Baby Calves Everywhere

The calves are hitting the ground.  We’ve got quite a few right now..they’re so cute when they’re little:)  This one was born today…he still has some wet spots.


Don’t wanna leave momma.


“I ain’t been kissin’ nobody!”


And then they grow up….


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    I am from the city and have moved up to bushnell I’ve never seen a newborn calf until my neighbors heifer had hers last week, i just thought the two big female cows he had were healthy, on the mom is red w/a white face her baby looks just like her, and the other female is black w/white face, I don’t know if she is pregnant but she looks pretty healthy to I guess I look out my window and find that theres another baby, maybe, I don’t know but she is pretty protective of the other moms baby,i guess there kind of like elephants having a auntie? Im learning alot liveing in the rural area compared to cement city, wpb florida. Ive really enjoyed the outside animals. Thank you for the Pictures……… LKL