Back to School Shopping – Walmart Apparel Haul for Truett

Don’t we all just love shopping for school clothes? *rolling eyes*  It’s not so bad with boys but girls? eeeesh, I can only imagine!  Luckily I have boys who are laid back and easy to please, which makes shopping a breeze.  Truett, my handsome lil’ cowpoke, has grown a great deal. He needs everything this year; underwear, socks, pants, and shirts.  He’ll be six in September but the boy is thick.  He’s stocky just like his daddy and brother.

We did a Walmart fashion haul for Truett’s clothes and got 22 items for $96.96, which was under my budget of $100.  WOOHOO!  Truett can’t read these shirts but when we read them to him, he just cracked up and HAD TO HAVE!  I love his personality.  Lots of tshirts, polo shirts, jeans, socks, and even a package of underwear!

Truett will have tons of outfits for Kindergarten and I’m excited that I didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg for them.  I think Walmart’s apparel department has greatly improved over the years. I easily found the different styles and items and our store was great at keeping everything organized.  I actually took a good 30-45 minutes shopping through it all to find my stuff.

How much do you spend on school clothes for your kids?




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    Lori! I love you. This is a great video. You are just so real, genuine…it is like we are sittin’ around your kitchen table chattin’ about what we’ve been up to – school shoppin’ for our kiddos. I’ve started my video but having trouble so you’ve got me thinking outside the box!