Are You Green?

A while back, I received some smelly pencils that were really fun to get and smell;), but what I really liked about them, is that they were made from 100% recycled newspaper.  I really do believe that anything we can do to make this place better to live in, we should do.  Our kids and grandkids will have to live here long after we’re gone and they need to be surrounded by a healthy environment.  Some things you can do to help this, are buying environmental products - products that are eco friendly!  I think that you would be quite surprised of what kind of products can make a difference.  Many items from solar power and even furniture, have been made to “friendly” and if we all did our little parts, it could make this world a much healthier place to live in. 

By helping, you are also setting a good example for your kiddos and friends to follow.  Why not do something good for yourself and for the future generation. 

Quit buying plasticware, used a recycled bag for your groceries, and consider things like skylights & weed killers that are earth friendly.  There are so many things that can help and it only requires minimal effort on your part.  So get green and make this place better to breathe and live in!live greener products Use the coupon and start the New Year right! 

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