Bissell Deep Cleaner Premier Review

Over time, carpet tends to feel matted and look dingy. Vacuuming removes dirt and debris but as time wears on, the carpet gradually loses its shine and finish. When we moved in this house, the carpets were pretty bad so in order for our carpets to look decent, we have to deep clean them regularly.   The Bissell Deep Cleaner Premier is a carpet cleaner that uses hot water shampooing to get at tough hidden stains, leaving behind a fresh looking, clean carpet.



  • Heatwave Technology – Simply shampooing carpet isn’t enough. Instead this cleaner uses a proprietary heatwave technology that heats a mixture of water and cleaning formula to a high enough temperature that ensures thorough cleaning of the carpet.
  • Lesser Refills Required – The larger tank accommodates 25 percent more shampoo solution than before. Its designed as a 2 in 1 tank with a larger capacity top side and a smaller capacity bottom side. Lesser trips to the sink mean a longer cleaning cycle and increased efficiency.
  • PowerBrush Technology – With 10 rows of cleaning brushes, you can loosen and remove the toughest dirt stains in the carpet. Arranged in a haphazard manner they are designed to move independently and attack the carpet fibers loosening them up and releasing dirt from the deepest crevices.
  • Surround Cleaning – With brush rolls to the sides, its easy cleaning around furniture and the baseboard. These EdgeSweep brushes help dry out the carpet faster as they increase the effective suction area.
  • Add-On Tool – A long reaching 9 inch hose and a 3 inch tough stain tool helps manage upholstery, stairs, hard to reach areas. Where the larger unit can’t reach, this tool can handle the vacuuming and shampooing.

Our Experience

Compared to the 2X ProHeat models, this carpet cleaner does not feature an on-board heating mechanism that you can manually operate. Instead, you are supposed to add in hot water to the tanks at the beginning. The heatwave technology simply keeps water hot by channeling the extra heat from the motor to the tank and the brush heads. Personally, we found this system to work just fine. In fact, after a pre-rinse of the carpet with just hot water, we found the tank to contain dirty water. Removing it is simple enough as the tank detaches easily and refills quickly too.  For the main run, we used a bit of the free Bissell cleaning shampoo and topped the tank to full. Every time you wish to spray at the carpet, you release a button that steams the carpet thoroughly. At places where we saturated the carpet, it took at least three passes to dry the region out. And for normal stains we required a single pass to remove and dry the carpet at the same time. Because of the larger tanks, we manage to get more out of the cleaner in each refill. However, everytime you change the water, you have to once again add the cleaning solution. If you stick with the Bissell agent that comes free with this cleaner then make sure not to use more than 5 ounce of it for a full tank.

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Normally, vacuuming carpets is enough but every once or twice a year, deep cleaning it tends to reanimate the life of the fibers bringing out a fluff, luster and feel.  Of course, if you live on a ranch, cleaning your carpets once a month might be a better idea.  The Bissell Deep Cleaner Premier feels like a solid machine designed to last long and light too. Larger capacity, efficient cleaning and additional onboard upholstery wand makes this a definite must have.  You can purchase this carpet cleaner at Walmart for $188.88.

Disclosure: I am an official Walmart Mom. Walmart has provided me with compensation and gift card in return for my time & efforts to create this post. Opinions are my own, always.

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  1. Becky Gifford says

    So I am posting to as if you felt it pulled the water back out of your carpet well enough. I have always had had this problem with the more “home ” type machines.

    I really miss your postings! You need to let us know what you are doing even if it is a bad day.. or a busy day.. we can pray for you.