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With Tyler enrolled in College, it’s time to start thinking about what he needs for his dorm.  I’m looking to Spark Studio for some inspiration as far as needs and design.  It puts rooms together using items of necessity and ties it all together with fun & funky themes.   You can also pin your favorites and see what everyone else is loving by viewing the Top 20 pins.  If you’re not on Pinterest yet, get with the program y’all!  Even if you’re not on Pinterest though, you can still enjoy the concept with Spark Studio.

When I think of College dorms, I think of the basics like bedding, storage, and educational items.  Well, Spark Studio shows you those but with ‘spark’.  I love seeing all the cool colors and styles of things that I didn’t even know you could buy at Walmart, specifically  Some of my favorites included:

This bright orange Igloo Refrigerator!  I love this! I mean, it’s just a refrigerator but love seeing it in a bright color. I’d love to see them in more colors to match college colors!!

I also loved this your zone chair.  The measurements show it to be roomy and by the padding and style, it looks super comfy!

I bet those college dorm floors are cold!  I found this vibrant your zone rug that would go with black, green, and blue.  Great way to mix & match stuff.

After much browsing, some items we are looking at are:

Mainstays Ombre Bed in a Bag, Grey

To go with the bed ensemble, we are thinking a black 3 drawer storage unit that can double as a nightstand.   Since the dorm already has a desk, we are also thinking your zone chair in black or blue.

I never thought about headphones being a dorm item but I realize that each student wouldn’t want to hear the others’ music or videos or whatever so it’s a great idea.  Lamps, under bed storage, and bath towels are on our list as well.  What college dorm items do you think are a must have?  Be sure to check out the Spark Studio if you need inspiration.  I loved seeing all the different setups!  I’d die to have a dorm like that!! Almost wants to make me makeover my office to feel cool.


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