Blogging with Cents – Selling Ads Privately

Bloggers all over face the same problem. A great idea, a great blog that isn’t translating into a great moneymaker. MostAdSpaceLaunch bloggers first reach for Google Adsense and affiliate links. Both tools are a smart way to get started, but you may soon discover it is just not enough. The question is, “What do I do?”

Once you’ve built up a solid traffic flow then you can start selling ads to local companies that compliment your blog. Even though I have a national audience, my blog, still reaches a local audience as well. For example, I’ve found with my blog, the advertisers like to see at least 250,000 page views per month. is a coupon/money-saving blog, so it made sense to approach advertisers who directly benefit from my content. The result? The first advertiser was a local grocery store chain and they have been thrilled with the response. A contract is drawn up outlines the specifics which includes where the ad will be placed, how long it will run, etc.

A win- win for the advertisers and my blog is all of the media I do. I have weekly segments on the television, write a monthly article for a local magazine and guest host a radio show. If you want local media coverage of your blog, you have to aggressively pursue it. Promote yourself and if the content is good, the media will come. Media coverage not only brands you locally, but also nationally. That way, when you approach an advertiser they already have a general idea of what you do and who you are.

Even our local advertisers love the national traffic flow, as it also gets their name and company out there. Since my blog centers around coupons, I strongly recommend that my advertisers offer coupons to our users. In fact, many of the ads are actually coupons. This not only benefits my blog, but the advertiser as well.

You know your blog and content more than anyone. When pitching your blog to advertisers you must focus on how your content can reach their customers. Know your audience and know your potential advertiser’s audience. Talk about the benefits the company would receive by advertising with you versus other media outlets. Your price points should be predetermined and need to correlate with the traffic you receive. Whatever your price is, stick to it. I would also advise against signing long term advertising contracts because you may undersell your blog. For example, an ad that you sell for $50 today could be worth $150 in six months.

Create a demand to advertise on your site by providing excellent content and the advertisers will follow. Your blog should be a blog that no company could resist!

Guest Post:  Sarah Roe teaches thousands how to save money on her blog with daily deals, forums and online workshops. She is also the author of The Power of Coupons: 13 Ways to Save. Sarah hosts weekly news segments, a local radio show and will be featured on Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer in 2010

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