Back to School: $150 Value Inside this Lunchbox!

Back+to+School+Lunchbox+Builder+BadgeI don’t know about you but packing a lunch always seems t be a nightmare for me. Trying to be creative day after day can be quite exhausting and well, I’m lazy sometimes so I welcome the Lunchbox Builder.  Smuckers, Motts, and Pepperidge Farms have brought to you this fun resource where you can design a lunchbox, submit it to the gallery and even rate everyone else’s lunchboxes.  The best part though is that you can get coupons for several treats!

In honor of the Lunchbox Builder, they are giving me a prize pack to give to you with the Back to School theme and it’s worth about $150!

What’s inside??  Here’s a list of the goodies and there’s something in there for everyone.Lunchbox+Giveaway+2

  • *iPod Shuffle
  • *Insulated lunchbox
  • *Smuckers Strawberry
  • *Pencils
  • *Coupons
  • *Sharpie pens in lots of colors!
  • *Colored Pencils
  • *Smuckers Uncrustables Container
  • *Motts Reusable Shopping Bag
  • *Walmart Gift Card
  • *Pedometer
  • *An Optical Mouse
  • *Smuckers Belt Pack

Note: The winner will also receive 5 labels for Education worth 10,000 points each. WOW!! That could do something really great for your child’s school!


Leave a comment here sharing your a lunchbox story. Either what you used to pack, something you do special for you child, what kind of lunchbox you had and what you wish you had, etc. You get the idea.  Can’t wait to hear them!

This giveaway ends on August 28th!

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  1. 303

    Nicole Kay says

    My first lunchbox (early 80s) was a metal Holly Hobby lunchbox. After that the plastic ones became popular. But I always kept the metal one. I loved that thing! Thanks for the contest!

  2. 304

    Deb says

    I always wanted a “Wizard of Oz” lunchbox when I was little. Mom looked for one for me but couldn’t find one. Well, a few years ago I went into this little kitchy shop in Washington, DC, and what did I find? A “Wizard of Oz” lunchbox! You bet I bought it and I use it in my kitchen to store individually packed dried fruit for snacks.

  3. 305

    Megs says

    I remember my favorite plastic lunchbox from back in my school days- a she-ra box! I eventually got a cloth sack lunch bag in florescent yellow, because that’s what all the cool kids were doing.

  4. 306

    Maggie M says

    I love packing a healthy lunch for my little one. I also add a note that lets her know I love her and a sticker.

  5. 307

    Sheila Hickmon says

    My daughter is only in preschool so I dont pack a lunch for her yet, but I plan on putting little pictures in her lunch box next year. Like a little smiley face or a heart or something. My mom did that for me when I was a kid, and it always made my day! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. 308

    CarolLynn Tiernan says

    I could really use this pachage!!!!!!

  7. 309

    Mishia says

    My favorite lunchbox was a power raangers one that I had in 1st grade!

  8. 310

    DanV says

    We try to pack a mix of healthy and snacks – cheese, carrots, crackers, a few small cookies

  9. 311

    susan smoaks says

    i used to have a my little pony lunch box. i loved it, i took it to school everyday.

  10. 312

    K2K says

    I remember buying a new lunchbox every year for back to school. That was so much more exciting than my later years with a plain brown bag.

  11. 313

    Renee Turner says

    When I was young, my mom would pack peanut butter and jelly on Ritz crackers. It was the only thing I would eat for lunch. I remember wanting a Strawberry Shortcake luchbox but never got one-mine was a hand me down.

  12. 314

    Beth says

    They love sliced apples/oranges! Every now and then I’ll sneak in a candy bar or cut their sandwich in the shape of a heart or star. They get a kick out that. :)

  13. 315

    Pamela S says

    My son is an incredible boring creature of habit. He’s not in HS and every day for YEARS he’s taken peanut butter on a bagel, some baby carrots, and a few cookies. EVERY DAY!!!

  14. 316

    Karen says

    I remember having a Peanuts lunchbox in kindergarten, then begging my mom to let me buy a Holly Hobbie metal lunchbox when I started first grade. I loved that lunchbox (I think we bought it at Woolworth’s — oh my, I’m old!) My first grader now has a soft sided soccer ball lunch box, and he usually takes a peanut butter and honey sandwich, some kind of fruit, chocolate milk in a thermos, and a couple of cookies.

  15. 317

    Kerry says

    I used to pack myself as many snacks I could fit inside my bad without my parents finding out. I usually would work…:)

  16. 318

    Charity says

    I had a little blue Smurfs lunchbox. I really love that lunchbox, because that was my favorite show. I would get up early on the weekeends,just to watch the show.


  17. 319

    carol ~ says

    For when I was a kid I remember we had glass thermoses and my Mom would sometimes even pack a hotdog in there for me for lunch! LOL It was so funny pulling it out of there! I never did that to my kids and they probably would kill me if I do!

  18. 320

    Jeg says

    I use to have one of those metal lunch box that had Strwaberry Short Cake on it. Inside I would have a thermos with the Tang powder drink that I had to add water. My older sister actually used it one time to hit a bully over the head with. Now I understand why we no longer have those kinds of lunch boxes.

  19. 321

    Tricia says

    I remember my first lunchbox was a Barbie. It was pink with white hearts. I felt like a little princess. I used to drink from the thermos throughout the day because I loved it so much.

  20. 322

    Joanne Schultz says

    We used brown paper bags in my day!. Lunch was usually a sandwich and a piece of fruit.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. 323

    Bridget Michelle Combs says

    My very first lunchbox was Holly Hobbie. My mom took a photo of me with my lunchbox on my first day of kindergarten. However, the photo was taken right in front of her see thru liquor/ wine cabinet. Classic! While my mom wasn’t a lush, she was a young mom and 20 yrs old at the time. So we still get a kick out of that inappropriate photo. Myself, Holly Hobbie and Blue Nun!

  22. 324

    Helen says

    My kindergarten lunchbox was Holly Hobbie and it was metal. When I entered the first grade they didn’t sell the metal ones anymore or at least that was what my mom told me and I got a yellow plastic one with Miss. Piggy on a motorcycle.

  23. 325

    Beverly M says

    I remember a Barbie one I had. Everyday my mother packed the same thing in it, a sandwich, a banana and a few cookies. This is a nice giveaway. Thanks for having the contest!

  24. 326

    Denise says

    My lunch as a kid was always the same EVERY day. PB&J sandwich, chips, Oreo cookies.

  25. 327

    Sarah Mitchell says

    Oh, I loved my Barbie luncgbox. My favorite was peanut butter and jelly.

  26. 328

    Lily Kwan says

    I used to have a Peanuts lunchbox.

  27. 329

    Sandy Perez says

    Iused to love toteing my ranbow brite plastic lunchbox with matching thermos with a pb&j in it

  28. 330

    Nancy S. says

    My mother used to write me notes on my napkin in my lunchbox. I tried this with my own kids and they thought it was stupid, but I remember thinking it was really special.

  29. 331

    dawn says

    I think I used brown bags until I kept begging for a real lunchbox. I finally got a Barbie one Man did I think i was cool. I usually had a sandwich, fruit and 2 cookies.

  30. 332

    Chrysa says

    I always wanted to bring my own lunch to school, but mom always insisted that I buy school lunch. I would have loooved to have a lunchbox!

  31. 333

    Charlene Kuser says

    I had a Cinderella lunchbox,that I loved.I was so proud to carry it
    around it made me feel like a princess.My mom used to make the best
    tuna fish sandwiches.They were so yummy,my kids won’t eat them.
    They like bologna and cheese or peanut butter and jelly.They
    also like their jello packs or pudding packs.A box of raisins
    or snack pack of fruit and they are happy campers.They don’t like
    the fancy lunch bags,they like the solid insulated ones.I sneak
    goldfish in the boxes and add a note,eat all your lunch please.
    They don’t have a lot of time and I tell them not to share,because
    the school won’t let them and they will get in trouble

  32. 334

    Angela Harris says

    I am a Huge KISS fan and own all the Lunch boxes from the 70′& 80′s, My favorite being the Destroyer Lunchbox…I used to love to pack all kinds of Pickles, Kisher Dill, Bread and Butter, and andy kind of cheese, Mom always stuck a piece of fruit in them, and of course a sandwich..usually PB&j

    I have now bought all my 4 kids their own KISS luchboxes, you are NEVEr too old for them.

  33. 335

    Heather C says

    My mom always packed healthy stuff in my Snoopy lunchbox. It was big and yellow and I was always jealous of all the cool stuff everyone else got in their lunches. Now I know that I had healthy stuff ‘cuz my mom cared! Thanks, Mom!

  34. 336

    Gianna says

    I loved my nutella sandwiches as a child :)

  35. 337

    Helen S says

    My kids love fruit and Hersheys Minitures in their lunch bags.

  36. 338

    Stacy says

    I remember using a care bears lunchbox with a matching drink container. I was happy with my lunchbox but the ones made today are way cooler; some look like cute purses. When I make my sons lunch I try to use dinosaur shapes or make a smiley face.

  37. 339

    Andrea says

    I have to get creative. I have to pack my daughters lunch everyday. She is on a gluten free diet, they serve nothing in that way at her school. I have found that the gluten free products are very expensive. I will buy then sometimes, but more often I am thinking of other things to make

  38. 340

    coastal mom says

    i have a 2 yr old so no lunchboxes yet, but i ate pb&j until i was 15, cheap on my parents i guess.LOL..

  39. 341

    Shauna says

    I am new here what a great blog :)