Erika says

    Love is not a color
    Love is not a word
    Love is not a feeling
    Nor something that is earned.

    Love is a decision
    Made each and every day
    Love is what I choose for you
    For Love is the most excellent way.

  173. Rosanne says

    There once was a man named Pat
    who thought that I was a little too fat
    I gave him a kick
    he stumbled quite sick
    now were married,& that that

  174. Lauren says

    From your internet radio show – Hey guys this is Lori also known as the cowboys wife and this is my 1st show called mixing it up with my wooden spoon.

  175. says

    This poem is by my daughter who is 11 years old.


    Will I ever find love?
    Is it looking for me?
    What is love?
    Is it the connection between to people or is it more?
    More than anything.
    Love is complex.
    Is love knowing you can stare someone in the eyes and knowing there the
    Knowing that there going to be there for you,to hold you,to protect you?
    How does one know that there love loves them?
    Do they tell you under the stars or do they simply just dont tell you at
    How does one love one that does not feel the same?
    Is it really love?
    is there someone out there looking for me?
    Is someone wanting to love me?Wanting to hold me,to be there for me,to
    protect me?
    Will i find love?
    Will it find me?
    Will we find each other?

    Michelles last blog post..ROSES A Poem by Kylie

  176. reggie english says

    To define our love is simple.
    its real and always true.
    you say that love is me.
    then also love is you!


  177. reggie english says

    I cant give you the world.
    or even some of it.
    I cant give you wealth
    not even half of it.
    I cant fly across the world
    1st. class paid all expence.
    and I cant sail across the seas.
    cuz I dont have a ship. lol :)
    No i have none of these things.
    I’d love to give to you.
    but the thing you want the most.
    is for me to say


  178. reggie english says

    Its the times when we fight.
    i like more then a kiss
    its the times we disagree
    i like to reminisce
    its the times that i forget
    to lift the toilet seat.
    that always make me smile inside
    but makes you wanna scream

    it might sound funny
    yes it do
    b/c i rather keep
    the times that makes us wanna part.
    or never wanna speak.
    but its those times i like the most
    because their true and real
    and when were done disputing
    it ends with…


  179. reggie english says

    i hate the smell of roses
    i hate violets too!
    but always know that in my heart
    its saying i LOVE YOU!


  180. Melissa Accurso says

    The most romantic love song is…
    Everything I Do by Bryan Adams!!
    cmaccurso at yahoo dot com

  181. Shelley C says

    Well, here’s a drop in the bucket so to speak:

    No answers for tomorrow
    Silent desire forming hopes
    concealing fear
    The future calling
    fate unknown

  182. says

    What is this thing
    that men call Love?
    I’ve never had the chance
    to experience this “Love”
    to sample of romance.

    They say it’s sweet
    the taste of love
    to feel it in your heart
    They say it’s hell.
    Could this be “Love”
    that tears a soul apart?

    What is this thing
    that men call love
    to care for someone so?
    What is this thing
    that men call love?
    Does anybody know?

  183. Nadine L says

  184. Soha Molina says

  185. MARILOUISE says

    I return again yet today
    Hoping to win some tunes to play
    Once again a warning does display
    For the adware coupon program
    your site tries to put on my
    computer to stay
    I would love for you to take off
    this horrid file without further delay.

  186. says

    This is a poem I wrote when I was 13:
    Friends forever
    That’s what we are
    Even when we’re apart
    We can’t be far
    Cuz we’ve grown so close
    In so little time
    If you were my only friend
    I know I’d be fine


    Lollis last blog post..Monday Menu Planning

  187. Katie says

    From a Secret Admirer
    (After Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”)

    Whose gift this is you cannot know.
    My heart is in your keeping though.
    You will not mind my writing here
    To tell you that I love you so.

    I know that you must think it queer
    For me to love and not come near
    But linger by some frozen lake
    This most romantic time of year.

    I sometimes give my head a shake
    And ask if there is some mistake.
    It’s lonely out here ‘mid the sweep
    Of bitter wind and icy flake.

    My love for you is dark and deep,
    But it’s a promise I will keep
    As from afar I watch and weep,
    As from afar I watch and weep.

  188. Melissa says

    Here’s a little diddy
    That I made up today
    It’s a poem about winning
    and luck, which came my way.

    Wouldn’t it be a pity
    if all there was to say
    that someone else got the booty
    and I was turned away.

    It maybe itty bitty
    but an iPod is fun to play
    If my luck doesn’t turn sour
    I’ll be yelling “Hooray!”

  189. sal williams says

    Darling I beseech thee
    let thine lips caress me
    Let thine eyes adore me
    Darling I desire only you
    Let us hasten now to say “I do”
    And I pledge I will be untrue
    Darling this I pledge to thee
    I will cleave only unto thee
    For so long as the world shall be

  190. Geoff K says

    Love song of the day: “Come What May” from the movie “Moulin Rouge” is definitely one of my favorites!

  191. Nadine L says

  192. Roxann says

    You are my favorite Valentine
    Let’s go out and drink some wine.
    I know that you’re a winner
    We can also go out to dinner.