Blue Ribbon Photos, Photography Contest – Sapphire

It’s time for another round of the  Blue Ribbon Photos contest.  I am loving what people are submitting for their photo entries in each theme! Can’t wait to see what everyone does for the theme this month!  I’ve been working hard to gather sponsors up for you guys which is why the contest was absent last month. It’s good to go from here on out!
Blue Ribbon Photos

Every month,  a photo contest will be held here, each one with a different theme.  There will be two judges for each contest, whom of which will narrow down the entries one by one to choose the winners.  There will only be one Blue Ribbon winner.

I will be sharing my own photo for the current theme, however, it will not be eligible for the contest;) It will be a fun way for me to involved a little bit too.


Please read the complete rules before submitting your photo!

Photo entries will be taken from today, September 1st through September 20th at 10pm CST.  That’s over two full weeks to get your photo submitted here!

The September theme is “Sapphire”. I would love to see some creativity with these theme.  Sapphire is September’s birth stone so anything blue related applies to this photo contest.

The prize for September is:

  • Blue Ribbon WinnerKodak Zi6 Pocket Video Camera in Red and is valued at $160  The winner will also receive a 2GB SD memory card to use with your new Kodak Video Camera!

KODAK Zi6 Pocket Video Camera

Kodak’s handy pocket video camera offers HD, easy video editing and easy uploads to youtube.  Comes in 3 colors; black, pink, and red but the winner will get red.

Here is my September, “Sapphire”  photo, which of course is not eligible but it’s fun to share my viewpoint of the theme.


Now it’s YOUR turn! Remember to read all the rules BEFORE submitting your link here to avoid disqualification.  I hope that you find this fun and exciting and really hope that you spread the word and participate.

Once your submission is ready, upload your photo into the comment box.  Share the title of your photo and feel free to tell us more about the photo in your comment.

Winner will be announced on September 28th.

Feel free to leave your comments here about my photo, other entries and the contest in general. I welcome your feedback. Be sure to check out each entry and leave comments on their submission as well!

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  1. Yolanda says

    You take such great pics.. I will try to find something that looks great and sapphire.. sapphire sapphire.. got to remember sapphire. Only have two weeks to enter. I’m on it! Wish myself luck.. lol

  2. Jennie Esplin says

    Your photo is amazing…YOU win! Here, is my entry for “Sapphire”. I named it “Summer Blues”. Thank you!