Back to School Apparel Tool: Build, Track, and Purchase Your Closet for Less

Trying to get the most for you buck can sometimes be a challenge but there are tools & resources that can help.  Closet for Less, Walmart’s new apparel mix & match tool, will help you set a budget, build a closet by mixing and matching items, and allow you print your list for back to school shopping.

There were a few things I loved about this tool.

1) I set a budget.  It has a bar to let you know where you’re at within that budget and how much more you can spend before going over.  I loved this.  I found that being able to see how close I was to my $150 budget, allowed me to make changes so that I didn’t go over.   I could simply find another shirt that costs less than one in my closet, completely remove the shirt and maybe add some shorts, and even add in some name brand shoes like AND1.

2) Print your shopping list.  Once I added all the items that were within my budget, I simply printed the list to take to the store.  It gave me the item, a small picture of what it looked like and the price.  This is a great way to stay organized and on track and visuals are always helpful when shopping.

3) Mix & Match outfits.  I loved being able to mix and match all the pieces in my closet.  It’s a great visual tool and allowed me to see that Khaki dress pants don’t go with everything.   In fact, it was nice to see which shoes would look the best with those particular pants.  It gave me fresh ideas on what else I might could buy to make more outfits without buying whole outfits, but instead a piece or two.

You can save your closets, save all your outfits and once you make an outfit, you can even change the colors around if available for that product.  All the hot brands that you would expect to see are available; Hanes, Wrangler, AND1, Timex, and even the graphic tees like Angry Birds.  Good stuff and great prices!

I really did find it useful and wish I could make my own closet, just for me!  Happy Shopping y’all! P.S. See everything I got for Truett in my Walmart apparel haul. 22 items for $100!



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