Blogging with Cents: Avoiding Bloggers Debt

How much do you spend on your blog  a year?  Have you bought ads on blogs only to have poor results in the end, or spend money on designs & hosting fees only to find yourself in bloggers debt?  We all do it at some point or another so let’s face it head on and figure out how to avoid bloggers debt.


It’s always a good idea to have a budget in any financial situation and blogging is no exception.  Things to include are:

  • promotions (contests & giveaways)
  • ebooks
  • courses
  • books
  • software
  • hosting
  • Designs
  • domains
  • advertising
  • Conference fees
  • traveling costs (events, eats,etc)


1) Instead of advertising on a site, try cutting costs down by asking if you can do a guest post on their site.  You’re getting your voice out there and encouraging traffic to your site, for no cost except time.

2) If you are given a per-diem to go to an event. Use it on the trip. I know that sounds silly but I know people who either use them before they go and then use their own money on the trip or who use their per-diem money here and there, with their own money.  Most expenses incurred on a trip is at the airport and out of sheer boredom.  I always recommend buying food snacks at a store before going to the airport.  That way you’re only spending on drinks which are already expensive enough.

3) Search for coupons before purchasing software, ebooks, plugins, and even domains.  There are tons of sales on just about everything so keep your eyes peeled before making a purchase.

4) If you’re not already asking your PR peeps to ship directly to the winner, you need to be. I very seldom mail anything myself.  If you do need to, keep records of it all for a tax write-off.

5) Pay for domains in advance. You get a better rate if you pay for a domain for 10yrs instead of paying for it yearly. Google likes it too…they like to know that you’re serious about being long term on the web.


The hardest part of budgeting in my opinion is staying within your budget.

Really, you simply need to sit back and think about what you are going to buy.  Do you really need it?  What are the benefits of it? Etc…..Wait a day or at least several hours and if you are still as passionate about buying it as you were, then buy it,  and if you’re not, it probably means you don’t need it.


I suggest you track all your spending so that you can see where your money is going and your spending patterns.  This is essential anyways for tax season so make it a habit.  Look at each month or week and see how you spent your money and how you could have cut costs and apply what you’ve learned on future spending.


You all of the sudden feel the need to upgrade your camera because you want better pictures because EVERYONE is into photography now….Instead, invest in a Scott Kelby book and learn how to improve your pictures with the camera you have.

You see a newly released ebook that the writer says is a must have but stop and think first.  Wait a week or even two to see what others say about it or to see if the writer decides to give it away, which happens often.

Ask if your friends have whatever it is you’re after. Maybe y’all can barter or so

Final Words

I know it’s extremely hard to follow a budget but it’s such a necessary thing to do.  Just remember to stop and think about your purchase first and always do your research.  Research and analysis are key to a successful blogging career.


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  1. 1

    Jennifer says

    Great post,

    Last year I was in Blogger’s Debt and when I reached $700-$800 I paid in shipping I knew I needed to turn things around and fast! Now I actually have a bit of a turnaround (wish it was as good as the numbers in that picture lol) and I know better. But it was an important lesson to learn! Now I stay on track and just mope when I can’t afford something ;)
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Shaun the Sheep: Little Sheep of Horrors | DVD Review =-.

  2. 2

    Shannon says

    Excellent post!! I think many of us don’t even know what we are really spending on our blogs — and we most certainly should. I also think its ironic that many frugal bloggers who are writing about money, can’t even tell you what their monthly expenses are. I think every blogger should read this post before they start out!

    If your blog is your business, you have to think about it in business terms. I think every blogger who treats their blog as a business should do a monthly profit and loss statement, to keep their expenses in check. (sorry thats my inner accountant coming out) I think many would be surprised at how much money they actually are spending! Also, by doing it monthly, it keeps it in the forefront of your mind. This doesn’t have to be elaborate, it can be a simple spreadsheet or even on a tablet. Just knowing where you spend money is important.

    Thanks for this post!
    .-= Shannon ´s last blog ..When Your Cashier Says No =-.

  3. 3

    Kirsten says

    I am glad I read this. Great tips! So far I am NOT in Blogger Debt and now I know what to look out for. Have a super Thursday!
    .-= Kirsten´s last blog ..Scentsy Opening in Canada =-.

  4. 4

    Alyson says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Lori! Consider me tutored for September! Just what I had been thinking about! Thanks fully, I am almost out of blogger debt with one more payment on my laptop but your tips were just the ideas I needed!

  5. 5

    Great tips Lori! I spend very little on blogging normally, but my peeve is the spur of the moment software etc purchases.
    .-= Katja of Skimbaco´s last blog ..I Confess… I did it too. And it WAS Therapeutic. =-.

  6. 6

    Krista says

    Thanks so much for this post. I’m just sort of delving into this blogging world and it’s good to have a little insight!
    .-= Krista´s last blog ..Pretty School =-.

  7. 7

    I am glad that I read this. I really don’t think that I can afford to go into debt after just starting my blog a few weeks ago. I hope to be able to be successful, and not spending money that I don’t have.
    .-= Gema @ fashion Cents For Mom´s last blog ..BOGO….Wallflowers =-.

  8. 8

    What a great article. When I got started I looked at the costs as investments. Now that I have a biz account set up for Momtrends, LLC I am much more budget-conscious. I also recommend getting multiple quotes. I recently had a bunch of badges made and got four quotes before selecting a designer–then I negotiated the price down. I was thrilled with the results and will use her again.
    .-= Nicole Feliciano´s last blog ..momtrends: It’s Accessory Day at Momtrends and I just posted my latest contest. =-.

  9. 9

    Great insight Lori!

    It is crazy how expensive a habit blogging can be in both money and time.

    And yes, do NOT ship giveaway products yourself. We almost never do.

  10. 10

    Thank you for this post. I think far too many of us are spending too much on our blogs and making almost nothing from them. We need to turn that around ;)


  11. 11

    Jenn @ Beautiful Calling says

    Great thoughts. I haven’t invested a whole lot though I am on a list with a designer for a custom design. Thank you for sharing. After reading this, I will be quite careful to consider what I am truly spending…

  12. 12

    This is a great article. I have participated in various reviews and giveaways where I have received useful products for my blog. I won a Kodak HD video/still shot camera and participated in a Logitech Mom Blogger event where I received an top of the line webcam. I use both of these items for my blog on a regular basis.
    .-= Maria@SavingQueen´s last blog ..Victoria’s Secret – HOT Printable Coupon! Expires on 9/28/09 =-.