Card Cubby Organizer!

LOVE this cute little Card Cubby.  It holds everything from gift cards & business cards to your license and money. I’ll be using it at all the upcoming conferences and plan to even give a couple as gifts!

It’s 5×3 and perfect for your desktop or for you purse, which is where I’ll keep mine.  You can even fit your cell phone it.  Lots of colors to choose from and well worth the money.  Check out the video for a more detailed review!


Guess what!! I have one to give you
. You can choose from all colors but the Caramel Leather. WOOHOO!! And if you can’t wait, you can buy it with a 10% discount, just use the code CC209.

Visit Card Cubby and come back here and tell me what color you like and what you’ll use it for!

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Ends January 25th! Good luck:) Read more about how my giveaways work here.

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  1. Kimberly says

    Adorable – for sure the Passion Pink (although the Chocolate Croc gave me pause).
    I really need something to put my misc gift cards insode, so this would be perfect!

  2. says

    Oh you did so great on your vlog! I did a vlog on the card cubby too, make sure you come over and check it out…
    Card Cubby Video Review
    I personally love mine too death and never leave home with out it. It has come in handy so many times for various reasons.

    If you don’t already have one of these little guys you definitely need to get your hands on one!

    Domestic Divas last blog post..Brideshead Revisited

  3. Tanya Moyer says

    I love the Really Red! And I would use it to organize my coupons when I go grocery shopping!
    Great giveaway – thanks for offering it!

  4. haley says

    oh, forgot to say what i’d use it for..important receipts, ‘membership’ cards! lots of those!! lil to do pieces of paper, and such..

    again.really red is my favorite!!

  5. Deb says

    I like the classic black; I’d use the card cubby for all the store rewards cards I have to carry with me while shopping. Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Nanette Olson says

    I like the Chocolate Croc and I would use it to keep my receipts for art supplies that I use for tax purposes in.

  7. says

    Hey, Lori! Another great giveaway – THANKS! :)
    I’d choose the classic black or the simply red; those are the colors I use and wear the most. What a fun little thing! :)
    Have a wonderful day!

    Lori S.s last blog post..Here I am!

  8. says

    I love the passion pink! I hope I win. I would use it for my coupons that I plan on taking to the store. I have a binder for all of my coupons, but I sort them out, and this would be the perfect place to hold them.

  9. April says

    I have been wanting one of these for awhile. I would love to have a way to fit all my credit cards, gift cards, and frequent shoppers cards in one place. I love the Chocolate Croc version.

  10. Margaret Carver says

    I like the Wedding Edition Card Cubby .Would be great gift to give to my sisters.I would put my credit cards,id and mp3 player in it.

  11. Cathie says

    I like the classic black and I would use it for all my membership and discount cards which I’m always misplacing for want of one place to keep and find them.

  12. Gina Stratos says

  13. Catherine Gosart says

    What a wonderful little “purse”, its for perfect for so much My color choice is classic black. Thank- you for the entry

  14. Lynda Ball says

    I love the pink one! It would be great to store all of the store discount and buyers club cards. My boss has one very similar to this and I have wanted one for forever!

  15. Colleen Maldonado says

    What a great idea. I collect a lot of business cards and I would use the Card Cubby for that. I like all of colors, but would probably choose the black.

  16. says

    I looove this ! I can’t decided I either like the Pink or the silver! I would use it for my new coupon’s that I am trying to get and the stores discount cards and gift cards that I have so that I wont loose them. What a cute idea! :) Thanks!

    Jaimes last blog post..I have reached

  17. Melissa D says

    I’d love a pink Card Cubby to hold my digital camera (which is always getting banged up in my purse). Thank you!

  18. Michele Wesley says

    I was actually just looking through my box of business cards this morning and thinking I need a way to organize these. I’d love to have the Chocolate Croc.

  19. Clifton Wade says

    Black – and my wonderful but disabled wife of more than 39 years would probably use it at the computer desk to store credit card information and websites passwords.
    Thank you for this great contest and prize!

  20. Hannah B. says

    I love the Passion Pink! I would use it in my purse because I have so many Frequent-buyer cards, giftcards, restaurant coupons & business cards and they’re all in a jumble in a regular plastic sandwich bag right now. It’s so embarrassing to have to pull them out in a store and start looking for the right one! Thank you for the chance to win!

  21. Christine says

    I love the pink and I would use it to keep my frequent buyer cards organized. I always panic in the grocery store when I cannot find them! Thanks for the chance!

  22. Jan says

    First, I love your blog. I am a “fireman’s wife” but it sure sounds great to be a cowboy’s wife. Even the fireman admits being a cowboy would be pretty cool. I have never seen the card cubby before but would love to have one. Ithink I would use it for coupons and business cards. Ilike the pink and the golden honey. Thank you for the chance!

  23. says

    I would love this in Chocolate Croc. This is just the thing for all our gift cards. They tend to get tossed around and lost in the furniture or on the desk. Nice to keep them in one place – oh and just take the cubby when we go shopping so we have all the cards ready to go.

    Angela Palmers last blog post..With a Vengeance!

  24. Kristi says

    I like the classic black and I would use it for my bank card,discount cards, my 1 credit, library card and stuff like that. Thank you!

  25. says

    Now that looks really useful. Love the color, the size, the everything about it! It looks way more useful than the flat one I am using now.

  26. Tonya Williams says

    I like the Basic Black. I would give it to my husband to use to keep his slimline phone and business cards in. Neat product

  27. P. Harmon says

    I like the video review (then I don’t have to read about it!-lazy!)
    The other day I was trying to get my kids and my gift cards together, the itunes, the bookstore, the toys r us, best buy, and I put them in a ziploc bag. Yuck! I want red and I will use it probably like a wallet. My wallet (with a broken zipper) is that size. It’s really cute and smart.

  28. Teresa Crosswhite says

    I would love a pink one! Anything pink can quickly become my fav. !
    I think I would use it when I got out to a club or casino as I do not like to bring a purse.

  29. Cindy Munkelt says

    I would love this in the choc croc – It would be great to put in my locker at work so I would only need my essentials and not my whole purse.

  30. says

    I like the Classic Black, so it matches all my purses. I’d use it to lug around this pile of store shopper and gift cards I have in my purse. I hate digging them out and sorting through to find the right one for the store I’m in at that moment!

    Storms last blog post..Getting Excited!

  31. Heather M says

    Simply Silver Is my favorite. I would use it in place of my wallet. OR just for a date for the necessities. Money, a few cards, and a lipstick maybe!!! Very cute, fashionable and Small enough!!

  32. kay wolter says

    this is so what I have been looking for I have mine everywhere and can never find the one I need HOT PINK YES PLEASE

  33. bruce wolter says

    Oh please pick Me so I can give this to My WIfe She has Our cards everywhere and I am afraid someone else will get them by seeing them in Our van…..this is perfect

  34. Sherry says

    I love the “Chocolate Croc” Card Cubby. I would put it to use consolidated all those loose cards floating around my purse. It would be a great way to organize and keep track of cards for their different purposes. Frequent flyer/car rental/movie rental/bookstore discount cards/grocery store cards etc… what a great way to keep all those in order and have the important stuff too, driver’s lic/insurance/bank cards. Plus a place to put all those business cards accumlated and a place to swap out loose family pics for current ones. And a place for my cell phone. I could just throw this in my bag or carry it by myself for quick trips.

  35. Amy Tucker says

    Hot pink is my favourite! Great colour for spring. I need one of these organizers so badly…I currently use an elastic band. (Yes embarrassing).

  36. says

    I like the classic black.

    I would use it for all those cards that you get where if you buy so many you get a free something or customer loyalty cards. I seem to have tons of them and I never have them on hand when I visit the store.

  37. L Knott says

    I like the Simply Silver Color. This is great for all the gift cards, ID cards, and A Credit Card. This would be a cute gift with a Store Gift Card for a Graduation or Mothers Day!

  38. Betty C says

    I like the Classic Black. That matches my favorite purse and that’s where I would be using it. It would be great to stash all my credit cards as well as gift cards.

  39. Marcy Strahan says

  40. Mary says

    I’m a Classic Black Kinda Gal and I would definitely use it for credit and gift cards (and tuck it in my Classic Black Purse of course)!

  41. Heather C says

    Love the silver one. Would use it for all the cards I get from the modeling and acting agents my daughter meets, and all the kids we meet doing all that stuff. Fun, fun!

  42. Rosanne says

    I would pick the Pasion Pink one and I would use it for coupons as I lost mine at the store and no one turned it in.

  43. Melissa says

    I would want the Passion Pink. I think I’d use it as a place to keep little notes to myself, I write about everything on 3 x 5 cards from art project ideas to journaling for scrapbook pages so I know I could use it.

  44. Janet says

    I love the periwinkle. I would love to use the card cubby to organize all the slips of paper with phone #’s and e-mails and cell numbers….that clutter up my desk.

  45. Danielle says

    I love the Chocolate Croc too! I have a million little papers and gift cards in my bag that I dont’ know what to do with. I will use it to organize my bag!

  46. Marnie says

    I love the red croc, who couldn’t use a little color in their life. :) I’m hoping with the Card Cubby I can start using all of the coupons and gift cards I keep leaving at home and start saving some $$$!!