Brooke Burke, Mel B in LA with Me and the Girls AND us on the Insider

What?  Okay, so WE were there with THEM…..WHAT?  Okay, we had the chance to MEET Brooke Burke at the Premiere of A Woman’s World (which is hilarious!) and not just her, also met Mel B ( a spice girl who was also on Dancing with Stars).

It was fun indeed and Brooke is so thin. For reals, her waist was smaller than my upper thigh. She was very down to earth and told me that she grew up in Tuscon, Arizona so she knew what cowboys ate–Steak and Taters!  I also asked her if she had any insecurities at all and she said she could only think of one.  Her singing.  She said she doesn’t even sing Happy Birthday but I highly doubt she has that terrible of a voice.  Probably just being modest.

Mel was very beautiful and that British accent is sexy.  She seemed very nice and looked quite hot in that dress she wore.  She was pimping her new workout DVD, Totally Fit and if I’m gonna look like that, I just might have to buy the video!

It was really cool seeing the celebs.  Ted Danson ending my celebrity adventure at the airport.  I got a picture of him but it’s dark.

So much more to come here and on my food blog with the Frito Lay tour!

Here’s the group picture of the fabulous ladies that I had the lovely pleasure of meeting and attending the event with.

A woman's world group premier

Me with the lovely Brooke Burke:) I told her, had I known she was gonna wear a boots, I would have wore my cowboy boots.
A Cowboy's Wife and Brooke Burke

Mel B with A Cowboy’s Wife, the new Spice Girl! heehee
Mel B and A Cowboy's wife

Thanks so much to Mommysnacks and Los Angelista for my hair and dress.

OH, and here’s the clip of it all on the Insider!  You can see me and the other girls at 1:18 for a very brief nano second!

via The Insider

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  1. 1

    Oh how fun! I’m jealous – I want to rub elbows with the celebs too :)

    Shannon @Babiesonlines last blog post..Diabetes and depression during and after pregnancy

  2. 2

    Melissa says

    How fun! Jealous!!

    Melissas last blog post..Remembering

  3. 3

    I’d say the red carpet agrees with you! :)

    $5 Dinner Moms last blog post..Meijer Eco Store Products

  4. 4

    Look at you! You look SO pretty in the pictures! (No surprise there because you are!)

    I had so much fun with you and Mommysnacks but I’ve probably gained ten pounds in the past two days from eating all the chips and popcorn I came home with! It’s all sooo good though! :)

    Los Angelistas last blog post..My New Downstairs Neighbor Is A…

  5. 5

    You looked beautiful! I couldn’t have asked for a better roomie (and you probably won’t notice anything missing from that gargantuan makeup case of yours :-)

    You forgot to mention how you totally made Brooke laugh! She saw the beauty within you too :-)

    Andrea @ Mommy Snacks.nets last blog post..CVS Snack: Week of March 1

  6. 6

    Kelly says

    Aren’t we HOT??!!!!
    You forgot to mention our new VIP status at the clubs ;)
    I’m so glad I got to meet you at PARTAY it up LA style!! It was a fabulous time!!

    Kellys last blog post..K-Fed Looking To Launch Kids Clothing Line

  7. 7

    Wow, you are looking great and what an experience. You should be so proud. Good for you Lori.

    Sommer-Green and Clean Moms last blog post..Toxic Disney and the Economy

  8. 8

    chrystal says

    Oh wow, that is so cool! I hope you are having a blast! And dang girl, you look great in that black dress!!!!!!!!!

  9. 9

    Lori S. says

    Lori! You looked FANTASTIC!!! Congratulations – I know you had an awesome time, and will never forget that night. :)

    Lori S.s last blog post..Tastefuly Simple Recipe for LIFE!

  10. 10

    Stefani says

    How fun and exciting!

    Stefanis last blog post..$3 Gevalia Coffee Deal

  11. 11

    Sheena says

    OMG Lori, you are so hot!

  12. 12

    OMG! How fun! Thanks for sharing.

  13. 13

    You’re a star, Lori! That’s just awesome. I’m proud of you – you’ve worked hard and deserve all the fun and benefits. Good for you! Thanks for the pictures. Keep them coming. I love seeing pics from your fabulous events.

    Mary@Everyday Baby Stepss last blog post..Nimli Review and a Beautiful Giveaway

  14. 14

    I guess I’ve been gone too long. So just HOW did you get on TV and get to go to this fabulous event? It looks like there are some other bloggers there.

    I really need to get known in the blogging world so I can get invited to all of these “Swaggy” events.

    You look FANTABULOUS by the way :-)

    Wendy (aka The Computer Lady, Sweeties Sweeps, Sweeties Swag)

    Sweepstakess last blog post..Vegas Bound You Tube Contest