Back to School: $150 Value Inside this Lunchbox!

Back+to+School+Lunchbox+Builder+BadgeI don’t know about you but packing a lunch always seems t be a nightmare for me. Trying to be creative day after day can be quite exhausting and well, I’m lazy sometimes so I welcome the Lunchbox Builder.  Smuckers, Motts, and Pepperidge Farms have brought to you this fun resource where you can design a lunchbox, submit it to the gallery and even rate everyone else’s lunchboxes.  The best part though is that you can get coupons for several treats!

In honor of the Lunchbox Builder, they are giving me a prize pack to give to you with the Back to School theme and it’s worth about $150!

What’s inside??  Here’s a list of the goodies and there’s something in there for everyone.Lunchbox+Giveaway+2

  • *iPod Shuffle
  • *Insulated lunchbox
  • *Smuckers Strawberry
  • *Pencils
  • *Coupons
  • *Sharpie pens in lots of colors!
  • *Colored Pencils
  • *Smuckers Uncrustables Container
  • *Motts Reusable Shopping Bag
  • *Walmart Gift Card
  • *Pedometer
  • *An Optical Mouse
  • *Smuckers Belt Pack

Note: The winner will also receive 5 labels for Education worth 10,000 points each. WOW!! That could do something really great for your child’s school!


Leave a comment here sharing your a lunchbox story. Either what you used to pack, something you do special for you child, what kind of lunchbox you had and what you wish you had, etc. You get the idea.  Can’t wait to hear them!

This giveaway ends on August 28th!

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  1. says

    Thanks so much for the entry! Its a great prize package, but also 50,000 labels for education points can help a deserving school get some rally cool & much needed equiptment and supplies! Great!

    We have 5 school aged children,and it was initially hard on selling the kids on the benefits of “baggin’ lunch” from a financial, health and even environmental standpoint. So packing up lunches the night before school has become an interesting and successful adventure at our house, literally.We make it a fun activity by allowing each child to make a batch of their own “snack creation” to share with the rest of the family each week. Our family favorites have been trail mix, fresh fruit bites, dirt cups,cucumber flowers, ham spirals, Olive triangles, marshmallow critters, etc.–our kids have come up with some zany and creative stuff! But they love it, and they literally eat it up. We also leave little post it notes in each others lunch boxes, mostly words of praise and encouragement, small drawings, cute jokes, etc. We all really look forward to it and we know deep down that family is close to the heart–and stomach!


  2. says

    my favorite lunchbox as a kid was a metal one that had characters from a favorite kid show of mine called The Bugaloos. They were people who were dressed as bugs and were a band. It was full of music. I remember that it was purple and it had that old fashioned thermos. you know the one where if you dropped it the inside would shatter into million pieces? lol i loved that thing. i also had a pink barbie lunchbox that looked almost like a barbie carrying case w the twist lock. they don’t make lunchboxes like they used to :)
    .-= ciara´s last blog ..Stinky’s Birthday =-.

  3. Jen C says

    This is a great giveaway! I always loved to pack a thermos of hot Constant Comment tea on a cold winter day, even in Elementary school. My son loves hot tomato soup on cold days, because he is allowed to dunk his chips in it at school, which I won’t let him do at home.

    • Lauralee Hensley says

      Ahh gee, tomato soup was truly made for dunking. Even as an adult I love to dunk my grilled cheese sandwich into hot tomato soup.
      Hey, just kiddin, you’re the mom and you’re rules go. I think your son probably has better table manners than I do though since I’m a dunker.

  4. Colleen Jensen says

    When I was little I had a barbie lunchbox, on my birthday my mom put a small barbie and some treats in my lunch box and when I opened it at lunch all my friends loved it.

  5. Karen Medlin says

    We brown bagged growing up, when my kids were younger, I used to use use a program that you can run your paper bag thru the printer and print on white lunch bags, the kids really like that. We always tried to include some healty snacks like carrot sticks, raisins.

  6. Vicky H. says

    When I first started school, I lived in Korea, and my mom would pack lunches for me and my sister. She used a bento-like lunch pack to store rice, kimchi, bulgogi, and other things for us to eat. It was awesome~

  7. says

    I remember my friends being jealous because my mother packed exciting food for me and not just sandwiches. She put a Thermos to good use and would send in soups, macaroni, etc.!

  8. Linz says

    I believe the lunch box when opened should have inside it … a surprise …. be it two-colored sandwiches – made with one slice of bread white and the opposite side wheat. A surprise can also be the bread cut in an unusual shape (round) or into finger size bites or hiding away under the sandwich a little something – maybe a small biscuit or a mini-cheese.

  9. Diane Baum says

  10. ashley r. says

    When I was about 8 I had a very long bus ride to a school across town (Seattle was very pro-busing). For the beginning of the school year my big treat was a brand new lunch box of my choosing. I chose a baby blue plastic lunch box with Gremlins on it. It was very hip.
    The third day of school a bully chucked it out the window while on the freeway. He was punished, but so was I – I had to brown bag it the rest of the year!

  11. McKim says

    When the kids started carrying their lunch to school I would write a little note on their napkin each day. I didn’t know if they even looked at them until I didn’t do it one day. Boy did I hear about it!

  12. chris swan says

    When I was a kid I always took a lunch and the lunch box was very important. Now I am lazy and I hate to pack lunches. My kids love new lunchboxes with their favorite characters there are so many now to choose from. But the new lunchboxes really make the kids want to take lunch. This year I hope to get really organized and pack the lunch the night before not throw in at last minute.

  13. Kerrie Mayans says

    My son has a vintage lunch box that he keeps his star wars galactic heroes figures in. I am hoping that next year when he is in school we can use the lunch box for his lunches.

  14. Estelle says

    My kids eat lunch at school but when I was in school I took my own. Unfortunately for me, I always had to use brown lunch bags. I always had a limited choice in what I took, usually between 3 or 4 different things.

  15. Amy N says

    I always had to eat school lunches, and was so jealous of my friends with their boxes. Especially the ones whose parents wrote them little notes in the lunch everyday!

  16. Carol says

    I had a red plaid tin lunchbox with a matching thermos. I remember the pride I had when I carried my lunch to school like a big girl. My mom would tuck secret notes inside the folded napkin. I often ate turkey sandwiches. Fun contest, thanks for taking me down Memory Lane!

  17. Becky says

    My daughter just started preschool and is really wanting to take her lunch every day. I’ve been telling her she can just eat at school (she’s not picky and I’m lazy), but after reading these comments, I may just have to start packing her lunch at least occasionally.

    Love your blog by the way! :)

  18. Mellisa W. says

    When I pack my son’s lunch I always include a spoon if need be and a napkin and a small treat. I never really thought anything about it. I was at his school one day after lunch and one of the Lunch Duty Para’s came up to me and commented on how I pack Andy’s lunch. She said he always has everything he needs and she was impressed with that. She went on to say most kids don’t get helthy lunchs, spoons or napkins. It made me feel pretty good.

  19. pam r says

    When I was a kid, I loved my pink lunchbox, I think it had My Little Pony on it. And everyday, my Dad would put in a sandwich and a pear. Every day!

  20. says

    My daughter loves to bag her lunch. We do let her buy it at random times, but its so much cheaper to bag it. She’s so excited to use her Tinkerbell lunchbox that matches her backpack perfectly.

    We have the ZooPals “silverware” for her to take with her lunch because they’re adorable, and cheap to replace, but wash just fine in the dishwasher. They work well with her apple sauce.

    Her “brown bagging” makes it so much easier to see how much she’s eating, as well, because she doesn’t throw anything away. She just puts it back into their baggies and brings it home.
    .-= Sarah @ TM2TS´s last blog ..Week 3-ish Update for Working Out =-.

  21. Amanda S. says

    Last year, my 2nd grade daughter brought lunch just about every day. She’s not a fan of school lunch! One day she called me from her class to say I forgot to pack her lunch and she was almost in tears! I was at the gym, so I didn’t get her message until lunchtime was over. I felt just terrible that day and told her how sorry I was when she got home. Then, I checked her backpack. Her lunch was in there, lol! I don’t know what she was thinking, but she said she didn’t see it. She ate it at that very moment because she was hungry from refusing to eat the “yucky” school lunch!

  22. Charlotte Winters says

    I do pack my son’s lunch. My story is about when my husband packed my lunch. I used to work outside the home and my husband would always write sweet little notes on my paper napkin. He’d write about how much he loved me and how special I was to him. I was the envy of all the other brown bagging ladies!

  23. Aleksandra N. says

    I leave a special note or drawing in my daughter’s lunchbox every day. Sometimes it is a little store that continues for several days. She always looks forward to it!

  24. Ann F says

    My daughter prefers to pack a lunch over the school lunch. I always put a little note in her lunch box just so she knows I’m thinking of her

  25. Lauralee Hensley says

    The kind of lunchbox I used to have, was no lunchbox. My mom made us take our lunches to school in brown paper bags and we were expected to bring those bags back home to be used for the whole week at least. I did love my mom’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, because they were more jelly than peanut butter. What kind of jelly did she use? Her homemade wild plum, store bought Smuckers strawberry, grandma’s homepack pinecot (which is a pineapple and apricot mixture), and sometimes plain old grape. It depended on the amount of money she had to buy jelly, or the resources she had to make homemade. We rarely had anything but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for our sandwich, and usually a piece of fruit or homemade oatmeal cookies. Bought our milk at school, or mom packed us orange tang she had made.
    It doesn’t kill kids to eat home packed lunches and I’m living proof of that. Mom had five kids to pack them for and even for Dad’s lunch to eat at work, so I think she did a swell job. Good luck to all.

  26. Freddie says

    I had a Batman lunch box when I was a kid. Lol, it wasn’t like todays thermally insulated ones, all high tec. But I thought it was awesome.

  27. Helen says

    When my child took her lunch to school she could never think of something good that she wanted. Then I had a thought for a minute and asked her what did her friend like to eat. She rattled off all kinds of things. I told her to pick one of those. She did and all was well.

  28. Sandra says

    When my son was small, he always wanted to take homemade soups in his lunch box, so we would make them (together) the night before.
    It was a great time to share our thoughts and wants.
    His friends always asked to “stay over” so they could make some, too.

  29. Margaret Smith says

    I had a metal Barbie lunch box when I was little. Everything was about Barbie for me at that time. I really wish I had this lunchbox today.
    Thanks so much.

  30. says

    My favorite lunch box was my pink Little Mermaid one. I loved that thing. I only ate Peanut Butter sandwiches from K – 12th grade… no jelly. Never got sick of it. My dad loved that we never had fights over what to eat. I still take a PB sandwich 3 days out of the week to work :-D Still a kid at heart I guess
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..Blondies =-.

  31. says

    I don’t have a story to tell about my self when I was younger, but I have a current one. I am a paraprofessional at an elementary school and I always take my lunch. I can never decide what I want for lunch the night before, unless we have some leftovers from dinner, so I end up packing my lunch in a hurry the next morning. The funny thing is, I usually throw a little bit of everything in my lunchbag. I’ll have a can of soup, hot pocket, granola bar, some kind of chocolate something, nutrigrain bar, 100 calorie snack, etc.. you get the idea! So when someone wants something they do not have, guess who they come to and look in her lunch bag? **LOL**

  32. says

    When I was in the 4th grade, I had a huge lunchbox. It was the kind that people took to work like if they worked in a warehouse. I always got teased so eventually, my mom started giving me a age-appropriate. Though there are times I wished I had gotten tuna fish sandwiches instead of either peanut butter or grilled cheese.
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..Kitten Cuteness =-.

  33. Dezi says

    What I remember most about my lunches from home was the notes my mom would always put in them. I loved reading them! But sadly, I usually preferred the school lunch. I never was a big fan of pb&j.

  34. susan varney says

  35. Betty King says

    Being an old lady of coarse my lunch box was metal. I had with Dale Evans on it and one with Lassie. Peanut Butter and Rex jelly was my all time favorite sandwich for lunch and most of the time it was on a biscuit. I really felt special if mom had baked light bread and had extra the next day for sandwiches. There was always an apple and if I was real lucky homemade cookies of some kind. Things sure are different now. My grands take lunchables in an insulated lunch bag but like Granny they like their P&J sandwich and an apple.

  36. Diane C says

    When our kids were younger, we used to pack notes into their lunches. I have heard other moms do the same thing. Sometimes a little goody at the bottom with a reminder note that you love them. I am sure it has to make them feel excited especially when the know the time you take in putting their lunch together. ;)

  37. Amber G says

    I pack everything in reusable Ziploc containers to minimize waste and I love leaving cute little notes for my kids. If I know there is a test/project/field trip etc. I will reference that.

  38. Kacy says

    I used to have the same thing every day for umpteen years:

    Capri-Sun (Safari Punch) or Hi-C Ecto Cooler
    PB&J sandwhich (cut horizontally)
    granola bar (choc. chip)
    fruit roll-up (tri-colored)

  39. says

    Okay, are you ready for this? When I was a kid our lunchboxes were that lovely tin, that rusted for added effect and color, and sounded like the Tin Man when you thumped them. The popular cartoon was Beany & Cecil (, so, like today, they made a lunchbox with various pictures of them on the front. Mine had Cecil on his way to school, carrying a lunchbox, with…. ta da…. the exact picture on my lunch box -Cecil carrying a lunchbox to school. Now, I am a dreamer (ok, a bit of a space cadet, who gets lost, even at this age, in a world of thinking about things)so that lunchbox WAS NOT a smart thing to have in my possession. I would look at the lunchbox and get lost in space, thinking about all the Cecils carrying around all their own lunchboxes. . When I shared this story with my husband, he comically replied that I might have learned something in school, had I only had a less intriguing lunchbox! He’s probably right, but, oh, the wonderful exercise my brain got with all that pondering! Over the years I have Googled again and again, hoping to find that lunchbox! Well, it’s probably good that I haven’t yet, because I’d never get my chores done! :) Thanks for listening!
    .-= an encourager´s last blog ..Puffing Up Superman =-.

  40. Emily says

    One thing I found are reusuable “ziploc” bags. They are made of fabric with waterproof inners so we can use them over and over – and they’re cute too!

  41. Theresa says

    I miss the cool metal lunchboxes we had as kids. Every morning we’d line them up in front of the classroom door & slide boxes into the pile, like bowling. Used to love that special sound of the box skidding across the concrete!

  42. Jaque says

    I always prepare my child’s favorite sandwich, chips, drink, and fresh vegies with dip. I also include a note with various positive words to encourage them and help them through their day.

    Thank you. :-)

  43. Megan says

    Looking back one of my favorite memories is when my mom used to let me pack my own lunches. They would consist entirely of fruit roll-ups and capri suns! She would let me pack it then I would get to school and would find a healthy meal instead. But it was okay because she’d write a little note & everyone knows a note from Mom in your lunch box means you’re really loved!

  44. Jessica Maurer says

    I always make some type of sandwich. usually tuna, bologna, pepperoni sandwich. If I put ketchup in the sandwich I make a little heart in there. They don’t know I made it, but it makes me smile to know it! :)

  45. Julie Inman says

    growing up i always had to eat school lunch so now that i have kids in school i love packing their lunches.

  46. ky2here says

    I went to Wisconsin one year and got this great cheese -Mossholders cheese. For a good couple of weeks, I’d have a slice of this great pungeunt cheese on sandwich. Good times.

  47. Pat B says

    I didn’t have a cool lunchbox when I was a kid. It was a black and red plaid one and I hated it. Do kids even carry lunchboxes these days? I love my soft-sided tote I carry to work now. I actually have three – different shapes depending on what I’m taking.

  48. sandy says

    love tossing in a surprise or a card for the kids in the lunch. I remember those metal lunchboxes too and we would make a domino path and knock em down

  49. Nadine L says

  50. Abby says

    I collect fun facts I print off the internet for my daughter she loves to come home to tell me what she learned while eating her lunch!

  51. says

    My daughter was in kindergarten last year. I remember in the first week of school, when I took her back pack from her the bottom was wet. The source was the lunchbox inside. She had opened her applesauce, eaten a little, and put it back in her lunchbox to save for later.

    Better, later in the year I noticed that there was something in the front pocket of her lunchbox. The pocket I NEVER check. I had discovered a baggie of unidentifiable meat. And I have no idea how long it had been there.
    .-= Sarah at themommylogues´s last blog ..Back to School Shopping, Take 2 =-.

  52. Paula Patterson says

    I remember my friend Lisa had the coolest lunchbox. It was an old-time metal one with a bus on it. There were Disney characters at all hte bus windows. I sure liked that lunchbox.

  53. Michelle Draveski says

    I have plain old fashioned lunch boxes or had I should say for I created quite a fuss when I mixed up my sons and hubbys by mistake

  54. says

    I had a metal Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox when I was little.. my kids like the ones from Old Navy that snap on their backpacks, which I might add is a total lifesaver!! No more leaving their lunch in the truck!

    They both like different things so I have to fix 2 different things. At least I know they are eating a good lunch, and I always slip in a little something special! (I’m sure they eat the “prize” first!)
    .-= Teresa Jackson´s last blog ..mamalingo: I love internet window shopping. It’s like going to all the stores without the crowds and it’s FREE! HA HA =-.

  55. allan says

    lunch box nothing we were so poor i had to brown bag it i would have killed for a bugs bunny lunch box back then .. and now that boy of mine don’t want a lunch he wants money. but my granddaughter wants a lunch box

  56. Stephanie V says

    I used to have the old metal kind but my mom always made sure we had such yummy food the kids who bought their lunches were often jealous and asking for something from my lunch box
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  57. Jeffrey Beckett says

    I used to get a brown paper bag for my lunch, no lunch box. I had to fold it up and bring it back home to be reused.

  58. Toby Loretta Cagle says

    My favorite memory is when I was a child. My cousin and I would wait on our grandfather to come home from the coal mine. We would sit on the front porch steps waiting for him. My grandmother always packed his lunch in a big metal lunch pail and when the truck stopped in front of the house to let my grandfather off we couldn’t wait until he opened his lunch pail. He always saved some of his lunch for us. It would be half a sandwich or some pastry, but it was always so good. I am now 62 and I hope I made memories like this for my children.

  59. Anna says

    I used to wish I had the metal lunchbox with comics drawings on it. We didn’t have them in our country at all when I went to school and ordering from abroad was expensive

  60. Tari Lawson says

    I remember carrying the metal lunchboxes with matching thermos. What was on mine? My idol: Bobby Sherman ;)

  61. Mary says

    As a kid I would always just have turkey on wheat and a sandwich. Pretty boring. I longed for a twinkie.

    mfalcon13 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  62. Judith says

    Always remember to make sure that your child’s lunchbox is empty at the end of the school year. Otherwise, like me, at the end of August, you’ll discover that the lunchbox is filled with a huge “fragrant” mould when you open it to clean it out and get it ready for the next school year.

  63. says

    I loved going to pick out a lunchbox each year. My favorite was purple with the Little Mermaid on the front. But yeah…I had a bad habit of leaving stuff in the thermos. For weeks. Eeek!
    .-= Vanderbilt Wife´s last blog .. =-.

  64. Laurie W. says

    I had a Scooby-Doo rectangular metal lunch box with matching thermos. Boy, wonder what that would be worth now???

  65. Sharon Harmon says

    Something I do special with my kidlets’ lunch boxes is I make these cute small cards, write positive affirmations on them, and decorate them with markers, stickers, glitter glue, etc. The affirmations are like “Today I choose to do the BEST I can!”, and “The more I like myself, the more others like themselves!” Thank you for the contest!

  66. Jo says

  67. Kat says

    My daughter is now a Junior in college, but she still talks about the PB&J sandwiches I packed in her lunch box when she was in the 2nd grade. That’s all she would eat, PB&J for an entire school year! Each day I’d surprise her with a different shape sandwich, she never knew what to expect. I used large metal cookie cutters to shape the sandwich. It was as fun for me as it was for her….I spent that year constantly on the search for new cookie cutters! Now I try to donate Back to School Supplies to our elementary school. I don’t want any child to walk into a classroom and see his/her classmates with new supplies and he/she has none.

  68. says

  69. kathy dunaway says

    My kids loved picking out a new luch box every year. They ‘ve had Ninja Turtles, Masters Of The Universe, Transformers,and to many Disney ones to count.
    When they were small I would cut their sandwiches in different shapes and I have always put little notes in their lunch boxes or bags.

  70. Deanna says

    My youngest is so picky it is almost impossible to pack lunches for him. He wants lunchables every day. Who can afford that. He ends up with pb&j, chips, a fruit, and a snack. That gets pretty expensive too though. I’m all for hot lunches at school!

  71. Donald Bishop says

    My mother had a strange way of doing things. She would make me my lunch, put it in a brown bag, then put it in the lunch box. At some point in my 20’s I asked her why both? And she said, cause we purchsed 5,000 brown bags in bulk when you started school, but then you wanted a lunch box – Waste not, want not!

  72. says

    WOW! That’s a magic lunchbox!
    Since both kids are now in school :-) I have taken to writing a note in sharpie on their napkins with faces and affirmations of love for them.
    I also have a whole box of ziploc sandwich bags that have pre-written love notes on them for the kids’ lunch boxes.

    My mom used to leave sharpie notes on our napkins in our lunch box and it always made me smile and feel special. Now, I’m passing that on to my kiddos, I hope.
    .-= rachel-asouthernfairytale´s last blog ..Can You Spot The Mom In This Picture? =-.

  73. Elena says

    I had a Superman lunch box in first grade–the movie had recently come out and I thought Christopher Reeve was so cute! :D Thanks for the contest!

  74. Deanna Dill says

  75. says

    I remember in second grade I had my mom pack the same sandwich nearly every day: salami and butter on white! It sounds disgusting, and she hated making it, but my next door neighbor had made it for me the summer before and I loved it! I’ve long since outgrown that, but when I was pregnant with my second child, I had a craving for, you guessed it: a salami and butter sandwich!
    .-= Lauren´s last blog ..New Orleans Area Free and Frugal Events this Weekend =-.

  76. Liz says

    I got a new lunch box every year in elementary school, which usually made it not quite to the end of the school year. My FAVORITE was a red ALF lunch box. It was superbly awesome!

  77. Melissa says

    I have the worlds pickiest eater for a child. All she ever wants for lunch is a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with a little mayonaise. I actually long to get a little more creative with her lunch but I don’t because I know she won’t eat it. Oh well, at least she has a cute lunch box.

  78. Holly W says

    I was in the day’s of lunch “Pails”. I remember I had a Sean Cassidy lunch pail and was sooo excited. I always got a sandwich, apple or orange, chips. I was always envious of the kids who would get a pudding cup or something like that..I never got that kind of stuff.

  79. g t ashmore says

    I had a REAL beatles lunch box back in the 60’s. My mother always packed sandwiches in wax paper and a orange unicap chewable vitamin. I bought my milk at the cafeteria. Always had fruit, too

  80. g t ashmore says

    I had a REAL beatles lunch box back in the 60’s. My mother always packed sandwiches in wax paper and a orange unicap chewable vitamin. I bought my milk at the cafeteria. Always had fruit, too

  81. says

    I use to have a metal strawberry shortcake lunch box that I loved a lot. Of course I had a lot of strawberry shortcake items then. My mom hardly sent me to school with lunches only usually when I had a field trip. I loved those times because I always looked forward to what I was going to bring.
    .-= Shilo Beedy´s last blog ..An update =-.

  82. Sherry says

    I remember having a Holly Hobby lunchbox that was my favorite for a few years. My girls had Winnie the Pooh and Barney boxes up to middle school, then we switched to Gap or Land’s End clutches. We love doing lunch from home rather than ending up with who knows what from where-ever!

    Love the giveaway!

  83. says

    I used to leave little notes in my son’s lunchbox. Not “I love yous” that would embarrass him but things like knowing he was doing his best and how proud I was that he did. Thanking him for something that I had forgotten to thank him for the day or week before etc. He said they really encouraged him and made him feel good even if he was having a bad day. When he left for college he told me the thing he missed most were my lunch time notes.
    .-= Cathie F.´s last blog .. =-.

  84. chrystal says

    What a cool prize! My favorite memory is my mom packing leftovers that I could heat up at school and eat. We had a fridge in our classroom so we could keep things cold and had a microwave in the cafeteria so we could warm our lunches up. My favorite lunch was leftover chicken fried steak!

  85. Mary M says

    I took my lunch a lot in grade school, and usually had a thermos with soup, chili, spaghetti or stew in it. Sometimes I got the same thing my dad was taking in his lunch. Mom would make homemade fried apple pies, too, and those were always great.
    My son took exactly the same lunch every day for the first four or five years of grade school. He was not adventurous at all about his food!

  86. janice s says

    I have a grandson who is autistic who has to take his lunch to school. He has only certain things that he likes to eat. Would love to have different ideas on what to pack!

  87. Terry G. says

    My daughters love it when I give them a “snackie” lunch. I buy those small disposable containers with lids at the party store and put dips, dressings, and/or salsa in them. I give them rolled up ham and cheese, crackers, baked tortillas, carrots, and pretzels. Sometimes I include olives, cucumber slices, or pepper strips. Add some a cup of applesauce and a drink. It’s a fun meal, has all the food groups, and they don’t have to stand in the long lunch line.

  88. Sarah McKee says

    I don’t remember any of the lunchboxes I had as a kid. Used to pack lots of peanut butter sandwiches on white bread.

  89. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    I had a gremlins lunch box back in elementary school. It’s was metal and was just the best. Not really popular among the other girls and I eventually got a My Little Pony one.

  90. AmandaK says

    When I was in either elementary or middle school, I had a barbie lunchbox. I would get made fun of because of it. However, I didn’t care what others thought. I thought Barbie was awesome and wanted to share my lunch with her!

  91. Heather says

    I had a Barbie lunchbox and a New Kids On the Block lunchbox. I loved them! Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were the usual meal inside of them. :)

  92. Shari D says

    My oldest son always wanted peanut butter and jam sandwiches in his lunch, while the youngest had to have bologna sandwiches.

  93. Michele D. says

    When I was younger I never had a lunch box but my mom would always pack the best lunches for me. Sometimes it was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but it would be cut into different shapes. For my little one I have kept up the tradition and right now he is carrying a spongebob lunch box.

  94. says

    One thing I’ve always done is insert a special note inside each of my kids lunch boxes. The note will be different every day they take their lunch. One day may include a simple “I love U” or “You ROCK!” and one of my favorites “You CAN do it!”. Depending on what’s going on in their life that day, I always try to include a positive note to help encourage them with it! My kids love it!
    .-= Jennifer Clark´s last blog ..Giveaways for YOU! =-.

  95. Betty N says

    When I started school, we simply packed our lunch in a brown paper bag. When my younger child was in middle school, they could eat out on picnic tables so he liked taking his lunch. His favorites were often last night’s leftovers…pizza, lasagne, meatloaf sandwich, etc. And EVERY day he took two of my homemade m&m cookies (I would make a batch and freeze them). After a while I asked if he wouldn’t like something else for dessert instead of the m&m cookies. He said, “Mom, I don’t eat them. Those cookies have great trade value…I can trade for any dessert I want!”

  96. Marcia Goss says

    Back in the sixties, I had a Beatles lunchbox. I was in love with Paul McCartney and I thought my lunchbox was really cool!

  97. says

    The only lunchbox I remember was my favorite one, Strawberry Shortcake, but my mom made us Bologna sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so much that I don’t eat either of those anymore! I like to make little shapes out of my kids’ sandwiches with cookie cutters and they love that! And no, I don’t send them with the same stuff all of the time! I switch it up for them. :-)
    .-= Angie´s last blog ..Winner: The Divorce Party: A Novel =-.

  98. Gary says

    I like the full circle. Early on I packed my daughter’s luch in grade school. In middle ahd High School she baught it. Now in Jr college the luch doesn’t look good to her so we may be dusting off the old box.

  99. Nora SP says

    I pack lunches for our youngest and many times I will put stickers in them, a new pencil, and other times his favorite snack which is twinkies. It is funny as he prefers mine to the school.You know what his favorite sandwhich is? I have to laugh he wants cottage cheese on top of his bologna sandwhich.

  100. Cheryl F says

    I had a holly hobby lunchbox in elementary school. I always liked taked soup in my thermos when it was cold out.

  101. Kris T. says

    When I was a kid, my dad and used to create sandwiches for our take to school/work lunches. Our best creation ever was the peanut butter, shredded carrot, and sliced banana on whole wheat bread sandwich. Memories like this one remind me of what a great childhood I had. I hope to create such great moments for my own kids. Thanks for the chance at the awesome prize pack!

  102. Teresa L says

    Hahaha what a cool contest! I had a bugs bunny lunch box.Times were tough so I mostly got peanut butter and jelly samich’s! I always encourage kids in the kitchen, so when it comes to their lunches if they were good all week, I would allow them to pick anything they wanted to prepare for their lunch once a week. :)

  103. says

    when i think about my favorite lunchbox all i think about is melted crayons! i had a metal strawberry shortcake lunchbox and was using it as a crayon box one summer on vacation. to my surprise i opened my lunchbox to find what i thought to an amazing sight, however, my mom thought differently! it was really neat to see how all of the crayons had melted together! mom didn’t share my joy as she knew she would be the one cleaning it out!
    [email protected]

  104. Janna Johnson says

  105. Jill Myrick says

    I still have my original Strawberry shortcake met al lunchbox from when I was young.
    My daughter carries it to school now.
    I try to always show her how much I love her by including little notes,cutting her sandwiches in shapes such as hearts and packing things that are good for her.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  106. mariessa says

    A creative thing to do that I think is sweet, was to poke messages into apples. Hearts, I love you’s, something silly. It says I care but it’s also hidden enough not to embarrass your kids :)
    Also I found these great sandwich cutters that cut a sandwich into two dinosaur shapes! great way to get them excited about eating.

  107. regina says

    I had several “favorite” lunchboxes- strawberry shortcake, care bears, and dukes of hazzard (supposed to be my brothers but I took it over). A couple of years ago I started buying and collecting those old lunch boxes that I remember from when I was a kid. Who knew they would be such a great item 20+ years later?

  108. DawnS says

    I remember how excited I was to get a new lunch box when I was a kid. My best one ever was one that had Flipper on it and I LOVED it. (For those younger Flipper was a famous dolphin that we got to see at the mall while he was touring I was a total fan!) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  109. Sarah Hirsch says

    I struggle with packing lunches because the only sandwiches my kids like are peanut butter, and they are not allowed to bring any nut products to their school. So we pack bagels, yogurt, bananas and crackers.

  110. Andrea H says

    My favorite lunch box as a child was my Rainbow Brite lunchbox. I carried it all through elementary school. My mom used to leave little notes in it for me and I always loved that.

  111. Jennifer M says

    I print lots of cute notes and photos from the Internet, and every day I stick one in my daughter’s lunch box.

  112. brandlyn says

    My mom use to put little notes in my “My Little Pony” lunch box, that said have fun and good luck. Things like that!

  113. aerin clark says

    I remember having a care bears lunchbox. I would eat alot of peanut butter sandwiches and chips. The easyiest and fastest to make. :)

  114. Jessica says

    I like to make “puzzle” or kissing hand sandwiches for my girls with wheat and white wheat bread and cookie cutters. They enjoy a variation from the normal plain sandwich.

  115. Katharine D says

    Well, growing up I was one of the few in my school in the early years who had a Mom who worked. She always just gave me money to buy lunch at school. I always envied the girls with the lovely hand made lunches packed with care in the coolest metal lunchboxes while I ate the absolute c*** food they served at school. My son starts school this year and I got him a stainless steel lunch set – non toxic and modern/cool

  116. Mishelle says

    I always wanted a cool lunch box but my mom made me take hot lunch. I really need to ask her why now that I think back. Three of my kids take their lunches but one insists on hot lunch even though I doubt he eats anything other than the chocolate milk! I just know that I get tired of packing 3 lunches so one less is fine by me!!

  117. says

    I also had a beautiful strawberry shortcake lunch metal lunchbox. I still remember the day I left it in the driveway and my dear Mom ran it over and squished it (and my lunch) into a metal pancake! :-(

  118. says

    I also had a beautiful strawberry shortcake lunch metal lunchbox. I still remember the day I left it in the driveway and my dear Mom ran it over and squished it (and my lunch) into a metal pancake! :-(

  119. barbara wright says

    When my daughter was in Kindergarten, I used to leave her a note in her lunchbox every day. Sometimes it would say, “I hope you have fun in centers today!” Sometimes it would just say, “I love you!” Sometimes I’d tell her that she looked cute that day.

  120. Monique Rizzo says

  121. says

    I carried a girly style lunchbox in elementary school and graduated to (decorated) paper bags as I got older. I like to pack a healthy lunch with fresh fruit and vegetables. I stick in cutesy or love notes with smiley faces :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  122. michelle romero says

    My favorite lunchbox was The Partridge Family. I could stare at David Cassady’s picture for hours.I always took ham sandwiches sliced thick with slices of sharp cheddar cheese,lettuce and tomatoes from our garden. Mom always made sure she put a Chocolate Ding Dong in there. In the winter there was always a thermos full of hot cocoa with marshmallows. Those were the good ole’ days…

  123. Jennifer B. says

    When I was a little girl, my mom used to pack my lunch for me everyday. It was always fun to go and pick out a new lunchbox each year before the new school year, then the first day of school, we’d all compare our lunchboxes.

  124. says

    I try to make their lunches an extension of what we eat at home, so leftovers of some sort are usually included. My problem is finding a lunch box that fits gladware in it! This year my daughter is carrying a backpack style insulated lunch box that fits three gladware containers. Today she had one with tomatoes, one with chicken-pasta, and an apricot. I like knowing I can effortlessly send her favorite snack of grapes in french vanilla yogurt to school with her :)
    .-= Wendy aka CalvaryGirl´s last blog ..30+ Comments in 30 Days =-.

  125. Randy Bailey says

    When I was in elementary school[in the 60’s] my mother packed my lunch everday in a metal lunchbox. My favorite was a peanut butter & jelly sandwich

  126. says

    I usually brought my lunch but always bought a carton of milk. I would drink it with a straw but would always close the spout over the straw (do milk containers even have spouts anymore?) so germs (or maybe cooties) couldn’t get in. HA!
    .-= Gift of Green´s last blog ..Blogging Break =-.

  127. ShootingStarsMag says

    I’m always packing PB and J sandwiches. It’s the best. My mom used to send me notes to school sometimes when I was younger and that was always great if I was nervous about something.

  128. ShootingStarsMag says

    I’m always packing PB and J sandwiches. It’s the best. My mom used to send me notes to school sometimes when I was younger and that was always great if I was nervous about something!

  129. Suzanne Lindstadt says

    In the begining of the school year I always leave my daughter a little note in case she gets nervous in a new class. Something very simple like…..mommy loves you! Or hope you enjoy your lunch…can’t to see you at the end of the day… mommy. Then here and there throughout the school year I leave little messages. She loves getting them!

  130. Cynthia C says

    One of our classmates used to bring her grandmother’s home made strudel for dessert. She was very popular at lunchtime.

  131. Susan C says

    When I was in school, lunch boxes were metal and came with a thermos which my mom always filled with hot soup.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  132. Annette D says

    My son is 16 so he is too cool for lunch boxes. I send his lunch in a paper bag. I still like to add a little treat now and then like a Hershey’s Kiss.

  133. Nancy says

    When I was a child, I had a metal lunch kit with a thermos inside. In the thermos I would carry soup when it was cold. In those days, the lunch kit thermos was not kid-friendly. It had a glass liner inside. Oh, how I dreaded hearing that terrible tinkling sound which meant that – despite being careful – the glass lining to the thermos had shattered!

  134. says

    I had an old tin raggedy ann lunch box. Wish I still had it because it would be worth a fortune now. I more vividly remember cafeteria food than school lunches though!

  135. says

    Don’t cry for me, but I didn’t have a lunchbox when I was kid. I either ate at home or in school. If I did have to bring lunch somewhere, I had to brown bag it. So sad! I envied the other kids that had lunchboxes, especially any one with David Cassidy on it :)
    .-= ConnieFoggles´s last blog ..Bravery When Tooth Gone =-.

  136. Cassandra says

    I was a huge wrestling fan when I was little (and yes, I am female) and had a WWF wrestling lunchbox with Hulk Hogan and other wrestlers on it. The boys thought it was cool and the girls thought I wasn’t girlie enough as they had Strawberry Shortcake, Barbie, and Rainbow Brite lunchboxes. I didn’t care–I loved my wrestlers and used it proudly. The only thing that did annoy me, though, was that the thermos would leak no matter how tightly sealed it was–I wonder what was up with that.

  137. blessedX7 says

    I only had one lunchbox as a kid- a pink Tinkerbell one. I stopped taking it to school after 3rd grade, and switched to paper bags because it was just too “kiddish”. In 7th grade (first year of Jr. High), I forgot lunch one day and called my mom to bring it. Imagine my horror when the secretary came in with that bright pink Tinkerbell lunchbox and handed it to me in front of everyone! I still can’t believe my mother dug that thing out and sent lunch to me in it! Ughh!

  138. Elizabeth J says

    I like to send little notes in their lunchboxes occasionally telling them I love them and hope their day is great!

  139. says

    I’ll never forget my Muppet Babies lunchbox. Man I loved that thing. My mom would make me chocolate milk in my thermos, and when I’d leave it in my bag all weekend it would smell SO BAD Monday morning when she’d make my lunch. So she’d always get mad about that :-)

    samanthajocampen at gmail
    .-= samantha jo campen´s last blog ..Devil in the room =-.

  140. Rebecca says

    I had a pink princess lunchbox. I thought the thermos was SO cool. And getting a fudge round in it simply made my day!

  141. says

    My son is in preschool this year and I send notes in his lunchbox. I never took my lunch to school, but I actually enjoy packing his!! He always wants me to surprise him…so I do and then I put a little note and a sanitizing wipe for his hands. He carries a Spiderman lunchbox, so I always tell him to eat his lunch so he can be superhero strong like Spiderman!!
    .-= Jamie´s last blog ..Free: Teaching Children To Read Video =-.

  142. Melissa B says

    I loved my lunchbox. It was one of those large pink my little pony boxes. Everyday my mom carefully packed my lunch with all the good groups and left me a little note telling me she loved me. When my kid goes off to school I would like to do the same for her.

  143. Denise says

    I was always embarrassed of the lunches my mom would pack me. We never had any sweets (cookies) in our lunches and my mom would never give us chips – it was always popcorn. Now that I have kids of my own, I pack them things that are fun and not embarrassing to eat in front of others in the whole lunch room. It makes me feel good that they come home and said that their friends wanted a certain something in their lunch and that they shared it. I could never have done that as a kid. :)

  144. julie estes says

    When I was little we had the metal lunchboxes, now considered retro! I always got my brothers old lunchboxes. I remember having a speed racer lunch box and I thought it was cool!!!

  145. Michelle S says

    I had an Apple’s Way lunch box (that was a tv show for those that don’t remember). I don’t remember the exact reason why I ended up with THAT lunch box, because it sure wasn’t that the show was my favorite. I think there weren’t lot to choose from by the time I went to get mine. I had the same lunch daily a pb&j sandwich and a bag of doritos.

  146. Stephanie Anderson says

    When I was little I had a Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox and my mom would leave neat little notes!

  147. kookie says

    I grew up in India … I had one of the compact version of “the dabba” (2 levels). One for the vegies+roti and second for the lentils or yogurt.
    It is like multilevel bento … totally a fan.

  148. Stacy says

    When I was in grade school, I had the biggest crush on Gil Gerard in the TV show, “Buck Rogers.” So of course I had to have a Buck Rogers lunch box. That entire school year, I took crap every single day for having a “boy’s” lunch box. It was terrible! But I stood my ground, and to this very day I still have that lunch box!

  149. Mari H. says

    My daughter had to have a new lunchbox every year. She had a metal Strawberry Shortcake one that I found at a garage sale. She loved it.

  150. Suzanne Timmsen says

    When a flood was eminent, we were sent to a local church for school. My mother put milk in a jar and on the way the sack dropped. When it was time for lunch I found a wet sandwich with a crack in the jar. I think someone gave me something else to eat but it was so long ago I’m not sure.

  151. Mary says

    I loved my Hello Kitty lunchbox. My lunch was never very exciting (usually turkey on wheat with an apple).

    mfalcon13 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  152. Amy says

    My daughter had to change schools in 3rd grade and she was very nervous. She wanted to pack her lunch the first 4 months and everyday I included a little note or silly drawing to brighten her day. (2 yrs later and she has tons of friends and only packs lunch for field trips) Now I have a son starting kindergarten and he said he’s nervous and wants to pack lunch from home, so here I go again : )

  153. Eileen Deliz says

    I remember my lunchboxes (multiples, since I used to loose at least one/yr). They were mostly made out of metal and when the plastic ones finally came out my mom didn’t like them since they could get fairly rancid. All lunchboxes from my era the 60’s) were Thermos brand and what I remember most was the inside of the Thermos container, it was made out of a glass-like (!) material. At least once a week, a kid would drop their container and that was it for their drink, since the drink was full of the shards. Somethings have definitely improved with time!

  154. chris in wyoming says

    My daughter is really into Bento boxes, so we’ve been trying to do those kinds of lunches lately.

  155. AB Smith says

    packing lunch is hard here. My son is picky so he doesn’t buy but he only eats things like hotdogs and chips when he’s at home. Really the only thing I can pack is PB crackers, chips and baby carrots,..wish I could find more that hew likes that doesnt require heating.

    thanks for sponsoring this.


  156. Rhonda Struthers says

    When I was a kid. My favourite lunch box was a pink plastic Barbie one. I was proud to carry it everywhere

  157. Becky says

    I never got to carry a lunch, my parents always thought it was better to have a ‘hot’ kids want to take lunch but if you leave it up to them lunch would be candy only.

  158. Rebecca Larsen says

    I always wished that I could take my lunch as a child. My mom made us eat at school. I say that as a bad thing without knowing how lucky we really were. I appreciate it now. Now with 3 kids in school, we are really trying to save money. Thanks!

  159. says

    I have tried everything with my son and school lunches. His school is very small and he has to take his lunch. Well, I have tried to send hot dogs, chicken nuggets (we are talking his favorite foods) none seem to work. I have just started packing snack foods… I know, I am a Horrible mom. But I have gotten so tired of throwing food away. So everyday I pack him several things to eat and that way he is at least eating something.
    .-= charlene canfield´s last blog ..Thank You Money Saving Mama in Michigan =-.

  160. sarah d. says

    I almost always make my kids lunch for school. I slip in little notes, special treats, stuff like that. Sometimes I surprise them by showing up to have lunch w/them at school. Fortunately they are still at the age where this is “cool”.

  161. Kimberly says

    I totally sported the Beauty and The Beast lunch box and loved Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls. Yes, I was a dork. :)

  162. Jason Nickolay says

    I remember my favorite thing ever was smoked salmon for a long time. Everyhting in my back pack smelled like smoked salmon. My books, my back pack, my locker, everything. I still love it, but I don’t take it with me everywhere


  163. J Chaborek says

    I remember carrying a Kiss lunchbox to school. My friend & I had the same lunchbox & we’d carry them around together. We used them as purses.

    I’d love to stumble on some cheap, gorgeous vintage lunchboxes. There are some fabulous ones out there.

    I love popping surprise notes & treats in lunchboxes.

  164. Betsy P says

    As a kid, I lived quite near school and ate at home. I always put jokes on 3X5 cards, loving notes, and/or puzzles in the lunch boxes of my kids.

  165. Margie says

    Great giveaway!!

    I had a plastic Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox when I was a kid. It had a distinct smell that I think I would recognize even today! My mom wrapped a lot in foil. I’m not sure what that was about! My favorite sandwich was peanut butter and marshmellow creme!

  166. autie says

    I remember one time when I was little I put a soda can in my lunch box and when I opened it at lunch it exploded everywhere.

  167. wendy wallach says

    In high school my other used to make me the most amazing lunches and I used to give them to people to get them to be my friend. Sad, but true!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  168. tabihta newhouse says

    I think the best one i have packed was for my sisters son as he is a really picky eater and he has his likes and dislikes i was about 6 1/2 months pregnant at the time and we were i nthe kitchen trying to make his lunch while his mom was working, he told me that he wanted a pb&j sandwich and he wanted to make it i told him it was on so he made it then asked for the pickels i grabed the small jar he then corrected me as he wanted the big pickel jarso after he was done making his lunch they left i was left cleaning up the mess that he made with the pb&j and pickel juice that it got me craving a pickel covered in peanut butter

  169. Paula H says

    My first lunch box was a Walt Disney World one. We had just moved to a little town outside of Orlando Florida. It was metal and came with a thermos. I used to get a new lunch box every year. The old ones would be used for crayons and small toys. Mom did keep one in the cabinet for when My sister or myself would forget or lunch boxes. After leaving it once over the weekend, Mom made me wash out the thermos. Gag. After that I was a little better about remembering.

  170. Kelly says

    My son takes the same thing in his lunch each and everyday a cheese sandwich and a baggie of grapes :)

    I guess he found something good and he’s sticking with it. :)

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  171. Jay F says

    I used to collect banana labels from my lunch and my friends lunches and glue them into the inside of my lunchboxes. I’d get a new lunchbox each year and at the end of the year, I’d be working on covering the outside. Even my teachers would get involved, I had a collection of price stickers from my 3rd grade teacher’s Tabs.

  172. Christie says

    OK, school lunches sucked when I was in school. Sucked, really. I wish my mom had packed one for me… with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

  173. jewel says

    When I was a kid I loved my lunch boxes. It was a huge deal to go get one. The orignal Tin kind that are worth a bundle now but of course I didn’t keep any.

  174. Kim H. says

    I’m a bit rushed in the morning, and perhaps not the best mom. My story is that my daughter often makes my lunch. Sometimes I complain when I know it’s going to be a bad day. On those days, I KNOW this sounds corny, she makes me happy pictures and hides them in my lunch. She is a doll!

  175. PETER SCHWALM says

    My lunch box was the coolest at the table. Buzz Lightyear space station with matching rocketship thermos. Come on, how can you beat that at 8 years old. My favorite lunch was ham and cheese sandwich and a rocketship full of tomato soup that was still pretty warm by 11:30am. Warm soup was the jetfuel i needed to get through the rest of the day.

  176. Summer says

    I used to have a Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox and loved to pack my lunch, but for some reason my mom would only let me pack 2 times a week. I think she wanted me to try different foods.

  177. Molly says

    My first lunchbox was metal and featured all of the Disney characters. My favorite thing was the matching thermos. We usually ate at school, and it was a real treat for Mom to pack our lunch.

  178. Bambi M says

    I had a strawberry shortcake lunchbox that I was *so* proud of! I loved opening it and finding what surprises I had for lunch. During the holidays I kept it in my room and put random things in it :)

  179. A.R. says

    As a child I had many lunchboxes, like Strawberry Shortcake, Mickey Mouse, Barbie and even a Star Wars one at one time, LOL. My food selections were pretty basic, I always loved peanut butter & grape jelly sandwiches, Cheetos, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk in my lunchbox and as I got older I moved onto a cheese sandwich with carrot sticks, a thermos of vegetable beef soup and juice. Needless to say, I still collect lunch boxes, vintage ones so I guess I’ll never outgrow those cute little tin boxes that always made me smile as a child. :-)

    Thanks for the contest. :-)

  180. says

    When I have the time and energy I make the girls and now Ian bento lunches. Take a little more time but so worth it. I also write them notes.

  181. Justine says

    Every year that my kids go back to school, I get online and search and search to find that special lunch box that they really want! I have ended up getting lunch boxes shipped to my house from Hong Kong even lol, I’m telling you they have some great deals and selection! I custom make their lunches every morning before I drive them to school, I want to make sure I treat them special so they know they are important and that they matter to me :D

  182. Sheila R says

    My favorite thing my mom put in my lunchbox was either pudding or cookies. I remember this one girl who always had chips and two desserts. I always wanted her to share with me. Sometimes she did.

  183. Astad says

    I had a blue plastic thermos when I was younger. I loved taking Chicken Noodle Soup to school. I wonder what ever happened to that thermos…

  184. Auriette says

    I was one of those deprived children who had to carry a brown paper lunch bag. My mom said the pretty colored lunchboxes (metal ones when I was growing up) were too expensive!

  185. Ellie W says

    My favorite lunch box when I was a kid was a Munsters one. It would probably be worth some money today. Wish my mom had saved it.

  186. Geoff K says

    I still remember my coveted Star Wars lunchbox that I used every day from kindergarten to sixth grade, long after my R2D2 thermos had most of its paint worn off and the box itself had seen much better days. I always looked forward to seeing what my mom had put inside, and on especially lucky days I got her homemade rice pudding, popcorn balls, and sometimes she’d even sneak Pepsi into that thermos (which could explain why I was such an energetic kid!). It’s great to read everyone’s memories and traditions with their lunchboxes – thanks for the fun giveaway!

  187. Leslie S. says

    I had a red plastic burger king lunch box as a kid.I remember it looked like someone took a bit out of the writing in the corner.Thanks!

  188. ryan says

    My dad found an old school metal lunch tin – you know, the ones construction workers would pack, with the top compartment for the thermos. Yeah, awesome. Anyhow, he works at a lumber mill, so perfect fit. He sandblasted, and just primered it black, include the thermos. Best lunchbox ever. He has no intention or desire to be hip, but he is – that’s the best kind of cool.

  189. Brenda Park says

    My lunchbox story? There is no story…just the fact that my mother (whom I love dearly…bless her heart) gave me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every darn day for my WHOLE school career!! I used to love them, but then hated them…wonder why? My son just loves them, and complains when I don’t pack them in his lunch. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  190. Sharon Seneker says

  191. Valeen N says

    I like to slip notes in my kids’ lunchboxes! They love looking for them and I love the fact that they know I’m thinking about them through the day!

  192. Debra F says

    When I have time, I cut their sandwiches into fun shapes with cookie cutters, but most the time, I just get to pack the normal lunch with the healthy snacks. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  193. Kelly F says

    I remember in third grade I really wanted a barbie lunchbox, but my family couldn’t afford one. My mom was so awesome that she hand decorated a plain pink lunchbox! All of my friends loved it!

  194. Amanda Dickerson says

    There were 5 of us and I was the last one in the family to begin school. I dreaded getting a hand me down lunchbox as the others were all boys and most of the lunchboxes were either cowboys or some definitely male. Money was kind of scarce with so many in the family. I remember the day I woke up to go to school for my first day and there on the table was a lunchbox which had been painted pink and although there were still cowboys on it, my brothers had made them into cowgirls! I was so proud of my lunchbox and so proud to have brothers who cared so much!

  195. says

    When I’m visiting my niece I like to sneak her favorite snacks in to her schoolbag / lunch – a York Peppermint Patty! She absolutely loves those little suckers and it just makes her day!

  196. Kimberly says

    I loved finding peanut butter & banana or peanut butter & honey sandwiches in my Bonanza lunchbox.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  197. Tiffany S. says

    I wish we still had the adorable tin lunch boxes. I know they aren’t very practical but I love them and love seeing all the different shows and what not on the tins. Thank you for the giveaway!

  198. Christy says

    I still like to put little notes in the lunch boxes. My older 2 are in middle school now and say it’s embarrassing, but I think they still like it.


  199. Kimberly Hall says

    When I was young, I had a Planet of the Apes lunchbox. I thought I was so cool.. It makes me giggle to think about it know.

  200. Dierdra Byrd says

    When I was growing up my favorite thing about going school shopping was picking out my lunchbox! I was always so proud of that! :) LOL

  201. georgie says

    Never had a lunchbox, always brown bagged. Like to give my son fruit or fruit cups, he especially likes the cups.

  202. Jennie says

    Growing up my mom did not have alot of money, so my grandmother, who favored my brother, would get him a new lunchbox every year and I got his “hand me down” from the year prior. I hated it, while all the other girls toted Care bears, Smurfs, Poppers (anybody remember them?) and Strawberry shortcake lunchboxes, I got to lug around GI Joe, Star Wars, Hulk Hogan, Speedracer, and Alf lunchboxes. But my mom always made me feel better with yummy fruit rollups and a hershey’s kiss which she never put in my brother’s lunchbox (she said it was our little secret)… Sweet!

  203. Jammie says

    My mom would pack us salads. They was so yummy. I packed my daughter her favorites. And her sandwiches i cut out with cookie cutters.

  204. BRIAN E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…Our Mom packed our lunches in brown paper bags, and in the winter she would pack a thermos (I think it had an NFL motif) with either our favorite soup or hot chocolate; several times a week she would pack a homemade brownie, or cookies.

  205. Erica C. says

    I always had the brown paper bag…I guess I never really cared, but the old lunch boxes with special designs are awesome!

  206. Paula Harmon says

    I always try to make the kids lunches fun. I keep a treat stash so they get treats in their lunch they won’t get any other time. Then sometimes I will show up at lunch time with hot soup, a cup of ice cream, or once in a while, fast food.

  207. Marie says

    Lately we’ve been having fun by making mini Bento style lunches for the kids to take — it’s fun to come up with ideas for what to include and the kids get to be very creative with it at times!

  208. felicia k says

    When my mom used to make me lunch, she would put a little letter in it. Like “Hope you’re having a good day” to “I love and miss you.” You get the idea!

  209. Veronica Garrett says

  210. Crystal F says

    My parents didn’t pack my lunches so I don’t have a story there. lol My youngest daughter just started school and she’s picky about her food so I know I will have to pack her lunch some. I’ve seen the cute little cards that you can put in their lunchbox so I think I’m going to get some of those to put in her box. Thank you!

  211. Sherry Eckman says

    Once in a while I will sneak in a note on a napkin placed on top of the lunch!! It’s something little that makes me feel good as a parent!

  212. Shannon says

    Where I got my first lunchbox there wasn’t much to choose from, I had a Disney lunchbox. I would have loved a Scooby lunchbox.

  213. Nicole Kay says

    My first lunchbox (early 80s) was a metal Holly Hobby lunchbox. After that the plastic ones became popular. But I always kept the metal one. I loved that thing! Thanks for the contest!

  214. Deb says

    I always wanted a “Wizard of Oz” lunchbox when I was little. Mom looked for one for me but couldn’t find one. Well, a few years ago I went into this little kitchy shop in Washington, DC, and what did I find? A “Wizard of Oz” lunchbox! You bet I bought it and I use it in my kitchen to store individually packed dried fruit for snacks.

  215. Megs says

    I remember my favorite plastic lunchbox from back in my school days- a she-ra box! I eventually got a cloth sack lunch bag in florescent yellow, because that’s what all the cool kids were doing.

  216. Maggie M says

    I love packing a healthy lunch for my little one. I also add a note that lets her know I love her and a sticker.

  217. Sheila Hickmon says

    My daughter is only in preschool so I dont pack a lunch for her yet, but I plan on putting little pictures in her lunch box next year. Like a little smiley face or a heart or something. My mom did that for me when I was a kid, and it always made my day! Thanks for the giveaway!

  218. K2K says

    I remember buying a new lunchbox every year for back to school. That was so much more exciting than my later years with a plain brown bag.

  219. Renee Turner says

    When I was young, my mom would pack peanut butter and jelly on Ritz crackers. It was the only thing I would eat for lunch. I remember wanting a Strawberry Shortcake luchbox but never got one-mine was a hand me down.

  220. Beth says

    They love sliced apples/oranges! Every now and then I’ll sneak in a candy bar or cut their sandwich in the shape of a heart or star. They get a kick out that. :)

  221. Pamela S says

    My son is an incredible boring creature of habit. He’s not in HS and every day for YEARS he’s taken peanut butter on a bagel, some baby carrots, and a few cookies. EVERY DAY!!!

  222. Karen says

    I remember having a Peanuts lunchbox in kindergarten, then begging my mom to let me buy a Holly Hobbie metal lunchbox when I started first grade. I loved that lunchbox (I think we bought it at Woolworth’s — oh my, I’m old!) My first grader now has a soft sided soccer ball lunch box, and he usually takes a peanut butter and honey sandwich, some kind of fruit, chocolate milk in a thermos, and a couple of cookies.

  223. Kerry says

    I used to pack myself as many snacks I could fit inside my bad without my parents finding out. I usually would work…:)

  224. Charity says

    I had a little blue Smurfs lunchbox. I really love that lunchbox, because that was my favorite show. I would get up early on the weekeends,just to watch the show.


  225. carol ~ says

    For when I was a kid I remember we had glass thermoses and my Mom would sometimes even pack a hotdog in there for me for lunch! LOL It was so funny pulling it out of there! I never did that to my kids and they probably would kill me if I do!

  226. Jeg says

    I use to have one of those metal lunch box that had Strwaberry Short Cake on it. Inside I would have a thermos with the Tang powder drink that I had to add water. My older sister actually used it one time to hit a bully over the head with. Now I understand why we no longer have those kinds of lunch boxes.

  227. Tricia says

    I remember my first lunchbox was a Barbie. It was pink with white hearts. I felt like a little princess. I used to drink from the thermos throughout the day because I loved it so much.

  228. Joanne Schultz says

    We used brown paper bags in my day!. Lunch was usually a sandwich and a piece of fruit.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  229. Bridget Michelle Combs says

    My very first lunchbox was Holly Hobbie. My mom took a photo of me with my lunchbox on my first day of kindergarten. However, the photo was taken right in front of her see thru liquor/ wine cabinet. Classic! While my mom wasn’t a lush, she was a young mom and 20 yrs old at the time. So we still get a kick out of that inappropriate photo. Myself, Holly Hobbie and Blue Nun!

  230. Helen says

    My kindergarten lunchbox was Holly Hobbie and it was metal. When I entered the first grade they didn’t sell the metal ones anymore or at least that was what my mom told me and I got a yellow plastic one with Miss. Piggy on a motorcycle.

  231. Beverly M says

    I remember a Barbie one I had. Everyday my mother packed the same thing in it, a sandwich, a banana and a few cookies. This is a nice giveaway. Thanks for having the contest!

  232. Nancy S. says

    My mother used to write me notes on my napkin in my lunchbox. I tried this with my own kids and they thought it was stupid, but I remember thinking it was really special.

  233. dawn says

    I think I used brown bags until I kept begging for a real lunchbox. I finally got a Barbie one Man did I think i was cool. I usually had a sandwich, fruit and 2 cookies.

  234. says

    I always wanted to bring my own lunch to school, but mom always insisted that I buy school lunch. I would have loooved to have a lunchbox!

  235. Charlene Kuser says

    I had a Cinderella lunchbox,that I loved.I was so proud to carry it
    around it made me feel like a princess.My mom used to make the best
    tuna fish sandwiches.They were so yummy,my kids won’t eat them.
    They like bologna and cheese or peanut butter and jelly.They
    also like their jello packs or pudding packs.A box of raisins
    or snack pack of fruit and they are happy campers.They don’t like
    the fancy lunch bags,they like the solid insulated ones.I sneak
    goldfish in the boxes and add a note,eat all your lunch please.
    They don’t have a lot of time and I tell them not to share,because
    the school won’t let them and they will get in trouble

  236. Angela Harris says

    I am a Huge KISS fan and own all the Lunch boxes from the 70’& 80’s, My favorite being the Destroyer Lunchbox…I used to love to pack all kinds of Pickles, Kisher Dill, Bread and Butter, and andy kind of cheese, Mom always stuck a piece of fruit in them, and of course a sandwich..usually PB&j

    I have now bought all my 4 kids their own KISS luchboxes, you are NEVEr too old for them.

  237. Heather C says

    My mom always packed healthy stuff in my Snoopy lunchbox. It was big and yellow and I was always jealous of all the cool stuff everyone else got in their lunches. Now I know that I had healthy stuff ‘cuz my mom cared! Thanks, Mom!

  238. Stacy says

    I remember using a care bears lunchbox with a matching drink container. I was happy with my lunchbox but the ones made today are way cooler; some look like cute purses. When I make my sons lunch I try to use dinosaur shapes or make a smiley face.

  239. Andrea says

    I have to get creative. I have to pack my daughters lunch everyday. She is on a gluten free diet, they serve nothing in that way at her school. I have found that the gluten free products are very expensive. I will buy then sometimes, but more often I am thinking of other things to make