Arrrr, BBQ Sauce Gives Flavor to Our Sandwich!

Yes, I know the title is silly but I’m tired..after all, it’s 2am here.  Anyways, we had the opportunity to try some of the World Harbors Buccaneer Blends BBQ Sauce out today.  We went and bought some Big Boy’s Barbecue, which happened to make it into the Texas Monthly’s Top Barbecue joints, and brought it home to make some brisket sandwiches.  Now it came with sauce of course, but we couldn’t pass up the chance to try these sauces out!

My oldest, who loves anything spicy, chose the Fra Diavlo.  It just sounds hot and it should, after all, it has 5 spicy peppers in it!  He LOVED it!

The rest of my crew loved it as well.  Me?  Well, I can’t eat spicy stuff but lucky for me, they have several other flavors to choose from like:

  • Good ol’ Mesquite
  • Apple Maple
  • Sticky Rum
  • and Honey Mango to name a few!

What?  You need to see it just a tick closer?  You bet!

YES, we use bread!  If we used buns, it would take away from the meat and the sauce and we can’t have that;)   It’s too hot to be cookin’ huge meals and this one BBQ sandwich tasted like heaven!

Oh my what fun we’re gonna have using the other World Harbors BBQ Sauces on things like chicken, ribs, baked beans!!! YUMMY!  Just in case you didn’t notice, they also have steak sauce.  Yep, we have some.  Nope, we haven’t tried it yet but you can bet your toes that we will be and I’ll post about it once we do!

OH!  And guess what??!!  I’ve got a bottle to give you..woohoo!  One lucky winner will receive a bottle of the Apple Mango and all you have to do is leave a comment!  We’ll just see how many of you read my posts;)  This will end on June 7th at around 10:00pm CST time.  Good luck!

Also, be sure to visit the site, you can vote to be entered to win a brand spankin’ new BBQ Grill:)  It takes all of 5 seconds so don’t be lazy!

Until the next BBQ sandwich…………


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