A Fresh Start – Carrying a Lighter Load

Hopefully anyways…..

For the new year, like everyone else, I plan to work on my weight.  As many of you know, it’s been a struggle for years for me but the difference this year, is that I’ve actually learned some important things.   I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to visit the California Health and Longevity Institute where I had one on one consultations with fitness and nutrition experts.  It was an eye opener and now I feel optimistic about making small changes to live better.

I joined our new local fitness center, Anytime Fitness, where I’ll be working out with a group of friends.  It’s exactly the motivation and support I need to be successful.  I tested out the equipment last night with my friends and am always a fan of the elliptical.

I was impressed with all of it but specifically the ‘workout room with a virtual trainer’.  Now that was what convinced me to sign for a membership. I LOVE working out in a group and was excited to see this feature.  You simply pick out the workout you want to do on the screen below and walk in the room and get started. You have your own virtual trainer!!!  SO COOL!

They have an incredible weight set.

And you know I had to get a photo of me in the mirror…doesn’t everyone do this?

Now this is all great but the fact is, I can’t drive to town every single day to workout so I’ll have to do workouts at home too.  I’ll also need to use some FREE health & fitness tools to keep me on track.  For this, I’ll be using Walmart’s free tools.  I started by entering some info, including a motivation note to myself.

There are discussions for support and to help answer some of your questions, you can track your progress on your mobile phone, and you can create reminders using your calendar like google or ical.

Since I have learned so much about nutrition, I’ll be using the the personalized diet evaluator. Wow, this was awesome. It took a few minutes to fill out the survey but seeing the end results were worth it. Based on my information, it calculated that I need to reduce my calorie intake by 233 and burn 700 calories to lose one pound per week.  That is realistic and I like realistic. I feel like that’s doable and when I take that small change and adjust to it, I’ll be able to perhaps even burn more calories at some point.  It’s a very handy tool!

If you want to see my full report, I downloaded and uploaded to my files for you to see. Nothing to hide here!  See my report!

So there’s a rundown of some of what I’m doing to live better in 2011. What are YOU doing?  Even the smallest changes matter.  They truly do!

Disclosure: Walmart has provided compensation for my time & efforts to create this post.  Fitness has been a big struggle so I was excited to participate in this campaign.  I truly want to be healthier!  As always (and you should know this by now), opinions are my own, always have been, always will be.

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  1. says

    We should do a Bloggers Battle of the Bulge and link up to encourage and follow each other’s progress. I wish you nothing but great things. I know that you (like me) have mentioned this in the past as well. I am joining some fun people from KAO Brands for a Biggest Loser competition but because of work, sports, school, blogging and life, the gym is somewhat out of reach. I may try to get in on the weekends. I am getting EA Sports Active next week for my bday so I am crossing my fingers and ready to take on this challenge!


    • A Cowboy's Wife says

      We really should do that Becky!! That would be fun and something that would help hold us accountable! Thanks for the support and good luck to you my friend:)

  2. Ollie Monroe says

    This post was great Lori. We have about the same goals and you know I think we have the same basic eating habits.
    We can have a challenge you and I. We got to come up with an awesome prize (other than looking hot) for the one that makes it to goal weight first. I need incentive!!! I have a hard time staying motivated, but I love when we have worked out togeather, makes it so much more fun. WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!

    • A Cowboy's Wife says

      I think that if we both reach our goal weight, we should be go to Vegas…or NYC or something totally cool and fun!!! :) and YES, WE CAN DO IT!!! GO OLLIE!

  3. Sunnie says

    Your doing it! This is great Lori, Iam excited for you. I think you’ll have the determination to stick with this, being a Cowboys wife and mother can’t be easy, this is how I know your a tough mama! Long Live Cowboys!

  4. says

    I really support people when they wanna improve their lives. I admire you in your determination for losing weight, determination that just a few people have. Four months ago I was about 50 points over weighted. Unlike you, I am lazy for workout so I did this Atkins diet which worked greatly for me. I would not recommend it when doing some sport.

    By the way. Happy new year :)

    • A Cowboy's Wife says

      My BIL does atkins and does really well. I personally LOVE bread and taters so I know that I wouldn’t be successful on it. What it comes down to, is me trying to learn more about substituting healthier options and portion control.


      Happy New Year to you too!

  5. says

    Hi Lori, I have struggled with weight most of my adult life and this year I’m taking a positive approach to eating instead of making a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. The New Year, New Approach blog series on MealsMatter.org helps you kick off the New Year with a renewed passion for healthy eating by letting go of negative feelings about food.

    I invite you and all your readers to sign up for the blog series at MealsMatter.org and follow #NYNA on Twitter for helpful, positive posts from registered dietitians and nutrition experts about eating healthier without eliminating favorite foods or restricting your food options.

    I’ll look forward to your updates and I hope the blog series offers you some good tips as well! Happy New Year!

  6. says

    I, too, realized last year that I needed to rid myself of too much blubber, and found IsaGenix through an on-line girlfriend. She had lost 80 lbs on it, and suggested I try it. I have been on it (up until the holidays) since last March and have lost 23 lbs. and feel great. I have so much more energy and stamina, and intend to make this a lifelong lifestyle change. Sure, I fall off the wagon like everyone else once in awhile, but feeling so much better, it is worth it to keep those long range goals. I would still like to lose about 11 more pounds, so I will stick with it. Good luck everyone & God Bless your efforts in 2011.