Back to School Snack – Peanut Butter Honey Crackers, Like Grandma Made

For the first time in 5 years, all of my boys will be in school.  Tyler is a Senior, Toby a Sophomore, and Truett a Pre-k’r.  It’s a bittersweet moment you know?  The youngest is growing up and one will be graduating.  It’s surreal to me right now and all I can think about tonight is how fast time has flown by these past few years and well, it made think of my grandma.  I miss her so much and I just wish we she could be here to share in these experiences with me.

When I got thinking about school snacks and my grandma, it made me think of one of our favorite snacks to have together; peanut butter honey crackers.  Although me and my grandma ate them as late night snack, I thought my last evening with Truett before he heads off to school tomorrow would make for a perfect time to recreate similar memories.

You can’t get any easier than this guys.  You simply need peanut butter, honey, and crackers.  Mix the honey and peanut butter to taste and spread on the cracker.    Use two crackers to make a sandwich and you can put them in a ziploc baggie for  your kiddo’s lunchbox!

Truett absolutely loved them. I’ve recreated a memory that was always special to me and I hope that will be special to him one day.

What back to school snacks will you be making for your kids? 


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    Pam says

    My mom use to make my brother and I , peanut butter karo syrup on white bread. I had almost forgotten how good it was. Thanks for reminding me… :)

  2. 2

    OH, honey on top?! My Mom was uber thrifty and had a daycare for most of my years at home. We did a lot of the crackers and PB, but we never did honey on top. Our biggest snack was graham crackers with PB spread on them. Now I’m thinking honey on all of them lol

  3. 3

    Jeannie says

    To change this recipe, try this: Another Fun After-school Snack

    Creamy style Peanut butter
    Marshmallow fluff
    Mini size chocolate chip pieces
    Graham Crackers

    On one cracker spread peanut butter
    On another cracker spread marshmallow fluff
    Sprinkle a few chocolate chip pieces on peanut butter
    Put the two crackers together: this is like a “s’more sandwich”.
    This goes great with a cold glass of milk.
    :) Jeannie

  4. 4

    I eat something similar but a little more healthy. I mix creamy peanut butter with honey and dip sliced apples and make it my breakfast or dinner at night. If I do not eat dinner at night and have this, I drop almost 1 pound a day. I try to make my lunch my big meal of the day.

    When I did childcare in my home I gave them crackers and peanut butter also as well as the apples.

  5. 5

    John wong says

    My mom use to make my brother and I , peanut butter karo syrup on white bread. I had almost forgotten how good it was. Thanks for reminding me…