Being a First Time Voter

Over the years, I’ve never really cared enough about politics to give a darn.  For some reason this year, I was very interested and thought it was time I register to vote.   There have been so many things that I’ve learned in the last 6 months, some good, some irritating, but it’s been an interesting process for me.


The debates have been a blast to watch.  It’s hard to know who is stretching the truth but thanks to some great political friends, I keep several fact checker sites bookmarked.   I actually really like this too because I get to see who flat out lied and who is trying to stretch things by making them sound worse…or better.  What I do find sad though, is all the people that don’t use a fact checker to get the real truths.  They simply watch and take it for what it is, which can be quite misleading in my opinion.

Knowledge is good! I’ve learned so much about our country, the candidates, and the election process.  When I first became interested, I felt like Melanie Griffith in Born Yesterday….you know, dumb and intimidated.  I feel much more confident about what I’ve learned and voting.

It’s MY choice.  I get to vote for who *I* want as President, with confidence.


DRAMA.  My goodness the drama that comes with politics is just crazy!  It’s no wonder so many don’t share their opinions and discuss politics. They have to deal with the ‘know-it-alls’ whose candidate can do no wrong and is perfect.  Or at least that’s how I see it coming across.

The bashing is ridiculous.  If you’re trying to sway me and get my vote for your candidate, you’re doing it wrong.  I have been so sick and tired of the name calling, bashing, and pointing fingers bit.  You want me to vote your way, tell me why. Don’t tell me why I shouldn’t vote for his competitor, but why I should vote for your guy.  There were several instances where I asked questions like “What is his take on this matter?” and the replies were only telling me what the other candidate’s views were and why they were bad.  It was annoying.  Reminds me of 5th grade.


The hardest part of this whole thing for me has been figuring out which way to go.   I went in blind, not knowing anything about either candidate to reading & learning so much about each one.  The problem I’ve had is this–So much of how our family is, is based on morals, character, and respect.   I absolutely HATE Romney’s personality.  I feel like he’s extremely rude, gets irritated very quickly, and tries to be overbearing.  I think the way a man speaks and acts is a big sign of what kind of person he is inside.   While Obama can sometimes come across as arrogant, I feel like he’s more genuine but I’m not sure he’s done enough to get my vote.  He’s had 4 years to make things happen and I’m just not seeing what I need to see.   I realize that the heart probably shouldn’t matter in this case, however, my heart can’t help but want to favor someone who has a little more respect than the other.   At this point, I feel like neither candidate can take this country where it needs to go.  With that said though, I will be voting in a few days, taking everything I’ve learned into consideration, and picking the man who I feel will benefit America more.   It may be the business man who can take a more ruthless approach to things to git-r-done or it may be the man who is said to have been cleaning up Bush’s junk these past 4 years.  I am still undecided but will be praying about my vote, asking God to give me the wisdom to pick the right man for the job.



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    • says

      As I told Steph below….I think they don’t vote because they feel like their votes wont’ matter. At least that’s why I haven’t ever voted. Plus it’s a very confusing, overwhelming subject and so many people don’t even begin to understand the field of politics. So them just voting for whoever, could potentially hurt us even more….idk. I can only speak for myself as a beginner.

  1. Steph says

    What makes me upset is Americans who dont vote. We are not guareenteed this right, people had to die for our right to vote and being a woman we had to fight hard for our right to vote. That being said, I can understand why you think Romney is rude however, I think he knows excatly what needs to be done to turn this country around and its not what has been happening that last 4 years I can tell you that. I am ready for someone to actually change the direction America is taking and its not the current president that can do that, if so he had 4 years to do it why is it now all of a sudden his time to shine. He had 4 years to create jobs now he has a better plan that plan should have happened 4 years ago. Not during political statements of promises that he cant keep. He had the house and congress on his side when he first took office what is his excuse?

    • says

      I completely understand your points Steph. In my opinion, I think people don’t vote because they feel like their vote won’t matter. Also, I think it’s an overwhelming subject that so many can’t seem to understand.

      I never said I didn’t think Romney couldn’t do the job. I only stated that I don’t like his character at all. And I have no clue about the past 4 years with Obama since I have never been interested in any of it. My whole point to the post is that I do want to vote and I won’t be intimidated by others who want me to vote for their guy.

      Maybe Obama did screw up the last 4 years…maybe he’s cleaning up Bush’s mess…I don’t know. I can only go on what I have learned and vote with who I think has our best interest.

      Happy Voting!

  2. Lauralee Hensley says

    Well as a Christian, I can say God really didn’t speak about politics too much in the Bible. Except to say, Give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s. Basically pay your taxes. Yet, he did give us other information in the Bible, such as to respect life of little ones (he even goes on to say that it is better that a millstone be hung around a persons neck than to harm little the little ones he has created), he also told us to respect the family as he planned it to be, he also in John chapter 3 talks about the plan of salvation and the curse that comes upon people that choose to change the plan as he has it laid out. So, I know I can’t just pick who I want based on my own personal feelings, but that I need to look at what God’s plans are in the Bible and see if a candidate has respect for things God told us to have respect and protection for. God’s plan trumps my plan on some occasions and not on others. People really should use fact sheets to best track what the candidates have and are doing and then if a Christian compare them to those areas of the Bible where God gave us clear instruction on what’s really important. See in the Bible, God didn’t talk about health care plans, so we can’t compare that. He didn’t talk distinctly about a job plan (but I know he felt people should work), so we can’t totally compare that. Yet he did talk about life and its’ importance, about family and its’ importance. Prayer helps guide you in your vote as a Christian, only if you’re willing to listen to the answer from God, even if it’s not the answer you wanted. That’s where I am as a Christian and I know some would disagree.

    • Lauralee Hensley says

      I thought I’d add, where I wrote above sometimes God’s plan trumps my plans to let you know, I didn’t used to get all up in arms about aborption. I always thought why should I give money to stop aborption because the aborted babies go to heaven and that’s better than being with a parent that doesn’t really want them. Well, I expressed that verbally once to someone from a church I went to. I explained I’d rather have my money go to orphanages or to missionaries where there may be people that need the plan of salvation taught to them, so they can have a chance at making the right choose and go to heaven when their time came. I said the little aborted babies are already there. Well, let me tell you that the HOLY SPIRIT really got ahold of me after saying this. The HOLY SPIRIT let me know that this was definitely wrong thinking on my part, that this wasn’t what GOD had planned for these little babies. So now me and my husband are giving a little money to help support a home for unwed mothers. There is a peace that came back the minute I realized and asked GOD for forgiveness of my wrong thinking. How do I know how an unborn baby might or might not impact my own life in the future. Perhaps when I am old and need an ambulance to come and take me to the hospital that maybe an unaborted baby might have grown up to be the EMT that would save my own life. I don’t know GOD’s plans for those babies, but GOD knows and his plans are always better than mankinds plans.

  3. Lauralee Hensley says

    Someone just reminded me, the Bible does talk about medical care in a way. The Good Samaritan Story. People that Christians should when needed help others who have medical needs. Yet, they reminded me that in the Good Samaritan Story, if wasn’t the government that helped the individual in need, it was a kind hearted individual that did it. The government didn’t take money from each and everyone who passed by the person in need to form a pool of money that could pay for the person in distress’ medical care. No the kind hearted individual took it upon himself to do it and without fan fare or self promotion to do it.

  4. Colleen Sowa says

    I have been studying both sides….. I have voted since I turned 18 years old…… I have voted Republican and Democrat…. I am a Morman….. and I wouldn’t vote for Romney iif I was paiid to! I think Obama has done a fabulous job of cleaning up George Bush’s messes…. especially since the Republicans vowed to NeVER cooperate with the new President…… (frankly… that is the only thing they have kept thier word on….)

    i hope everyone votes for Obama! Especially now….. when even Republicans are coming forward to back Obama up…..!!!

    it is a brave thing you did writing this article….. Good for you! xo Colleen

  5. MWThompson says

    Very interesting – apparently fact checking is not being done to the full extent possible in relation to certain comments being made. If done, then it would be obvious that this has nothing to do with cleaning up after Bush. It is pure ignorance for folks to make this comment really and it keeps coming up. We should be looking at the big picture instead of running with what others say.