Awww, The Beautiful Country Windfarms?

Around this part of the country, the windfarms have become a HUGE thing.  The employees and land owners are paid extremely well but it sure ain’t a purty site.  Despite the energy provided by these massive “windmills”, it really is a shame that such pretty county has been vandalized by these tall creatures.  Oh, I know it’s a good thing and all, and if I had the land, I’d be all over it…it’s just unreal how many there are around here.

From the house here, you can see dozens and dozens of them and at night, you can see (what seems like a million) blinking red lights.  I guess it’s pretty in it’s own way;)

More storms last night so this post is short.  It’s 2am and I’m tired….



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  1. says

    Where we live, we just see the parts being transported up the highway but on a recent trip to West Texas I saw them in action for the first time. It wasn’t as nasty a view as I thought it would have been. Really didn’t look that bad at all but I don’t have to look a them from my porch every day either. I think it’s funny that the “green” people don’t seem to mind these things on the landscape but don’t let us disturb the eco-system elsewhere. I know it’s a little different situation but still…

  2. farmnwife says

    I like them. I wouldn’t mind if they were close to my house. I don’t know why but I just like ’em.


  3. Chrystal says

    I would like ’em if I was gettin’ paid otherwise no thanks. Although…..I’m looking into getting a small one for my house to produce enough energy to run everything I have plus make a little!