Blissful Emotions

I was in Nashville early Feb attending the Blissdom Conference and I have to say that for me this year, it was the best I’ve attended since I started blogging.  It was positive, emotional, and fun.

I spoke at last year’s conference and was quite happy to NOT speak this year.  I don’t do well speaking in front of folks and of course it was very relaxing to not have any obligations from sponsors.  The location, Opryland (Gaylord) Hotel, was perfect. PLENTY of space, beautiful scenery, and full of helpful employees.  My advice for bloggers next year (if held at the same place) would be to take a roller bag.  It’s a decent little walk from many of the rooms to where the sessions were held.  And that’s not a complaint at all. I LOVED the space in fact.  I felt like  I could breathe, like I could get away if need be.

Wednesday Workshops

The only workshop I attended was the writing one where my girl Arianne was speaking.  I loved the small groups and the personal attention that was given because it was a small group.  I loved the conversation and of course, the writing assignment.  Something so simple even showed me that I had emotion in the simplest of sentences once I investigated. My only complaint was price which is why I didn’t get into other workshops.  I’d really like to see it go down per workshop next year but the concept should absolutely stay.

Opening Speaker

The opening speaker was Kevin Carroll.  THIS was the highlight of the conference for me.  Kevin brought out more emotion in me with his story that it literally took me a good 30 minutes to quit crying.  His story is phenomenal and he himself is an absolute delight.  I can honestly say that I was truly jealous of those women who got the boxes filled with his goodies and of those who got a red ball.  If you don’t know his story, you should absolutely take the time to get his books or better yet, find out where he’ll be speaking at and go there and listen to his amazing journey through life.  When I met him later on that day, he was so kind.  I started to cry when we started talking about an emotional subject and he was comforting, encouraging, and made me feel deserving of things I  often push away from that feeling of unworthiness.  What a special man he is.



I attended several sessions.  They all went well in my opinion.  As a seasoned blogger(gawd I feel old), I don’t know that I actually took anything new away from the sessions I attended because I can honestly say that I had the thoughts “I could be on that panel”.  I do think they were very informative for many bloggers though and all the speakers I witnessed did an outstanding job on their panel.

The “nightlife”, food, and swag

The evenings were very enjoyable.  The cocktail party, Harry and casual Saturday evening were wonderful with the Saturday evening being my favorite. I LOVED that they had a movie to watch, a CANDY BAR, plenty of snacks and drinks, karaoke and of course the cool Hanes swag.  Speaking of swag…..I thought the swag was great. Not too much, not too little.  It was all great stuff in great bags of course.  I really loved getting the little package before blissdom with coupons, etc.  What a nice surprise!  The food was great in my opinion.  No complaints at all.

Overall, I had such a grand time with my girlfriends (something I truly needed) and thoroughly enjoyed the conference. I networked, I danced, I laughed, I cried……..all were blissful emotions.

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  1. says

    thanks for sharing…kevin was definitely one of my highlights as well! and allowing me to be “vanna” for him and pass out balls? yeah…that was awesome!

    so great to finally meet you in person! and look….I’m commenting….not stalking!

    lisa :)
    .-= lisa aka thebeadgirl´s last blog ..FREE Hugs! =-.

  2. Faythe@GMT says

    Welcome back!
    Sounds like everyone had a great time. I hope I am able to meet up some day soon with all you wonderful ladies :)

  3. says

    I missed Kevin Carroll and from everything I’ve read so far it sounds like a motivational talk I really needed to hear!

    Great to see you boogyin’ down on the dance floor at Blissdom Friday night! :)

  4. says

    after hearing you talk about blissdom, your girl bonding, and what a conference it was, i’m sad i wasn’t there for the girl bonding. i could use an escape too but feel selfish & guilty about leaving my family. can’t wait to research this speaker and see if i can read a book of his to learn this inspiring story that everyone says was so moving. wonderful seeing you in disney. xoxo col
    .-= ClassyMommy´s last blog ..Win Khakis from Dockers =-.