Big Spring’s Oil Explosion

There was a huge oil refinery explosion on Monday at Big Spring that shook the town and even some surrounding towns.  My sister-in-law lives about 30 miles away and said they could feel the boom!  According to Fox News, there were 4 injuries.  One with serious burns and the others treated and released.  From what I understand, the blast was so powerful that it forcefully opened a schools admin. doors that was 4 miles away.  HOLY COW!  It was also said to shatter several windshields!  Interstate 20 was closed down for a long time because of the fumes and smoke which made for quite the traffic jam.   I bet ya these workers go to get a life insurance quote after this ordeal!  What do you think?





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  1. 1

    Andrea says

    HOLY SMOKES!!! That is a huge explosion!! Those pictures are amazing. I am glad nobody was seriously hurt!! WOW!!!

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    sommer says

    Yeah, wonder how toxic the air is out there? Yikes! Yeah, thank the Lord nobody was hurt. How scary to be a family member of an employee there! Did you see my blog was mentioned in the New York Times?

    sommer’s last blog post..A TOXIC story that will break your heart!

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    Tanyetta says


  4. 4

    seeing things like that do make you thing about life and that and how easy it can be taken away,

    who ever took them pic WOW they have some skills

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    corrin says

    it makes me sick every time something like this happens because my dad has worked at the bp oil refinery outside of chicago my entire life.

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    Leigh says

    That’s crazy! I am glad no one was hurt.

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    Chrystal says

    Yeppers, everybody is talking about it around here! Glad no one was hurt too bad!

  8. 8

    Doug Lewis says

    My knees went weak when I heard about the explosion. I worked in that refinery a few years back.